• Hengjin Cai
  • Hengjin Cai
  • Wuhan University, China
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    Prof. Hengjin Cai is currently a full Professor and a PhD advisor in Wuhan University. A graduate from the University of Science and Technology of China, he finished a Master of Science program in Center for Space Science and Applied Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He obtained his PhD degree in Space Physics from University of Alaska Fairbanks in 1995. He conducted pioneering computer simulation studies of magnetic reconnections and magnetospheric substorms. He led teams to develop electronic platforms and financial information systems of which several won top awards in national competitions. He is currently serving as Editor in Chief, Internet Business (IB), and Executive Director of Hubei Platform of Software Talents and Technology Services. His research interest includes the study of the wealth transfer and its implications on the understanding of human history and the design of future monetary institutions, and  the study of quantitative descriptions of knowledge exchanges and their applications in services science and artificial intelligence.
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