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  • An Innovative Marketing Model Based on AIDA: - A Case from E-bank Campus-marketing by China Construction Bank
  • DOI: 10.4236/ib.2013.53B010   PP.47 - 51, Pub. Date: November 8 , 2013
  • Author(s)
  • Jiangyu Li, Haibo Yu
  • In mature marketing, general perception towards AIDA is that most enterprises will lay emphasis directly on value proposition of a product or services, and encourage clients going to each step of AIDA layers, finally to increase the total number of final step, say enlarging the number of actual buying action. However to some extent, the efficiency of such a simple model appears strongly inadequate. Based on AIDA theory and market feature of universities via e-bank at China Construction Bank (CCB) , this paper has introduced a new marketing model which present a new value proposition (new value proposition is attempting to focus on practical-teaching innovation and job competency improvement) to accelerate AIDA marketing activities at university market, the outcome further helps to grow AIDA at bigger market groups. Finding of this paper shows new model greatly improved marketing efficiency of e-bank services from CCB at university market, and it also unfolds a new perspective in marketing of the enterprises.

  • Marketing Model; Internet Marketing; AIDA Model; New Value Proposition
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