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Organizing Committee
Advisory Board  
Prof. C.C Chan
University of Hong Kong,  China
General Chair  
Prof. James M. Shaeffer
Associate Vice Provost for Outreach & Engagement, James Madison University,  USA
Dr. Joseph J. Salvo
GE Global Research,  USA
Prof. Patrick Leoni
Euromed School of Management FRANCE and the University of Southern Denmark,  Denmark
Prof. Yahui Hou
Communication University of China,  China
Prof. Gang Song
Mobile Government Laboratory,  China
Prof. Jiang Guorui
School Of Economics & Management, Beijing University Of Technology,  China
Prof. Mei Qiang
School of Business Administration, Jiangsu University,  China
Prof. Ni Ming
School of Economics and Management, East China Jiaotong University,  China
Dr. Ruoshan Kong
Wuhan University,  China
Prof. Gao Yan
School of Management, Shanghai University of Science and Technology,  China
Prof. Ma Qinhai
School of Business Administration, Northeastern University,  China
Dr. Jing Feng
Wuhan University,  China

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