• Xiaomi An
  • Xiaomi An
  • Renmin University of China, China
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    Dr. Xiaomi An, is a professor of records and knowledge management at Key Laboratory of Data Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (DEKE) (Renmin University of China, RUC), Ministry of Education (MOE) and at School of Information Resources Management, RUC. She holds a PhD degree from University of Liverpool, UK. She is leader of Knowledge Management Team at DEKE, MOE; leader of International Research Front of Electronic Records Management Team at Electronic Records Management Research Center, RUC. She received Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, MOE in 2008. She is a committee member of Archives/Records Management Subcommittee of Information and Documentation Committee of ISO (ISOTC46/SC11), a committee member of Application Issues Subcommittee of Document Management Application Committee of Standardization Administration of the P. R. China (SAC/TC 86 /SC 5) and Council member of the Chinese Society of Information Economy.

    Professor An has been project chair of 21 projects and key participants of 10 projects. Her publication record includes over 160 papers in scholarly and professional journals (among which over 30 papers are in English), 13 authored or edited books (among which 2 are in English). She has received 19 certificates of achievement awards. She had visited 23 countries and had given 21 English presentations at international conferences, seminars or meetings.

    She is very active as an academic and expert in the field of recordkeeping in close relationship with other fields such as information resources management and knowledge management. Her interest is to better align or even integrate these different fields, and not see them as separate areas. Her focus is trying to enhance the value of records for wider communities and into other domains with her meta-synthetic management framework and holistic integration approaches, managing records as knowledge assets and information resources. She has dedicated herself to promote a better integration of different fields of recordkeeping, information and knowledge management.

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