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Proceeding Information

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Research on Model of Digital Enterprises Information Resources Management System
Jianjun Sun and Huiping Cheng
Technical Changes of Listed Companies in Chinese Electronic Industry Based on DEA-Malmquist Index's New Perspective
Jingjian Liu and Bing Liang
Research on Technological Innovative Evaluation of Regional Enterprises Based on Entropy and Gray Correlation
Xiaoqing Zhu and Xiaoli Lu
R&D Alliances in Horizontally Differentiated Oligopoly
Xiang-hong Lai and Wen-ping Wang
An Analysis on the Effects of R&D Investment by Tax Incentive Policies in China
Wenliang Wang and Pengfei Xu
An Empirical Research on the Relationship among the Flexible Manufacturing Capability, Competitive Advantage and Firm Performance--Concrete Evidence Analysis through the Manufacturing Enterprises in PRD
Jiang Luan, Peixin Shan, Weihong Xie and Xiaochao Cheng
Study on Innovation Management Model Based on Technological Growth
Yan-qiu Wang and Hai-yan Cui
On Analysis of Brittleness and Toughness of Business's Organization
Zhongyan Shao, Mingzhen Zhan, Jinli Wang and Min Liang
Evolution and Innovation of the IT Industry Chain of China
Yaming Zhang, Haiou Liu and Yanguang Chen
Empirical Studies on U-I Collaborative Innovation Mechanism: Based on the Dominant Design Review
Pingping Xu and Weiwei Ye
The Impact of Organizational Slack on Technological Innovation: Evidence from Henan Province in China
Heping Zhong
T Analyzing Influencing Factors of Organizational Innovative Climate Based on DEMATEL Method
Baofeng Jing and Xia Zhou
SMEs' Ruler Credit and Enterprise Alliance Strategy: A Social Capital Perspective
Chensong Zhu, Renjun Zhang, Xiaohua Zhang and Changping Zhu
On the Investment Modes of RJVs to Solve SMEs' Dilemma in Independent Innovation
Bo Wu, Yufen Wang and Wenting Qin
Game Analysis of Entrepreneurs' Moral Risk in the Venture Capital Investment
Yong-yue Zhu
Instability of Strategic Alliances: A Process-Oriented Perspective
Qin Wei and Fei Xu
Evaluation and Application of Enterprise's Sustainable Innovation Motivation Based on the Main Constituents Projection Method
Yunlong Duan and Chunjin Duan
T The Political Economy of China's Manufacturing Labor Productivity
Ping Li and Xuhong Gong
Comparative Advantage Opportunity between Home Country and Host Countries: New Perspective on International Entrepreneurial Process
Weiming Li, Yunqi Zhao and Chunyan Li
A Theoretical Model for Enterprises' Innovation Capability Assessing
Lixin Wang and Hong Fan
The Evolutionary Game Analysis on the Technological Road Mapping of Low Carbon Economy within a Cluster
Guohong Wang and Dapeng Chen
Research on Innovation Fund Evaluation Model Implementation Effect Based on AHP and Information Entropy
Tao Liang and Xi Zhao
Training Scheme Research of Core Competence of Entrepreneurs: Based on the Improved Sand Cone Model
Bo Cheng
T Quantum Leap for Greater Commercialisation
D. Thoroughgood and L. Doukas
A Security Architecture Model of CSCW System
Hongxue Xu, Fucai Wan, Hong Zheng and Mingtong Xu
Technology Roadmap for Technology Innovation: A Case of Heavy-Duty and Large-Size CNC Machine Tool Industry in Hubei
GaoHui Cao, Yao Liu and ShouMing Hu
The Research on the Constituent System of Growth Competence of Independent Intellectual Property Famous Brand - Based on Brand Competitiveness Theory
Yong-Chun Huang and Chen Yang
The Research of Interactive Problems between Transnational Corporations' R&D Institutions and Regional Innovation System of China
Xiaodi Li and Qiang Liu
The Dynamics and Framework of Technological Innovation in Chinese State-Owned Enterprises
Guangfu Liu and Xiaoli Chen
T R&D and Productivity in High¨CTech Industry: Evidence from
China Yunyan Wu
The Research of Technology Innovation Chain Based on Inter-Enterprises Collaboration
Jian-fei Tu
Technology Spillover Effects and Independent Innovation of Enterprises
Chang-lin Wang
Research on Index System of Performance Evaluation for Public Technological Platforms in Zhejiang Province
Qiang Xu and Wen-yan Lan
The Puzzle of Low R&D Efficiency: As a Result of Research Capacity or Marketing Capacity?
Xinxiang Shi, Zhenghua Lu and Fang Hu
Research on Measurement and Comparison of Technological Innovation Efficiency of Key Industries in HeBei Province
Huixin Yu, Yongjing Hao, Zheng Xia and Aiping Xu
T Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation of Enterprise Culture to the Supporting Degree of Innovation
Xujun Zhang, Yang Zhang, Weihong Li and Jianxin Lian
Analysis of Factors That Influence the Output of Regional Technology Innovation
Haixia Cai and Ruguo Fan
The Comprehensive Measurement Model of the Member Importance in Social Networks
Ping Hu, Sen Zhou, Weizhong Ding and Wen Wang
An Empirical Study on FDI Knowledge Spillover: Spatial Econometric Models Based on Panel Data
Kunyang Wan and Shujuan Yu
Research on Development of Core Service Capability of Chinese Technology Business Incubators
Haiying Pan
Research on Innovative Performance Measurement of Regional Innovation Systems in Central China
Mingming Hu
Studies on Innovative Mode of Chinese Folk Traditional Furniture
Qiumei Zhang and Xuan Luo
T A Measurement Model of Innovative Talents Basing on ANPTOPSIS
Kunfa Zheng, Jianmin He and Shouwei Li
Building a Common Enterprise Technical Architecture for an Universal Bank
Jianguang Sun and Yan Chen
Empirical Study on Assessment of Competitiveness of Technical Standards
Wu Yang and Haiyan Wu
Developing a Research Framework of Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum for Department of Marketing and Logistics Management in Technological Institutes and Universities
Su-Chang Chen, Hsi-Chi Hsiao, Chun-Mei Chou, Jen-Chia Chang, Chien-Hua Shen and Rong-Da Liang
Grassroots Innovation and the Scoping of Related Concepts in Innovation Management
Cuilan Bian and Ziyu He
ECA Rule and Colored Petri Nets Based Workflow Modeling Research
Guo-xiang Zhou and De-ping Gao
Study of Monitoring System Based on Multicarrier in Power Plant
Wen-xing Wang and Xue-ling Zhu
Dynamical Mechanism of Incubator Industrial Base Based on Secondary Incubating
Liyan Tang, Pujing Zhang and Jing Zhang
The Management Innovation of Family Business Based on the Ownership Preference
Qinghua Mao, Jingxian Zhan and Nan Wang
Analysis on Chinese University-Enterprise Collaboration Networks of Patent Applications - An Example of Chemical and Metallurgical Patents
Yanyan Ma and Fengchao Liu
An Empirical Study of the Impact of Corporate Governance on R&D Investment in High-Tech Enterprises
Meiying Yang and Xiaoting Xiong
The Effects of Innovation Capability on New Product Development Performance: The Evidence of Zhejiang Province' SMEs
Qiang Li and Ye-wei Chen
T Consideration about Innovation of Internal Control in Chinese Enterprises
Caijie Zhu and Daibao Zhang
The Organizational Form Selecting of Venture Capital Funds and Its Institutional Innovation in China
Li Zhou and He Peng
Research on Regional Innovation Ability Based on Sub-Provincial Panel
Xinbao Guo
Logistics Innovation Based on Linkage Development with Manufacturing Industry: A Conceptual Framework
Xiao jing Wang
Game Analyzing the Cooperation Evolution of University Research Team
Guoxin Liu and Junzhou Yan
The Optimum Propeller of Regional Innovation: Public Technology Service Platform
Xiao-dong Zheng and Yue-qian Xu
The School-Enterprise Cooperating Innovation and Industrial Competitiveness
Mei Yan
T Clarifying the Conceptualization and Measurement of Entrepreneurial Orientation
Hong-yun Zhang and Nai-ding Yang
Human Resource Management Model of Motivating All Personnel to Participate in Innovation
Xiaorui Gou
A Study on Innovation of Research Team under University's Regulation
Junzhou Yan
Research of Innovative Reform Model of Forest Industry Enterprise in Heilongjiang Province
Ying Sun, Xu Wang and Hong Qian
The Initiating Forces of the Born Global Firms: An Empirical Research from China
Changxing Cao and Wenchuan Li
The Constituent Elements and Countermeasures for the Development of Innovative Enterprises
Xinjian Shen and Xin Zhu
Research on Eco-Attributes and Synergistic Evolution of Industrial System of High-Tech Zone
Jingwen Zhang and Jinyi Li
T Analysis on Influence Factors of High-Tech Industrial Technical Innovation Efficiency
Minna Ma and Haihua Cao
A Study on the Reconstruction and Paradigm of Marketing Innovation
Weizhen Yu
The Study of RFID Reader Pivotal Technology for Circulation Management System of Fuel Gas Automobile Gas Cylinder
Fu-qin Yang, Zhi-jian Duan, Jin-hua Li, Wen-kai Liu and Lian-di Dai
Genetic Function Analysis in Corporate Developing Process
Hao Yang and Xiaoxi Du
How to Use the Brokerage Roles of Innovation Networks Efficiently
Xiao-ming Sun, Wen-tian Cui and Jun Lin
A Research on the Relationship between Innovation Culture, Transformational Capabilities and Transformational Performance
Wei Zhang and Xuexun Huang
A Research on the Relationship between Innovation Environment, Industry Environment and Transformational Performance
Wei Zhang and Jing Gao
A Study of Enterprise Independent Innovation and Multi-Element Financing
Luxiu Zhang, Yuming Zhang, Desheng Liu and Yilin Liang
The Location Determinates of Overseas R&D across Developing and Developed Areas: The Case of Japan and the US
