Joseph J. Salvo
GE Global Research, USA

Dr. Salvo attended Phillips Andover Academy, received his A.B. degree from Harvard University and his Masters and Ph.D. from Yale University.

Dr. Salvo's group designs internet-based sensing arrays to manage and oversee business systems. His team has developed a number of complex decision engines (e.g. GE VeriwiseTM, Global Vendor Managed Inventory, Ener.GETM, E-Materials Management and Smart Asset Tracking) that deliver near real-time customer value through system transparency and knowledge-based computational algorithms.
Pervasive networked sensors deliver time-critical, high fidelity data to enable information analysis across traditional business process boundaries. Total supply chain, energy management and financial services can be integrated to create a virtual enterprise environment that encourages discovery and process improvement on a global basis. Electronic RFID tagging and distributed knowledge networks extend the reach of these systems with anywhere/anytime access to mission critical information. Commercial business implementations of his work are currently active in Asia, Europe and the Americas.
With hundreds of thousands of intelligent objects deployed by GE and tracking 100's of billions of dollars in assets and goods per year across global networks, his research now aims to explore the limits of decision science with respect to networks of self-aware machines and artificial consciousness.
He is currently on the board of the M.I.T. Forum for Supply Chain Innovation.

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