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  • James M. Shaeffer
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    Dr. James M. Shaeffer joined James Madison University as the first Associate Vice Provost for Outreach Programs in 2006.  In this position, Shaeffer provides leadership in meeting JMU's emerging goal of expanding and enhancing our outreach efforts.  Before joining JMU, Shaeffer was the Associate Vice President for Outreach Services and Dean of Outreach Programs and the Chief Information Officer at the University of North Dakota.  

    His experiences have included the development and implementation of new credit and noncredit outreach programming.  At both the University of North Dakota and the University of Wyoming he provided leasdership to comprehensive and complex outreach units that included the delivery of credit and noncredit programming as well as radio and television units.  At both institutions, the outreach efforts were offered across the state as well as nationally and globally and generated over 20,000 annual enrollments.  In addition, Shaeffer lead efforts in the development of new outreach delivery methods for the State of Wyoming, the University of Wyoming, and the University of North Dakota.  

    He has authored several book chapters and articles related to the use and policies associated with continuing education and distance education.  

    He obtained his bachelor's degree from Iowa State University, his master's at Kansas State University, and his doctoral degree from Northwestern University.

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