Xiaodi Zhou
Inquiring into International Business Product Innovation in Commercial Banks
Xin Wang
Research of the Development of Knowledge Intensive Business Services Based on City Circle Innovation Systems
Xin Zhang and Dong Liang
Slack Resources and Firm Growth: The Mediator Role of Organizational Legitimacy
Yuerui Wu, Hongdu Zhang and Yi Cui
T The Categories of External Technology Sources in Open Innovation
Dan Tian and Yongqin Feng
Competition Networks and Topology Characterization
Bo Yang and He-cheng Wang
The Promise of the Availability of Leveraging Resources
Fengzeng Xu, Ling Ding and Qinghua Zhou
Corporate Political Resources and Their Effects on Technological Innovation
Menita Liu Cheng and Jianfeng Wu
Cluster Density, External Search and Innovation Performance: Evidence from the ZGC Science Park
Jianfeng Wu, Min Liu, Zijie Li and Yonggui Wang
Experimental Study and Performance Analysis of New Ceramic Materials
Lixin Ma, Yunqi Gong and Wenxin Li
Competence Exploration and Exploitation and Innovation
Hebin Liu
Family Business Succession Based on Leadership Establishment of China's Rich Second Generation
Meihua Zhang
T Technology & Innovation as Part of a Corporate Culture and Business Strategy
Jaya Ganasan
The Strategies to Enhance School-Enterprise Cooperating Innovation in China
Mei Yan
A Study on Cooperation Innovation of Industrial Clusters with Government Regulations
Shixi Luo
Strategic Innovation of Enterprise: Antecedents, Processes and Consequences
Ying-long Chen and Da-yuan Li
Research on the Independent Innovation and Motivation Mechanism of SMEs in China
Benyun Dong
Study on the Relation between Execution and Competition: A Case Study
Jinshan Shen, Shuhong Xu and Yonghua Wang
The Analysis of Business Process Reengineering Applicability and Process of Implementation
Yaxiong Wu and Jimeng Du
T Material Requirement Batch Model for Process Enterprises
Jianfu Zhang, Zhijun Wu, Pingfa Feng and Dingwen Yu
Innovations Drive the Enterprises to Sustainable Development: An Empirical Research on Delixi-Electric Co. Ltd in WenZhou
Qinhua Pan and Jinyi Zhang
Research on the Role of Teamwork in Innovation Management within Manufacturing Companies in China
Samuel Kwadwo Frimpong and Barfuor Awuah Agyemang
Mechanism on the Reform of Enlarging Powers to Counties Accelerating the Development of Rural-Urban Economic Integration
Zejun He
The Evolution of Marketing Capability Theory
Quanhong Liu
Study on Trans-Regional Cooperative Innovation System Model of Aviation Industry Cluster
Hui Li, Nai-ding Yang and Xiao Guo
Growing Though Innovatively Exploiting Context-Related Knowledge- Cases of Entrepreneurial Firms from China's Information Technology Industry
Mingzhe Qiao and Demian Chen
The Role of Relational Governance in Innovation Performance in Clusters
Lan Wang and Yan Zhang
Technological Innovation Models of China's SMEs: Technological Factors, Innovation Process and Innovation Object
Jin Yu
The Mechanism Analysis on the Impact of Entrepreneur Reputation to the Consumers' Purchasing Behaviors
Huang Jing and Zelin Tong
Research and Analysis on Operation Mode of a Personal Brand of Chinese Sports Star
Xiaohua Hu and Songling Yang
Cluster Brand, Leading Corporate Brand and Brand Development of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Yu Wei Zeng and Lin Ming
T Explore New Economic Growth Points in the Post-Crisis Era, on the Basis of Independent Innovation
Zheng Fu
Innovation Ability Evaluation Research Based on GIOWA Operator
Gang Xing, Xianliang Wang, Rong-rong Ren and Xue-mei Wang
Research on Complexity Innovation Mechanism of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises------Case Analysis of Fujian Haiyuan Automatic Equipments Co., LTD
Bin Zhu and Jiayin Wu
Evolvement Mechanism of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Element-Oriented Innovation Pattern------Case Study of Fujian Haiyuan Automatic Equipments Co., Ltd
Bin Zhu and Jiayin Wu
The Research Review and System Construction of Entrepreneurial Ventures in Transition Economies
Xueling Li, Yiwei Yao and Wenjie Ma
Human Resource Management
Analysis on Resource Productivity in Binhai New Area of Tianjin City
Chunli Chu, Meiting Ju, Jinglei Yu and Wei Liu
An Approach for Allocation Optimization of Multi-Project Human Resource Based on DEA
Wenyong Weng, Jian Su, Guanlin Chen and Zebing Wang
A Study on the Moderating Effects of Supervisor Support on the Relationship between Work-Family Conflict and Turnover Intention
Lin Qiu
Anatomy on Interprovincial Changing of Returns to Education in China: From a Viewpoint Based on Hierarchical Liner Model
Pingsheng Dai and Yun Zhuang
Study on the Influence of Psychological Capital on Job Performance of Chinese Knowledge Worker
Er-Xiu Hou and Shu-wen Chen
T A System Dynamics Approach to Human Resource
Management Li Gu and Shuwen Chen
The Relationship between Perceived Organizational Support and Performance: The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction
Ren-Tao Miao
Implicit Multi-Dimension Fit Assessment in Personnel Selection Decision-Making Process
Wei Fan and Lushan Pan
A Study on Organizational Change and Human Behavior in the Process of Organization Information Reform
Jian-jia He, Chun-ming Ye and Fu-yuan Xu
The Relationship between Leader Cognition and Behavior
Fang Yang, Yunfeng Wang and Jingsong Wu
A Study on Virtual Equity Incentive of Ordinary Staffs
Xiaoning Wang, Biao Xu and Yongjun Qi
A Research on the Strategic Performance Management Systems from the Perspective of Core Competencies
Jingliang Ran, Xingzheng Xiao and Chenchun Long
T Incentive Effect of Executive Stock Option: Empirical Evidence from Listed Companies of Japan
Bin Li, Jun Zhang and Chenggong Zheng
The Performance for Knowledge Workers Based on the SEM
Shunkun Yu and Yufeng Shi
An Empirical Investigation of Competency Construct Model of Middle-Level Managers
Jingde Zhang, Meicui Wang and Feifei Li
The Impact of Socioeconomic, Organizational and Individual Factors on Government Organizational Performance: Evidence from China
Xiaohua Li and Jun Dong
Cultural Differences and Performance: An Empirical Research on International Joint Ventures in China
Zijie Li, Xuefeng Zhang, Jianfeng Wu, Yonggui Wang and Da Chen
Research on Flexibility Benefits Policy of Enterprise
Xiaofei Xu and Yanjuan Cui
Study on Human Error in Operation Based on Human Cognitive Reliability Model
Hongde Wang and Yundong Ma
The Effect of Human Capital Flow on FDI Technological Advances: An Empirical Study Based on Absorptive Capacity
Ping Li and Jiayun Xu
A Comparison of Organizational Career Management in Different Types of Hotels
Yonggang Zhang and Dexia Zang
Discussion on Personnel Assignment System for Promoting Scientific and Technical Personnel Innovation in China's Universities
Heping Liao and Rui Fu
The Individual-Organization Fit between Organizational Culture and Individual Values as Predictor of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment in a Italian Municipality: The Role of Human Resource Management in a Public Organization
Francesco Ceresia
Research on Evaluation Indicator System of Person-Organization Fit for Enterprise Technician
Ping Wang, Kechao Liu and Jing Zhao
T The Mediating Role of Organizational Identification in the Relationship between Organizational Centrality and OCB
Xin Wu and Zhiming Wu
Evaluation of Management Information Resource Allocation Based on Cloud Gravity Center Theory
Ya-jun Wang, Zhi-jun Zhang, Song-bai He, Pei Liu and Ji-jun Guo
Empirical Research on Staff Justice Influenced by Pay Diversity in Organizations
Erhua Zhou and Xiaoyan Li
Competency Assessment Study Based on IPCA-Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation
Zhaojun Zhang, Xiao Qin and Xiaoqing Li
System Actuality and Pattern Choice of Endowment Insurance about Rural Migrant Workers
Shan-shan Teng
Thoughts on Emerging Issues in Strategic Human Resource Management
Raja Irfan Sabir and Raja Moazzam Sabir
Grey Correlation Analysis on Innovative Talents Cultivating in Higher Education and Industrial Structure
Jian Wang, Hao Jin, Xiaoli Qi and Jiaping Pan
Research on Motivation System of Employees-Analysis of Human Resources Management from a Psychological Perspective
Weiguo Cao and Yanchun Li
Study on the Development of Dumbbell Model of the Human Resources Matching Industrial Economic Upgrade of Wuhan
Zhihong Li
The Research of Hinders on Development of Virtual Team
Lei Zhang, Shuzhong Lin, Xu Lin and Fuqiang Zhao
Enlightenment of New Public Management Theory to the Party Building Management in Universities
Yuxiu Li and Fengying Liu
The Analysis on Risk of China's SME Downsizing Outsourcing
Decheng Fan and Shaohua Wang
Construction of Performance Evaluation Index System of College Political Instructors
Hong-bo Li, Lan Yang and Dao-jian Yang
Modeling to Organization-Equality Evaluation and Demonstration
Xiaowei Gao and Yanzhe Zhou
T Analysis of Sustainable Development of Family Enterprises
Zhan Ziyu
The Effect on Organizational Performance by Human Resource Management Practices: Empirical Research on Chinese Manufacturing Industry
Yanzhen He, Ying Lin and Meiming Wu
Empirical Analysis for Individual Performance Management and Psychological Boundary
Xiaojun Bai and Haiyan Wang
The Effectiveness of Competency-Based Mentoring Field Experimental Study
Sheng-Qiao Wang
Competency-Based of Staff Mentoring Model
Sheng-Qiao Wang
Information Rent and Hierarchies of Employee's Income in Corporate
Weidong Li
The Latest Trends of Human Resource Management in U.S.A in the 21st Century
Cisheng Wu, Meng Song and Yang Li
T Effect of Psychological Contract on Employee Performance: A Review
Yongjing Hao, Huixin Yu, Zheng Xia and Baoshan Zhao
Pay Gap in Top Management Team and Diversification Operation
Haifan Lu
Strategic Human Resource Development through Mentoring
Li-yu Chen and Chien Yu
Perceived Organizational Politics and Organizational Commitment: Exploring the Moderating Effect of Job Insecurity
Sanman Hu
Job Burnout in College Teachers and Management Strategies: Based on the Correlation between Job Burnout and Environment
Gao Meng
The Application of Strategic Human Resource Management in Staff Training
Xiaoying Xu
T Study of Predicament and Countermeasures of Effectively Internal Communication in Governmental Organizations
Zhirong Yang and Guocheng Zou
Work-Family Conflict and Job Satisfaction: A Study Based on Multidimensional Measures
Lin Qiu and Biaobin Yan
Study on College Teachers' Performance Appraisal Based on VE
Hongxia Jin, Ling Zhang, Heping Yao, Jie Yu and Weihong Zhao
Study on Demand Forecasting of Enterprise Management Human Resources Based on MRA-OLS
Ji-nan Jia and Zhen-ping Liu
Study on the Influence of Entrepreneurial Competency of Rural Migrant Workers on Willingness
Shuzhen Wei and Jinxiu Yang
The Effect Mechanism of Subordinates' Feeling Trusted on Loyalty to Supervisor
Jingsong Deng, Xiaoping Liu and Karen Yuan Wang
The Impact of Learning Culture on Individual Innovative Behavior
Xiaojun Lu and Peng Li
T Literature Review of Strategic Human Resource
Management Li Wei
Empirical Study on the Relationship between Internal Service Quality and Staff Satisfaction of Nonprofit Organizations: Taking Hospitals in Hangzhou Communities as an Example
Song-ting Pan, Wen-wen Sun and Qian Jiang
The "Pyramid Model" and Measurement on Regional Human Capital Competence
Yanling Jia, Na Zhu and Weifeng Wu
The Administration of Career to "The 1980's" Employees Based on Psychological Contract
Xiaoqin Gao
The Effects of Machiavellianism on Employee's Political Behavior and Career Development: The Moderating Role of Emotional Labor
Xiao-yu Liu
The Relationships among Organizational Commitment and Job Performance of Aromatherapist: A Case Study of Day Spa in Taipei
Shiu-Chuan Chiu and Chien-Pei Ko
An Empirical Research on the Relationship between Top Management Teams' Tenure and Firm Performance: Evidence from Chinese Listed Real Estate Companies
Wang Lu and Gao Peng
Research on the Staff Maturity of Software Companies in China--------Take Hangzhou City as a Sample
Xiangnan Lu, Danni Xu and Jinghua Han
An Exploration of Job Rotation of Administrative Staff Members in High Education
Aiming Wang and Wei Wan
Research on Incentive Methods on Sales Staff in Small and Medium Enterprises
Wenyi Hao and Zhicheng Liu
Japan's Retirement Adaptive Training and Its Enlightenment
Han hong
T Research on Questions of Human Resources Management Effectiveness Evaluation
Yonggui Mu, Ying Zheng and Qingfeng Shen
Analysis on Influencing Factors of Human Resources Localization of Multinational Corporations in China
Lijuan Zhang and Yanwei Wang
Application of Management Game Theory to the Practice of Human Resource Management
Nan Zhang, Yongzhou Jiang and Ying Zheng
Research on Psychological Contract Questions in Human Resources Management
Hui Liu, Qingfeng Shen and Shuang Hao
Motivational Mechanism Research of On-the-Job Embeddedness Effects on Intentions to Stay
Yujing Zhang and Jiancheng Chen
Study on Connotation of Intensive Agricultural Land Use and Its Evaluation Index
Shilong Hao and Lianhai Cao
Optimal Incentive Mechanism Design under Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard
Jianzhang Li
T The Job Satisfaction of Volunteers in Harbin Winter Universiade: A Factor Analytic
Study Xiaoduo Cheng and Yanhong Wang
The Effectiveness of Strategic Human Resource Management Practices on Competitive Advantage: Dynamic Capabilities as a Mediator
Chengcheng Jiang
Study on the Comprehensive Evaluation of Human Resource Internal Control Based on the Unascertained Measure Model
Ji-bin Ma, Yi-zhe Zhou and Zhen-ping Liu
The Research on Repatriation Adjustment
Xiangmin Li, Yushi Ren and Limin Zhao
Abusive Supervision: An Interactive Model of Human Resource Management
Yun-xia Feng and Jun Liu
An Analysis of the Cause of Employee Turnover Intention in Hotels
Xiancheng Wang
T Research on Personnel's Metewand Model Based on Brain Information Characteristics
Liu Ying, Yan Yan, Mengyang Sun and Jie Gui
Studies on Human Resources in Science and Technology from a Nordic-Countries-Based Analysis
Yaoli Zheng and Yong Chen
Exploration of Five-Star Hotel's HRM in China
Xinsheng Wang and Xiaohui Fan
Study on Escalation Factors of Conversion from Task Conflict to Relationship Conflict
Xudong Ni and Ruoyang Gao
Incompatibility between Demand and Supply of Senior Talent Policy in China: The Case of Xiamen
Hua Meng
Human Resource Development Cooperation Research on the Economic Cooperation of the Greater Mekong Subregion
Yang Yang and Peng Li
Research on the Influence of Organizational Culture on Human Resource Management in China's Transportation Enterprises
Yuan Geng and Daidai Lin
Employee Performance Improvement by Internal Customer Orientation
Qionglei Yu
Human Resource Development Strategy Based on Mentoring
Xiaoping Liu and Jingsong Deng
Transformational Leadership and Organizational Commitment: The Moderating Role of Leaders' Centrality in Influence Networks: Implications for Human Resource Management Practices
Lei Huang and Audrey Chen
Pre-Training Motivation and Transfer of Training in Downsizing Environments: A Preliminary Review and Perspectives
Lei Huang and Audrey Chen
An Empirical Study on the Relationship between TMT Structural Characteristic and Performance--Based on Listed Companies of Energy Industry of China
Hui Lu, Hong Chen and Qingjie Wen
Leadership Justice and Negative Organizational Behaviors: Mediated by Affective Commitment
Jinyun Duan and Jian'an Zhong
Establish the System of Marine Science and Technology Talents Innovation Suited to Marine Industry Development
Xiangkui Geng and Baolong Hou
Weighted Fuzzy Clustering Analysis of Enterprise Knowledge Workers Based on AHP
Qing Wang and Li-jun Yan
The Prediction Research on Personnel Composition of College Basic Research with Markov Chain Approach
Zhe Yan and Jian Li
Mutual Loyalty between the Tourism Enterprise and Core Employees in the Process of Psychological Contract Performance: A Games Theory Perspective
Yan-ping Yu and Jin-lian Luo
T The Study on Quality Advanced of Industrial Workers Based on Industrial Upgrading of Zhejiang Province
Yinsuo Lu and Wenchuan Li
Transnational Cultural Conflict and Cross-Cultural Management Analysis
Xiuping Li and Yaxiong Wu
The Relationship between Organizational Identification and Organizational Outcomes
Hong Jiang
Research on the Construction of Production Management Capacity Courses Group Based on BSC
Xiangjun Ji and Na Han
Empirical Study on the Career Development Stages of Chinese Employee
Yao Hui
A Comprehensive Evaluation Method of Staff Competency Based on Rough Set Theory
Haojie Liu, Juan Wang, Jiahai Yuan and Minpeng Xiong
A SE Model on Panic of Employee Turnover
Ming Yan and Zhan Zhou
T Analysis of Public Sector Human Resources Management Problems and Solutions in China
Liu Chang and Sun Gang
Research on Criteria of Expatriate Selection in Multinational Corporations
Kun Qiao, Jing Li and Yanrong He
Promote the Employment: From the Corporate Social Responsibility View
Lihong Ding
An Explorative Research on Human Resource Development Strategy of International Medical Tourism Industry
Chien-Pei Ko, Chen-Chen Ko and Shiu-Chuan Chiu
Empirical Research on the Relationship between Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intention of Wuhan Telecom Best Tone Center
Ying Xiong and Linzhu Wang
Effects of Leadership Behavior on Organizational Performance in Research University
Fei Li, Bao Xi and Hua Jiang
T Career Planning for Staff of Shaanxi Provincial Natural Gas Corporation
Huyan Tao, Gang Lv and Yingxian Zou
Reflective Essay on an Adult Learner----A Constructivist Qualitative Perspective
Fengzeng Xu and Baorong Di
Research and Design of Incentive Mechanism for Managers
Lijun Fan, Jing Liu and Yanli Xu
Study on the Organizational Boundaries of Competence
Xin Zhang and Long Zhang
The Comparison of HR Practice and Job Satisfaction: A Case Study of a Domestic and a Foreign Company in China
Zhengdan Liu
An Empirical Research on Organizational Citizenship Behavior of University Teachers in China
Ling Ma, YunFeng Wang and LiNa Yu
Influences on Unrealistic Optimism in Risk Perception and It's Developmental Mechanism
Xiaoping Liu and Hong Xie
The Effects of Subordinate-Supervisor Conscientiousness Fit on Organizational Commitment and Career Satisfaction
Xiaoping Liu and Jinfei Zhou
Decision Making Systems
Predicting Criminal Recidivism with Support Vector Machine
Ping Wang, Rick Mathieu, Jie Ke and H. J. Cai
Application of Support Vector Regression Method in Stock Market Forecasting
Zeng-min Wang and Chong Wu
An Optimal Synchronization Decision Model of Correlation Maintenance Task
Honggen Chen
Analysis of the Attraction Model of the PRC White-Collar Workers' Migration
Chensheng Wu, Xue Wang, Ronghai Li and Honggang Li
Material Requirements Development Based on War Design Engineering
Guo-pu Ma, Ji-chang Sha and Chao Chen
Two-Stage C?GS? DEA Method for Ranking Based on the Optimal Frontier Surface
Xiaodong Xiang and Mingyue Li
T Study on Meta Index in the Process of Evaluating Regional Sustainable Development
Chenyu Lu, Xingpeng Chen, Bing Xue and Zilong Zhang
Customer Maturity Model Based on Counter Propagation Network
Chaohua Liu
Application of Associated Clustering Analysis of Extension Group Decision-Making
Jiajun Zhu, Jianguo Zheng and Weiye Xue
The Petrochemical Industry Production System Optimizing Simulation Based-on HLA
Zhiwu Dou, Yanfeng Li and Hongwei Li
A Ranking Method and Its Application of Consumers' Brand Preference under Uncertainty
Daqi Xu
Parameter Estimations of the TFR Model under Gompertz Distribution at a Normal Stress
Yu Wang and Xiaoqin Zhang
Study of Metrics System for Information Fusion Evaluation Methodology Based on Rough Set Theory in Intelligent Decision-Making
Yunxiang Liu, Yan Chen and Xinxin Yuan
The Analysis and System Simulation of Price Competition in a Duopoly Market
Fugen Song and Jing Zhang
GIS Based Urban Emergency Decision Support Model
Yongsong Zhan, Siuming Lo and Kwokkit Yuen
Bounded Rationality Modeling in CAID
Kan Wu, Fang Liu, Chang-de Lu and Xi-hui Yang
The Empirical Studying on Size of Fiscal Revenue of Liaoning
Shuang Hua Jin
Current Status, Problems and Countermeasures of Science Popularization of Scientific Research Institutions in China
Yanjun Liu, Yanqin Shi, Xiaoyan Li and Chensheng Wu
Two-Dimensional Model of Information and Formal Denotation of Rationality in Game Analysis
Deng-bing Zhang
T The Research and Application on the Work Resource Management Based on JD-R Model
Shouliang Sun, Qinghua Xu and Yufei Mi
The New Production Data Collection and Processing System of the Textile Enterprise
Kunling Wang, Jingfeng Shao, Jinfu Wang and Liping Yang
An Ontology-Based Report Designer Model
Zhen-wu Wang
The Framework Design and Research on Enterprises Group Financial Decision Support System
Shi Huai Wang
Study on Establishment and Quantitative Evaluation of the Index System for Chinese Agricultural Production Modernization: A Case Study of Jiangsu Province
Ying Ji and Zhengming Wang
A Rational Consensus Model in Group Decision Making Based on Linguistic Assessment Information
Shouke Chen and Zhuobin Wei
The Interval Estimation Order Relation Analysis Method and Its Application
Yu-hou Pan, Fa-ming Zhang, Ya-jun Guo and Fei-fei Dong
T The Evaluation of the Biotechnology Cluster by Fuzzy AHP: Based on the GEM Model
Shouming Chen and Zhaoxia Wang
Research and Design of Decision Support System Based on Data Mining and Web Technology
Zhidan Wu and Yue Yang
A Mathematically Generated Criteria Weight Approach for Multi-Criterion Decision
R. Jiang
The Grey Simulation of Gross Value of Construction Industry in Central China
Yong Tang
Credit-Assessment-Based Study on Partner Selection of the Industrial Cluster Enterprise
Peili Guo and Shuying Wang
Research on Chinese Natural Language Understanding and Question-Answering System Based on Agent
Yanrong Zhang, Nihong Wang, Chang Wang and Changwei Wu
The Research of Business Intelligence CIMS System Model
Xiao Hua Liu and Xiu Hua Zhou
An Evaluation Model for Supplier Choice of Complex Products Based on ELECTRE Method
Mingran Deng and Cuiping Hu
Analysis of the Factors Impacting the Decision-Making on Higher Education Investment by Rural Households
Xuejun Zhang
Matlab Based GUIs for Reinforcement Adaptive Fuzzy Control System Design and Applications in the Nonlinear System
Yun Zhang, Nan Xu and Quanxi Ji
Research on GIS Based Scenario Planning Methods and Applications
Qingming Zhan and Jun Zhou
Architecture Design of Risk Control System for Social Medical Insurance
Delin Qin and Zhenyao Gao
Using System Dynamics as a Knowledge-Based Decision Making Paradigm
Lin-gang Zhang and Zhong Chen
T Construction Bidding Negotiation System Based on Agent
Wen Xu
T A Case Retrieval Algorithm Based on Bayesian Estimation
Yihong Xiao, Xianzhong Zhou and Kui Wu
Research on Optimization of Coal Production in New Mine Basis of Strategic Alliance
Hong Wang and Wei-qing Zhong
MinerVA: A Decision Support Model That Uses Novel Text Mining Technologies
Yue Dai, Tuomo Kakkonen and Erkki Sutinen
Provincial-Level Leading Agricultural Enterprises and Performance Evaluation Based on BP Neural Network Model - Daqing City as an Example
Yuming Li and Chunshan Li
On the Model for the Complex Non-Linear System and Its Application to Predicting the Output of Northwest Construction Industry of China
Bian-ping Su, Kun Gao and Yi-ping Wang
Research on Vessels' Portable Ammunition Support System Based on Data Warehouse
Yaling Shang and Shaohua Sun
T Multi-Segments' Reservation Price-Based Pricing Approach for Information Goods
Yan Cheng
Core Competence Evaluation of Modern Service Industry Cluster
Ming Liu and Yijing Liu
Research and Simulation of Vehicle Speed Model Based on MLR
Shu-da Wang, Jing-yang Xiao and Shuo-ning Wang
Research on the Grey Econometric Model with Lags Information
Shenghan Zhou and Fajie Wei
Personas Construction Based on Utility Analysis in Industrial Design
Kan Wu, Xi-hui Yang, Chang-de Lu and Fang Liu
The Decision-Making Model of TOT Concession Period Based on Fuzzy Stochastic Petri Net
Junxin Shen and Songjiang Wang
An Evaluation Model for Emergency Logistics System
Guanxiang Zhang, Meng Zhang, Zhiyong Zhang and Guihai Li
T Research on Innovation Ability Evaluation Based on Gray-Related Balance Factor
Jian-bo Liu, Gang Xing, Xiao-yu Ren and Jia-peng Li
Study on Interregional Technology Diffusion Channels in China
Yanqin Shi, Wei Zhang and Qiong Wu
Analysis and Design of Consulting System for University Athletic Sports
Jun Liu, Xiaoling Wang and Xuanzheng Liu
Engineering Management
Virtual Power Plant: New Solution for Managing Distributed Generations in Decentralized Power Systems
Mohamad Amin Salmani, Arash Anzalchi and Soudeh Salmani
Study on Bond Strength of External Thermal Insulation System with Perfusion Polyurethane Foam
Xiuqin Yin, Huiqiang Li and Haitao Bo
An Empirical Examination of Cumulative Capabilities in Value Co-Creation with Customers
Xiang Zhang
A Study of Project Bidding Decision Based on Analytical Hierarchy Process Method
Wei-wei Zhang, Heng-liang Wu and Guo-feng Wen
Competitiveness Evaluation of Chinese Construction Industry: A Grey-TOPSIS Model
Guiwen Liu, Fei Deng, Man Wang and Zhezhou Wu
Oil Transportation Security Evaluation Based on Multi-Step Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Approach
Yong-bo Sun, Hua Zhang, Jiang-bo Qin and Qing Wang
T Gray Correlation Model Based Evaluation of Real Estate Projects
Qixun Fu, Tianjiao Jia, Linjian Cao and Shujing Li
The Study of Construction Inherent Defect Insurance Based on Market Supply
Yanxiang Chen and Xiaojun Liu
Research on the Government Incentive of Green Buildings in China
Gaosheng Yang and Yingpu Zhou
Long-Term Capacity in 25 Industrial Sectors: A Structural VAR Approach Based on Twenty-Five Years Evidence in China
Xiaoqin Li and Ruoen Ren
Managerial Turnover Policies with Switching Costs
Shi-jian Wu, Song Wang and Xin-min Liu
Research on Coordinating Evaluation of Energy- Economy- Environment System of Hebei Province
Guo-zhen Wang, Rong-min Zhou and Jing Liu
Research on the Measuring Model of Construction Industrialization Development Level
Bing Xu and Jingjing Chen
T Liquidity Risk of Stock-Based Pledge Loans for Inventory Financing with Structural Break
Jun Yuan
Research on the Concessionaire Selection for Build-Operate-Transfer Projects
Wei Wang and Da-Shuang Dai
Investment Evaluation of Intelligent Residential Communities Using Value Engineering in China
Zhiye Huang
Inverse Kinematics Problem (IKP) of 6-DOF Manipulator by Locally Recurrent Neural Networks (LRNNs)
Y. I. Al-Mashhadany
Classification of Rock Mass in West Route of South-to-North Water Transfer Project Based on Penetrating Rate of TBM
Jin Lu
A System Towards Commercialisation
D. Thoroughgood and L. Doukas
Empirical Analysis on the Construction Industry in Shaanxi Province
Hui Min Li and Xiao Tan
T Evaluation of Regional Differences in Chinese Energy Consumption Based on Factor Analysis
Zhen-hua Zhang
Quantitative Analysis of Factors Affecting Coal Price
Zhihua Ding, Chao Zhao and Meihua Zhou
Safety Evaluation of Coal Mines Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process
Qi Zeng and Xu Wang
The Application of Multi-Level Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method in Technical and Economic Evaluation of Distribution Network
Jing-min Wang and Yan-fu Sun
On the Risk Management for Construction Phase in Underground Engineering of Urban Mass Transit
Jianliang Zhou and Qixun Fu
Study of EPC Project Risk Management Based on Interrelated Tree Method
Baoku Qi, Liangliang Guo and Shu Bai
Mineral Resources Development Strategy in China: Macro-Management
Jin-ping Liu, He Yang and Tao Wang
T Dynamic Game Analysis of the Pure Public Welfare Project in the Concession Management Process
Shan-shan Zhong and Fei-lian Zhang
The Requirements for the Indirect Participants to Further Promote the General Contract
Yongqing Li and Huan Liu
Deformation Predication and Management of Large Bridge Based on Radial Basis Function Neural Network
Linya Tian, Xiaotao Yu and Hui Zhang
The Role and Duty of Survey Center in Large Bridge Construction
Linya Tian, Jian Wu and Gang Wang
Building Life Cycle Economic Impacts
Jana Koryt¨¢rov¨¢ and V¨ªt Hrom¨¢dka
Analysis on Pulling Effect for Hydropower Construction to Regional Employment
Lun-Yan Wang, Lei Guo and Li Huang
The Design of the Web-Based System Which Is Monitoring and Managing of the Coal Mine Safety Equipment Intelligently
Shu-Fang Zhao and Li-Chao Chen
T Tender Evaluation Method for Engineering Projects Based on Modified DEA and Fuzzy Theory
Yi Zhang and Xian-jia Wang
Analysis on the Evolution Process of Typical International Cooperation System and the Inspiration to Energy Cooperation in Northeast Asia
Hao Wang and Xiao-li Guo
Analysis on Dynamic Efficiency of Engineering Design Consulting
Jinfa Li
The Impact of Social Learning on Mass Customization Capability
Yinan Qi and Min Zhang
Research on Coal Mine Safety Prevention Management Based on Catastrophe Theory
Hongyun Men
Multi-Resource Leveling Optimization of Large-Scale Projects in Perspective of Dynamic Investment
Jiyong Ding, Zhuofu Wang and Huimin Li
T The Lifecycle Comprehensive Risk Evaluation for Real Estate Projects - Principle
Chang-hong Jin
Framework for Evaluating the Service Quality of Project Preparation Consultants
Ru-bao Huang and Xue Yang
A New Elimination Ant Colony Algorithm for Process Task Distribution
Yuan Lu, Yinxing Zhai and Ying Hu
Dynamic Control for Resource Leveling in Project Network Planning
Li-jin He, Zhuo-fu Wang and Xun Liu
Dynamic Expansion of Power Capacity under Competitive Uncertainty
Zhengnan Lu and Zhi Fei
Explaining the Causes of Construction Accidents and Recommended Solutions
Zhenghui Chen and Yaoxing Wu
Pragmatic Methods for Controlling Quality of GPS RTK Survey in Road Engineering
Hongling He and Zhihai Zhang
Contributions and Constraints of Rural Household Biogas Construction Project in Northeast China: A Case Study of Gongzhuling County
Zhimin Qi and Guozhu Li
Analyse the Financing Problems of the Energy Performance Contracting in China and Research on the Solutions
Mei jiang Chen and Yan Qu
Analysis on Two Principal Axes Shear Strength of Columns with Different Stirrup Quantity
Zaigen Mu, Ying Chen, Xiaokun Huang and Aiping Zhu
Analysis on the Performance of Compound Foundation Isolation System
Zaigen Mu, Longgui Bu, Jia Huang and Zhongyi Zhu
Fuzzy and Neural Network Method in Quality Identification of Building Structures
Wei-Qiu Zhong, Hui-Tao Ren, Ai-Ping Dong and Ming-Shu Gang
Research on the Strategy of Construction Material Procurement When the Price Fluctuation Is Considered
Gaosheng Yang, Ge Huang and Hui Gao
A Survey for Real Estate Early Warning Methods
Li-heng He, Qi-sheng Bao and Qing Wang
T Decision Making in a Fuzzy and Random Environment
Zaigen Mu
The Duality Theory of Generalized Separated Continuous Linear Programming
Xiaoqing Wang
Leveraged Lease Financing Model in Large-Scale Hydropower Projects' Equipment Financing
Hui An and Qin Shuai
Research on Autonomous Management Pattern of Cellular Manufacturing
Qingshan Zhang and Xiang Li
Practical Diagnostic Approach of Energy Consumption and Systematic Fault of AC System
Weijie Zhang, Jieqing Jia and Xiaokang Sheng
The Preventing and Controlling of the Final Account Dispute on the Tendering Stage of the Construction Project
Ling Yan and Jinyi Zhang
An Optimal Control Model for Transformation of Industrial Ecology in Resource-Based Cities
Xiumei Sun and Min Zhou
T SORA: A Sustainability-Based Objective Relaying Approach on Post-Disaster Aid Project
Yilin Yin and Weiyi He
Research on the Building of Jiangsu Energy Meteorological Service System Engineering
Yaxun Yu, Tiangui Xiao and FengRong Jing
Using Parametric Modeling to Improve the Equipment Systems Coordination Process for Buildings
Bin Cheng and Yu Song
BIM's Content and Its Application in Contemporary Architectural Design
Bin Cheng and Yu Wang
Study on 3D Visual Simulation for Reservoir Construction Layout
Ling Huang, Bin-ping Wu and Wen-yan Lu
A Framework of Dispute Avoidance and Resolution of Construction Project Management
Xinhua He
The Transformation and Thinking of Management Concept in Construction Industry Based on Sustainable Development
Shengshi Zhou
Application of Synthetic and Integrated Analysis of Project Risk
Xu Na and Zhang Hui
Hedging Security Portfolio with Random Parameters in Stochastic Linear Quadratic Framework
Jun Yuan
The Concentration Ratio of China Construction Industry Market
Yuping Liao
Numerical Analysis and Processing of Seismic Wave in Aseismic Research of Underground Structure
Bing-yu Pan and Min Huang
A Study on the Forms of the Seismic Damage to the Tunnels and Its Influencing Factors
Bing-yu Pan and Yan-fei Sun
The Influence of Rock Properties on Seismic Response of Shallow Double-Hole Tunnel
Huang Min and Bing-yu Pan
TOPSIS Application for Determining Energy Solution to Ground Source Heat Pump Compound System
Mingli Yu, Wei Chen and Liying Wang
The Design of Housing Maintenance Engineering System
Yunbo Xu and Bingyu Pan
Study on the Application of FBG Monitoring on Roof Falling of Mine Based on Model Experiment
Xin Dong and Chunyou Wu
The Role of Smart Grid in Promoting Economic Development in Shaanxi Province
Shuyan Zhang and Lindong
Study on Energy Saving Technique of Inhibition to Bamboo Mold for Energy Management
Zhao Xing-yan Chen, Shi-long Xiang and Tao Tao
Analysis of an Energy-Efficiency Supervision and Diagnostic System to Improve Ground Source Heat Pump Air-Condition System Operation
Zhen Li, Di Li and Weiwei Wang
An AHP/DEA Methodology for Assessing the Productive Efficiency in Construction Industry
Hongxia Wang, Gui Ye and Hongping Yuan
A Study on FDI's Crowd-out and Crowd-in Effect on Shanxi's Domestic Investment-Based on Panel Data Model
Xiao-qing Gan and Kuo Gao
T Research on Construction Cost Control Based upon BP Neural Network and Theory of Constraint
Xiaokang Han and Mei Lu
Travel Time Choice Behavior of Travelers' Non Working Activity
Tie Xu and Wen-Jing Wu
Investment and Project Value in Oil Field Development Using Real Option Pricing with Mean-Reversion with Jumps
Yuanqi Zhou and Liang Yan
Study on the Digital 3D Modeling and Its Application in a Gold & Copper Deposit
Guoqing Li and Nailian Hu
Project and Quality Management
Project Manager's Leadership Style Linked with Schedule and Cost Performance
Li-Ren Yang and Yen-Ting Chen
Model of Risk Forewarning Control of R&D Investment Projects in Chinese Construction Enterprises and Empirical Study
Shukai Sheng and Chunyan Wang
Research on Duration-Cost-Quality Model under Uncertainty in Construction Project Management
Jian-wen Huang, Rui Chen, Xing-xia Wang and Yi-hong Zhou
Complex Projects Organization Networking: Perspectives from Centrality, Centralization and Power
Yongkui Li and Yujie Lu
The Optimization Research on the Human Resource Allocation Planning in Software Projects
Xiaohong Shan, Guorui Jiang and Tiyun Huang
The Study of Vector Angle Cosine Model Used for Project Bids Evaluation
Bingsheng Liu, Linjian Cao and Kang Ju
T A Process Optimization Method for High Maturity Process Improvements
Tianying Chen, Bosheng Zhou and Wenjie Luo
The Application of Network Planning Programming to Interbasin Water Transfer Project
Yong-xing Chen, Xiao-yan Shang and Wei Wang
Research on Poverty Reduction Performances in Rural China -- Based on an Empirical Analysis of Different Project Models
Chuanmin Shuai, Ling Yang and Xianfeng Zhang
The Game Analysis in Navy's Ship Repair Quality Supervision and the Assurance of Ship Repair Quality
Dong Huang, Guang-rong Tong and Bin Jiang
Application of Rough Set and Neural Network in Engineering Cost Estimation
Xin-zheng Wang and Li-ying Xing
Research on 'Black and White Construction Contracts' in the Chinese Construction Industry
Jie Sun and BaiZhou He
T Construction of Ship Safety Management Performance Evaluation System
Chun-zhou Yang, Hua-yu Liu, Xi-chen Zhan and Hai-ping Zheng
Implementing Environmental Management as Construction Project Management Objective
Yaoxing Wu and Zhenghui Chen
A Conceptual Framework for Construction Supply Chain Integration
Zhendong Ge and Zhenmin Su
Research on the Theory Framework of Project Construction Management Process Reengineering
Ming Li, Lei Li and JingChun Feng
Application of AHP and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method in the Assessment of Leaguer's Core Competence in Dynamic Alliance in Project Construction
Chunxiao Zhao and Faguo Xie
Research on the Accountability System for Government Investment Projects Based on SCP Paradigm
Yaling Du and Yilin Yin
Research on Evaluation of Investment, Ability and Application Effect in Telecom Operators' IT Support System
Zi-Fu Fan, Ye Yuan and Xiao-Yu Wan
Application of Grey System Model to Water Resources Allocation Schemes Assessment
Wenxian Guo and Hongxiang Wang
The Research of Software Project Performance Evaluation Model Based-on DEA
Benhai Yu
Study on Agent Construction System for Government Investment Projects: A Mode Choosing Model
Dashuang Dai, Gang Wu and Linlin Fu
What Factors May Shape the Performance of ISO 9000: The Cases of Canada, France and U.S.A.
Ming-ju Pan, Ching-I Lin, Shih-Hung Tai and Kuo-An Tseng
Multi-Objective Optimization in Construction Site Layout
Xin Ning, Li-guo Wang and Wen-han Liu
Analysing Quality Management Status Quo of Equipment Manufacturing Industry in China
Yizhong Ma and Jie Bi
T An OBDD-Based Method for the Reliability Analysis of Construction System
Liqiong Yang, Shirong Li, Bo Xu and Yufeng Xiao
Maintenance Decision-Making of Existing Buildings Based on System Optimization
Xiaoming Wang, Ge Ruan, Ming Li and Xu Wang
Study on Safety of Ship Maneuverability in Complex Environmental Conditions
Jinlu Sheng, Ying-xiang Teng and Jun-feng Xin
Solution of Critical Water Depth Trapezoid Open Channel by SARAGA
Zhenxiang Xing, Yi Ji and Wei Yao
Optimizing Scheme of Concrete Large Dam Temperature Operation
Juncai Xu, Linping Huang and Pu Xu
Effect Evaluation of Germany's Einstein Year and Applicable Thoughts and Measures of Effect Evaluation of the Significant Public Science Popularization Activities in China
Yanjun Liu, Sujian Wang, Yanqin Shi and Chensheng Wu
T The Forecast of Coal Demand Based on RoughSet and BP Neural Network Model
Zhenyu Cai and Xingmin Ma
Study on Experimental Teaching and Management for the Engineering Undergraduates
Xinzheng An and Cheng Yi
The Research and Application on the Control of Construction Project Delay Based on Value-Based Network
Sumian Peng and Meng Chen
The Research on the Process Control of Project Progress System
Pengyao Wang and Yanping Liu
Analysis of Critical Success Factors Based on NPD Projects' Life Cycle
Wei Fang, Shanshan Xue and Xiaohong Zhang
Web Design and Assessment for E-Commerce: A Case Study on the Visual Design of a Commercial Homepage
Wan-Li Wei, Yuan-Hsiu Chen, Li-Chieh Chen and Po-Ying Chu
The Research of Pull Production Strategy and Method
Wu Zheng, Yanhua Ma, Yubin Zheng, Xiaohui Shi, Bing Li and Ying Jiang
T Study on the Supply Mode Selection of Water Transfer Projects Based on Water Right Quality
Yinghui Jian
Construction and Analysis of Promotion Strategies and Appraisal Model on Enterprise Quality Competitiveness
Kaipeng Li and Shujing Zhang
Design of Road Lightening System Based on Taguchi Method
Lan Xu and Zhigeng Fang
The Use of Grey Relational Analysis for Project Selection Based on Multi-Granularity Linguistic Assessment Information
Ke-jun Fu and Jian Guo
The Analysis and Estimation on Risk Factors in Engineering Project Life-Cycle
Wen-ping Zou and Li Lin
PRINCE2 Based Project Management Maturity Model
Jing-wu Chen and Xian Zhang
The Quality Chain Management of Dairy Enterprise under the Supply Chain Environment
Bin Cui and Gang Niu
Algorithm Study of the Time Parameters and the Resource Requirements of the Network Diagram Based on the Duration Matrix
Hongxiang Ouyang and Xinjuan Zhang
A Heuristic Algorithm for Large-Scale Job Shop Scheduling Based on Operation Decomposition Using Bottleneck Machine
Yingni Zhai, Shudong Sun, Junqiang Wang and Shihui Guo
Organizational Project Selection Based on Fuzzy Multi-Index Evaluation and BP Neural Network
Sijun Bai, Suike Li, Rong Feng and Yuntao Guo
Construction Quality Control System of Key Water-Control Project
Qin Wang and Yabo He
The Research of the Design Contractors' Incentive Management for Owner
Tao Yi, Chengchen Xiao and Gong Xiao
CUSCORE Control Chart for IMA(1,1) Process
Li Zhang and Jian-feng Yang
An Evaluation Method Based on Fuzzy Cluster and Its Application to the Desulfurization Projects of Thermal Power Plants
Caiqing Zhang and Yang Shi
Analysis of Priority of Engineering Project Management Objective System
Yanfang Wen
Assessment Index System of Program Management Capability Based on Organizational Project Management Maturity Model
Lidi Ren, Sijun Bai and Yuntao Guo
Dynamic Simulation of Construction System of Rural Eco-Residential Areas Based on Couplings
Ming Li and Xiaoming Wang
Research on Incentive Modes for Engineering Project Organization
Jie Sun and JinFang Huang
Study on Target System of Engineering Project Based on Construction Reliability
Yufang Shi, Ning Lu and Yanping Xie
T Vegetation Biomass Estimation Based on CBERS Data: A Case Study of the Submerged Area of Angu Reservoir
Hong-zhi Wang, Guiming Liu and Linqing Qiu
Model of Cattle Feeding Based on Crop Residues with the Core of Specialized Households
Yu-feng Sun and Quan-guo Zhang
Management Countermeasures of Crop Residues Utilization in China
Yu-feng Sun and You-quan Li
Effective Methods to Improve General Layout Management in Industrial Enterprises
Rui Li and Ya-jie Jing
Product Maturity and Its Fuzzy Evaluation Model with Entropy ¨CAHP Weight
Bing Chen, Shan Li, Tao Feng and Gang Wang
Research of Project-Oriented Social Organization Model Based Innovative
Xinhua Wu
"Breach of Contract" under FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Civil Engineering Construction
Yihua Mao and Qingcheng Li
T The Research on System of Construction Materials Management by Project
Dongliang Yuan and Yunxiu Sai
Methods for the Owner to Strengthen the Management of the Engineering Consultancy in a Project in China
Xiaoli Yan and Feng Ye
Quality Awards and the Market Value of the Firm: Based on the Data from Chinese Stock Market
Xiang-zhi Bu and Jin-mei Tang
A Web-Based Project Management System for Agricultural Scientific Research
Ningning Ge, Hui Li, Lingwang Gao, Zhiyuan Zang, Yi Li, Jie Li, Xihong Lei and Zuorui Shen
Economic Feasibility Study on the Production of Quality & Safe Food
Zhongdong Li and Haijing Wang
Comparison of Alternative Construction Project Transaction Method Costs
Wei-min Hong, Hong-mei Liu, Shu-qing Liu, Jian Yuan and Hong-jun Wu
Research on the Relation between Quality and Competitive Advantage Based on Value Chain
Beijun Wang and Jue Peng
T Heterogeneity Analysis Application in Development Project Social Assessment
Shaojun Chen and Xiaohao Shi
Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method of the Highway Engineering Project Management Performance
Chang'an Zheng and Qisen Zhang
Schema Matching Model of Build-Operate-Transfer Projects
Haixi Wu, Dashuang Dai and Ning Liu
Research on the Improvement Route of Customer Satisfaction Based on the Method of Customer Satisfaction Matrix Graph
You-ming Cheng, Hui-yan He and Yun-miao Gui
Study on Management of Construction Joint Venture
Li Ming
Process Approach for Decoration Project Quality Control and Management
Qiwen Xu and Dongmei Wu
Study on Cost Control System of Railway Construction Projects
Lixing Lou and Yilin Yin
T Research on the Reputation Effect of Construction Agent List under Incompletion Competition Market
Ling Yan, Linggang Yang, Hua Zhao and Ran Xing
Research on the Project-Level Influencing Factors on Information Technology Implementation in Construction Industry
Guangbin Wang and Dongping Cao
The Resource Constraints Project Scheduling Based on DSM
Ya-nan Sun, Rong Cui and Tao Sun
Effort's Weakening of the Supervisor in the State-Owned Construction Project and Its Governance
Guanghua Xie
Building the Quality Control System for Medical Equipments in Hospital
Hao Wu and Guangrong Liu
Project Scheduling Problem Based on Modular Outsourcing
Guo-rong Chai, Yin-li Bao, Guo-xing Zhang and Ya-na Su
The Combined Double Generally Weighted Moving Average Control Chart for Individual Observations
Shih-Hung Tai, Yu-Tai Hsieh and Chi-Jui Huang
T Research on Concurrent Engineering in Product Design
Hongjun Li and Tiancheng Shou
An Empirical Study on Program Management Based on Shanghai Expo Village Program
Yi Hu, Yun Le and Difei Zhu
A Study on the Construction of Virtual Enterprise Capability System Oriented to Project Management
Aiguo Xie and Yingzong Liu
Research on Efficiency of Investment in the World Bank with AHP/DEA Model
Xiaoliang Xu and Fengping Wu
Strengthen the Design Management to Improve the Quality and Efficiency of Product Design
Xuesong Yang and Yi Qian
An Analysis Based on Game Theory about the Complicity between Contractor and Supervisor in the Construction Claims
Zeping Tong
Knowledge Management
Network Structure, Organization Dynamism and Organizational Learning: A Simulation Model
Liefa Liao and Kanliang Wang
Research on Monopoly Model of Combined Technical Standard in High Technology Virtual Industrial Cluster
Changyuan Gao and Peng Du
An Empirical Study on Interaction among Intellectual Capital, Organization Culture and Firm Performance
Yanfei Wang, Pingfeng Liang and Xi He
Knowledge Dissemination on Community Networks
Qing-jun Li, Wen-tian Cui, Jun Lin and Xiao-ming Sun
Appraising Patent by Using Maximum Spanning Tree Clustering Method
Yicheng Ji and Zhen Zou
The Research on the Effect of Organizational Learning on Diversification and Capital Structure Strategy in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: An Empirical Research Based on Structural Equation Modeling
Bing Cao and Qian Liu
T Research on Infringement Damages of Software Intellectual Property Based on Economic Analysis
Jian-hui Zhu
Research on the KM Competence of a Small and Medium Multinational Company in China
Hao Li and Xin-quan Ge
Impacts of the Supplier' Role on Knowledge Assignment and Knowledge Sharing in the Supply Chain
Yan Lin and Yan Chen
Exploration on the Secret of Supernormal Tacit Knowledge Management System of Silicon Valley: An Institutional Perspective
Zhulan Fang, Penghui Fan and Hongying Wang
Study on Corporate Patent Early Warning Mechanism
Yuanyuan Luo
Action Mechanism of Knowledge Conflict on Team Innovation
Xudong Ni and Ruoyang Gao
A Research on Knowledge Management to Promote Enterprise Original Innovation
Bai-zhou Li and Yi Su
T UI-KMS: A New Knowledge Management System Framework
Qinghua Zhang, Xiaoying Peng, Qinghua Zhang and Qingpu Zhang
The Moderating Role of Organizational Learning in the Relationship between Organizational Innovation and Performance
Jian Yang and Hailin Lan
Study on the Application of Knowledge Discovery in Data Bases to the Decision Making of Railway Traffic Safety in China
Chao Zhang, Yanchun Huang and Gang Zong
The Investigation Analysis on Knowledge-Sharing Barriers and Incentives of University Scientific Research and Innovation Teams
Lili Wang, Hailiang Wang and Keyi Wang
Ontology-Based Knowledge Representation for Agricultural Intelligent Information Systems
Yuanyuan Wei, Rujing Wang, Xue Wang and Yimin Hu
A Comparative Study on Cross-Function Structure of Social Network and Its Management Enlightenment
Min Li and Cuilong Huang
Enhancing the Role of Higher Educational Institutions in Local Economic Development: From the Examples in Zhejiang Province
Liping Xi
Simply Research on the Knowledge Management Strategies in Product Development Cycle
Zelei Xiao
Research on the Relative Competitiveness of Companies Based on Patent Analysis
Xiao-Ping Lei, Jia Zheng, Jie Gui and Jian-Hui Xiong
Empirical Study of Enterprise External Knowledge Integration Capability
Xiao-di Zhang, Song-zheng Zhao and Juan-ru Wang
Leadership's Function in the Knowledge Management of Rural Regional Development--By the Case of "Rabbit King" in Western China
Feng Liu and Hirano Makato
Digital Propagation of She Ethnic Culture
LuFang Li and YiZhu He
T Issues in the Design of R&D Tax Incentives Policy for Chinese Firms
Lizhi Tang, Wei Wu and Weiyi Ye
An Analysis of Technological Characteristics of Patents for Beijing Hi-Tech Olympic Games
Chunyan Guo and Lucheng Huang
Research on Business Platform Software Product Development Process Based on Knowledge Integration--Neusoft Business Platform Software Product UniEAP for Example
Ying Cao, Lina Wang and Haiyan Xu
System of Color Resource Management for Fashion Color Forecasting
Wen Gu and Xiaogang Liu
Apparel Brand Image Management Based on Knowledge Management
Li Li, Xiaogang Liu and Jun Li
Analysis on Behavior of Patentees in "Delay" of Technology Transaction: Based on Evolutionary Game
Zhouyang Lu, Huimin Wang and Min Deng
T Application of Grid Technology in Resource Storage of Digital Library
Li-hua Zhu
On the Role of Intellectual Property Protection during the Technological Innovations in Chinese Knowledge-Intensive Enterprise
Hu Feng
Study on Culture Integration Strategy of the Overseas Technology-Acquiring M&As of Chinese Manufacture Enterprises
Hu Feng
On Conversion and Management of Tacit Knowledge in EKM Based on the Incentive Mechanism-Buildings
Hong Fu and Wanchun Duan
Knowledge Management for SMEs Based on the Balanced Scorecard
Hongmei Chen and Yujun Miao
Design of Knowledge Share Agreement for Knowledge Chain Base on Default Risk
Cuilan Yang
T Research on Knowledge Management of State Key Lab in China
Jun L¨¹, Jundong Hou and Gang Li
Entrepreneurial Orientation and Organizational Performance: Exploring the Role of Internal Resources and External Environments
Lin Feng
The Application Tactics of Customer Knowledge Management
Zhongke Zhang and Lixin Liu
Study on Knowledge Integration of Complex Product Development Team
Juan-Ru Wang and Jin Yang
Index Optimization Based on Gaussian Mixture Model
Chao Chen, Xin Jiang, Zheng-jun Du, Jun-liang Chen and Ji-chang Sha
Evaluation and Analysis on the Coordinated Development of Regional Science & Technology and Economy System
Yu Jiang
Research on Construction of the Methodological System of Weapon and Equipment Requirement Demonstration
Qisheng Guo, Meng Zhang, Xiaodan Wang and Jinghua Song
Empirical Study of the Effect of Knowledge Types on Knowledge Transfer from Parent Company to the Subsidiaries in Multinational Corporations
Qingxiao Wang
Study on Spreading Effect of inside Resources in the Parent-Subsidiary Enterprise's System
Jianhua Yang and Zhangang Hao
Study on the Impact of Firm Size on Patterns of Knowledge Acquisition
Jin-ying Liu
Construction of Early Warning Index System for Knowledge Acquisition Capability
Lingzhi Li and Jian Zhu
The Research on Imbalance Degree of Regional Knowledge Capability: Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region as an Example
Zongci Wang, Botang Han and Zhiyang Zhong
The Study of Learning Type Strategic Alliance Construction Based on Higher Education
Jiabin Wang and Hechun Wang
T Thinking about Enterprises Transformation under
Knowledge Economy Hechun Wang and Jiabin Wang
Knowledge Management in China's Tea Industry
Qingguang Li and Xiaozhong Li
The Analysis of the Mathematical Model of Knowledge Field from the Perspective of Knowledge Management
Yanting Wang, Huijuan Zhang, Dan Li and Feng Li
Research on the Enterprise Knowledge Innovation in Dynamic and Complex Environment
Lijun Zhang and Zhongwei Zhao
Cultural Diffusion of Chinese Opera Based on Replicator Dynamics Model
Han Zhou
An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Network Competence and Firm Performance
Shuang Zhao
A Study of Knowledge Management Models in the Project-Oriented Service Company
Xueling Zhao
The Integrated Use of Business Continuity Management Systems, Records Management Systems and Knowledge Management Systems
Xiaomi An and Wang Wang
Knowledge Synergy and Long-Term Value Creation of M&A Based on the Dynamic Capabilities Perspective
Qicheng Lu and Wei Feng
Knowledge Architecture Based on User Experience: A Review of the Basic Principles of KA in Web2.0
Yongchang Jiang and Junfu Chen
A Research on the Effect Evaluation System of Knowledge Exchanging and Sharing in Enterprise
Junmo Cheng, Shasha Jiang and Jiangxue Han
Building up Knowledge-Sharing Mechanisms in Learning Organizations
Fengwei Liu
System Formulation of Knowledge Sharing and Exchange in the Organization
Jing Zhang and Liuqi Ye
Social Media Support for Knowledge Management
Yanlin Zheng, Luyi Li and Fanglin Zheng
T Research on Knowledge Management Applications in Innovation Networks
Tong-ming Jiang and Su-xia Bai
City Innovative Capability Prediction Based on Support Vector Machine: Taking Thirteen Chinese Cities as the Example
Jing Zhao and Hai-xing Guo
Analysis on the Influencing Factors of the Effectiveness on the Whole Process of the Patent Technology Industrialization
Min-Li Yang and Bo Zha
Process-Oriented Knowledge Management: A Review on Strategy, Content, Systems and Processes
Yin Gai and Yanzhong Dang
Value Chain Analysis of the Digital Content Industry
Yaoqing Duan and Jun Chen
Studying the Modem Logistics Enterprise Knowledge Management Capabilities and Enterprise Performance Fit Mechanism
Hai-bin Cong and Chang-chun Gao
T Knowledge Management in Computer-Supported Learning
Luyi Li, Yanlin Zheng, Fanglin Zheng and Shaochun Zhong
The Coevolution of Knowledge Sharing, Governance Mechanism and Innovation Capabilities in IT Outsourcing Cooperation
Dong Yang and Hua Li
The Structural Explanation of Knowledge-Based Corporate Strategy
Guopeng Xiang and Pengjie Zhou
Research into Construction Mode of Postgraduate Tutor Teams Based on Knowledge Management
Yanping Miao, Tiangui Xiao, Jianxin He, Keyun Zhu and YanLing Li
Research on the Location of Knowledge Intensive Service Industry in Shanghai City
Yue-gang Chen and Yan Wu
Network Structure and Attributes Effects of Inter-Organization Network on Knowledge Transfer
Lin-gang Zhang
Thoughts of the Construction Personalized Information Service System of University Libraries
Lan-xia Fu
T Study on Evaluation Mechanism of Famous Brand Product - Taking Shandong Province's Evaluation for Example
De-cheng Wen, Jie Lv and Jia-yan Guan
Research on Risk Control of Knowledge Share in Knowledge Network Based on Relation Capital
Dunhu Liu
Study on Multi-Task Agent Model of Research and Development in Knowledge Chain
Shaobo Wu
Construction of Cloud Platform of Knowledge Services Database: A Case Study of New Energy and Low-Carbon Economy
Pingping Du, Yuke Li and Gongqun Zhao
Adaptable Analysis on Storage Mode of Institutional Repositories Based on CC License Agreement
Pingping Du and Wei Kong
Study on the Construct of Knowledge-Sharing Motivation
Qinxuan Gu and Yingting Gu
An Effective Model to Support Uncertain Skyline Cubes
Zhenhua Huang, Yang Xiang, Bo Zhang and Dong Wang
Knowledge Management, European Paradox and Triple Helix
Santoprete Giancarlo and Berni Paolo
Research on Organization Management Process Based on Organization Type Analysis
Aizu Chen and Na Han
Encouragement Mechanism for Knowledge Innovation in Multi-Organizational Information Systems Integration Based on Variable Compensation
Bihai Zou and Baosheng Zhang
The Influence of Project Cost Produced by Knowledge Sharing on Information Systems Integration Based on KAC Model
Jing You
On the Promotion Mechanism of the Knowledge Chain's Inter-Organizational Knowledge Spillover to Its Inter-Organizational Knowledge Creation
Shuang Peng, Xin Gu and Chun-yan Tu
The Analysis of Non-Symmetric Evolutionary Game of Virtual Enterprise Knowledge Transfer
Yang Bo
T Research on the Knowledge Diffusion Mechanism of Knowledge-Intensive Based Services Cluster
Wen Dai and Yang Liu
Research on a Fashion Knowledge Management Platform for Women Garment Development
LiangZhi Fan and Qiao Qiao
From the Knowledge Management to Knowledge Management Science
Rongying Zhao, Limin Xu and Yuehua Zhao
On Evaluation of Intellectual Property of Cultural and Creative Industry Based on Evolutionary Economics
Chun Liu and Fei Xiao
H-index Research Missed Information Value Analysis
Hui Ying Gao and Chao Nie
Ontology Approach for E-Learning System
Ming-li Liu, Chao Yu and Dan Mu
Research on the Knowledge Management Strategy Change Model of Enterprise
Tao Sun and Ronggui Ding
Research on Talent-Cultivating Mode in the Tourism Undergraduate Discipline of Engineering University and the Form of Business & Administration College--The Case Study of "1+3" Talent Cultivating Mode in the Tourism Undergraduate Discipline of Zhejian...
Shenghua Zheng and Xiaocai Zheng
Study on Control Strategy of Management Information Cost
Gang Fu and Xianwei Jia
Evaluation on Interdisciplinary Teachers' Co-Teaching
Pei-hong Liu and Pei-jie Liu
Agent-Based User Knowledge Management in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Tianwei Xu, Yu Sun and Zhiping Li
Reasons for Enterprises' Abortive Application of Management Fashion: An Explanation Based on Game Theory and Rhetoric Theory
Ming Sun, Yuanyuan Wang and Ming Lin
Research on the Relationship between Knowledge Management Infrastructure, Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Management Performance
Jie Xue and Zhengang Zhang
Factors Influencing Information Systems Outsourcing Success: A Survey in Xi'an, China
Min Li, Rong Du and Tao-hong Fu
Service Management
The Discussion on Continuance of Urbanized-Drafted Farmers' Social Old-Age Insurance Design
Li Yang and Ying Chen
Quality, Satisfaction and Loyalty: A Comparison of SERVQUAL and SERVPERF for Educational Service in China
Qifeng Gong
A New Way of New Service Development Based on Service Customized Approach
Dandan Gao and Rongqiu Chen
The Analysis of the Influence of Undertaking International Software Outsourcing to Chinese Software Industry Competitive Power
Hui Fang and Mengting Wang
Study on Customer Participation in New Service Development
Dandan Gao and Rongqiu Chen
T The Potential of Service Economics in China: On the Perspective of Efficiency
Jinduo Wu and Haiyu Yang
A Dynamic Capital Accumulation Model in Markets with Network Externality
Ming Qing Xing
Using the Technology Acceptance Model to Explore Online Shopping Behavior: Online Experiences as a Moderator
Pei Wen Liao and Jun Yi Hsieh
Analysis of Chinese Film Industry Competitiveness Based on "Diamond Model"
Yuanyuan Shan and Yu Hao
A Study on Motivation of Meeting and Exhibition Attendees in Macao
Tao Zhang
An Empirical Research on Brand Identity Impression of Customer to Satisfaction Degree: Based on a Survey of KFC's Consumption of Nanchang City
Wei Xiong, Peng Zheng and Jidong Yin
T The Evaluation of the Coordinated Development between Subsystems: A Case in Nanjing of China
Hong Zhang, Yan Zhang, Zehua Liu and Luwen Gu
The Forming Mechanism of Brand Experience
Defeng Yang and Jianhua Yang
Importance Performance Analysis on the Competitiveness of Seaside Tourism Destinations: Case Studies of Qingdao and Dalian
Dexia Zang and Jing Gao
The Model of Production Run Time for Products Sold with FMR Warranty in the Imperfect Production System
Jian Yu and Chunmiao Mao
Long-Term Performance in Service Economy: Multi-Methodology Comparison and Policy Recommendations
Xiaoqin Li and Ruoen Ren
Scheduling Problems with Preventive Maintenance on Two Parallel Production Lines
Qing Liu, Hua Li, Miaoqun Li and Shan Li
Challenges and Solutions to China Communist Youth League's Construction of Hub-Type Social Organization
Zhiming Feng
T Research on Logistics Business Outsourcing and Logistics Service Innovation
Daozhi Zhao and Mingshou Wang
International Comparison and Change Reasons of Employment Elasticity in China
Yang Li and Fucheng Zhao
Hedonic Price Study on Urban Housing: The Case of Shijiazhuang City
Yan Zhao and Xiao-jun Liu
Perceived Performance Measurement of Outward Bound Tourists: An Empirical Study of SERVQUAL Model
Fen Luo, Yongde Zhong and Xia Zhang
A Comprehensive Assessment of Cultural Industries in Hebei Province and Developing Countermeasures
Jingzhen Xu, Xiaoguang Xue and Zhanxin Liu
Application of Balanced Scorecard in Library Management and Evaluation
Ruhua Huang and Linlin Song
Research of SOA-Based CRM in Telecommunications Industry
Xiang-ling Fu, Ya-nan Yu, Mao-qiang Song and Jia-yin Qi
T Tourism Information Value Structure: A Case Study from Changsha
Zhaoming Deng, Liping Mo and Qingfang Hu
Effects of Justice on Service Recovery Satisfaction
Zongjun Song and Shenghua Jia
Integrated Equipment Reliability Programme: A Proactive Maintenance Programme ¨C Customized for Combined Cycle Power Plants
Guang Yan Liang and Ming Xu
The Investigation in Service Quality Management of 3G Business for Telecom Operators
Jian Shen, Shoulian Tang and Hong Zhu
The Study on the Public Housing Security of the Rural Migrant Workers' Urbanization
Xiaoxu Wang
How Customer Participation Affect Electronic Perceived Service Quality? - An Exploratory Research
Tongqian Xu and Xuan Zhao
Studies on the Factors of Interaction Quality in Public Service Quality Management
Kun Yang, Hao Liang and Bingjie Wang
T Game Analysis on Retail Enterprises Cooperation
Diping Zhang
Service Efficiency Analysis of Chinese International Airports
Yan He, Yu Zhang and Xiaohong Wang
Triple Play: Development Trends and Business Strategy in China
Jianqiu Zeng, Mengru Shen and Imran Pattal
Comprehensive Evaluation of Enterprise Emergency Response Capability Based on Grey-AHP Method
Xiaoyong Tan and Yongmei Ren
The Evaluation Model of the Service Enterprise Competitiveness Based on the Fuzzy Set
Chun Chu and Lucheng Huang
A Public Value Approach to Service Management in Public Hospitals: An Alternative to the Balanced Scorecard
Sui Zhang and Ladi Wang
Modeling Individual-Based Social Network with Spatial-Temporal Information
Bisong Hu and Jianhua Gong
T Visitors' Satisfaction Measurement in the National Park: A Case Study of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
Fen Luo, Yongde Zhong, Shuming Zhao and Yuanxi Zhang
Creating Emotional Reward for Customers: The Role of Employee Performance
Xiujuan Zhang
An Empirical Study on Industrial Organization of Chinese Software Service Outsourcing Based on SCP Paradigm
Jiawen Shen and Heng Li
The Gross Product of the World Game 2009 in Taiwan
Ching Tang Wang, Yu-Cheng Lee and Ching Yi Chen
Analysis of the Relationship between Land Prices and Housing Prices Based on Granger Causality Analysis Model
Jian-jun Zhu, Qi-ming Li and Sai-nan Lv
Empirical Analysis of China Price Transmission Mechanism Based on VAR Model with Seasonally Adjusted Data
Jun-gang Du, Ru-xiang Wei and Bao-ping Liu
Improvement Research of Customer Segmentation in Knowledge Intensive Business Services
Yinghui Wang
T The Effect of Perceived Quality and Value in Brand Love
Defeng Yang
Study on the Purchase Agent Service for China's Real Estate Brokerage Industry
Wen Xu
An Empirical Analysis on Impact of Foreign Direct Investment to Technical Efficiency of Service Industry in Heilongjiang Province
Peng-zhan Zhao and Ming-cheng Che
Individual Donors' Giving Intention and Behavior: Effect of Their Perceptual Determinants on the Nonprofit Organization
Jundong Hou, Jun L¨¹ and Lanying Du
Efficient Cost Optimization for Workflow Scheduling on Grids
Yonglei Yao, Jingfa Liu and Li Ma
Study on Customer Loyalty and Influential Factors in Mobile Telecommunications
Qining Lin, Yan Wan and Feng Pu
An Empirical Study on Express Enterprises of China
Guangxing Wei and Jing Zhou
T Evaluation on Customer Satisfaction of Hubei Unicom Wuhan Branch
Xiong Ying, Peiyuan Lian, Liu Yang and Chao Wang
International Outsourcing Ratio of China Industrial Sectors: How Measurement Matters
Xinjun Lv
A Customized Training Model Evaluation System of Higher Vocational Education
Yuan-Yuan Jiao, Hui-Hui Fei, Mo Li, Jun Du and Ying Wang
Research on Indemnificatory Housing: A Case of Wuhan City
Zhiyong Zhang, Jingjing Xu and Yunhua Xiang
Research on the Functioning Mechanism of Knowledge Intensive Business Service
Tong Li and Liping Chen
Cognitive Factors in Adoption of Instant Messaging: A Survey
Ling Ma and Xiaofei Song
Integrated Optimization Research on Preventive Maintenance Planning and Production Scheduling
Hua Li, Miaoqun Li, Qing Liu and Shan Li
T Research on STOF-Model-Based Innovation of E-Waste Recycling Service System
Kejing Zhang, Ping Cang, Fugen Song and Jutta Geldermann
Structural Optimization of China's Services Trade in the Post-Financial Crisis Era
Li Bo Yuan, Bin Jiang and Bin Jiang
Formalized Description of Service View within C4ISR Architecture Framework
Lei Wang, Xue-shan Luo and Ai-min Luo
Study on Fuzzy Reliability Multi-Objective Optimization of Incomplete Probability Information Systems Base on Genetic Algorithms
Qiang Zhang and Shou-ju Li
Study on Community Participation of Rural Tourism Based on Property Rights Theory
Tao Liu and Fuying Xu
The Research Based on the Value Network Analysis of Promoting the Transportation Enterprise Service Value
Yu-bo Lu and Ning Ding
Research on Grid-Based Books Resource Sharing Platform
Zhen Yuan and Mei-hua Xu
T Patterns of Service Outsourcing and Economic Transformation and Upgrading in China
Yuanguo Xu
The Study of Improving China's Shipping Soft Power
Dequan Min and Xiangyu Yin
A Positive Analysis of the Impacts of International Service Outsourcing on the Industrial Structure
Fei Chen
Study on the Acceptance Extended Model of Virtual Items
Wei-dong Huang, Lei Shi and Zhe Tong
Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction in Service-Oriented Small and Medium Enterprises
Shuncheng Gao
Formation Mechanism of Cooperative Spirit from Game Theory Perspective
Pan Jie and Wang Lei
An Empirical Study of Influence Factors in Customer Loyalty for Department Store Service
Meimei Zhang and Haibin Peng
T Fiscal Decentralization and Targeting of Antipoverty Program in Developing Countries
Tao Wang and Yanpeng Di
Empirical Research on Economic Impact of Mega-Event: Based on the Case of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
Tingli Liu, Chengqing Wang and Tingli Liu
A New Exploration of New Service Development Process Considering Concept of Bricolage
Dandan Gao and Rongqiu Chen
On the Role of Government in Developing Sports Industry
Fachang Wang and Wei Wang
Research on the Factors Influencing the Customer Knowledge Value
Huangjuan Wang, Jifang Yang and Aiwu Cheng
The Linkage Mechanisms between Gas Price and the Taxi Fare in China
Qiang Huang and Fan Yuan
The Review of the Emotional Contagion Theory Based on the Interpersonal Perspective
Wang Xiao, Wenzhong Li and Jiangang Du
The Research of Undertaking International Transfer of Service Industry and Promotion of Chinese Service Industry's Human Capital
Hui Fang and Mengting Wang
Study on Fixed-Mobile Substitution of Global Voice Market
Chonglu Wang and Zhanhong Xin
Research on Current Situation and Countermeasures of China's Basic Industry Patent Information Service
Xiaoquan Gong, Zhenji Zhang, Jinsong Pei and Yi Wang
Geological Data Socialized Services and Its Construction of Assessment Indicator System
Jinsheng Zhou
The Analysis of Relational Embeddedness in Strategic Networks of Enterprises and NPOs
Xiao-chun Ge
Development and Improvement of Factor Markets in Wuhan City Circle
Lan Liu
Comparison Analysis of Intra-Industry Trade in Service Industry among China, Japan and Korea
Shuang-xi Chen, Lei Wang and Shan-shan Yu
Design and Management
Zhiyong Wang
A Game Theory Analysis of Salesclerk Employment Schemes for the Home Appliances Retail Storefronts
Chun-Ling Zuo and Ke Shang
The Research on the System to Remove the Trade Barriers
Yanting Wang, Feng Li and Dan Li
Study on the Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation on Tourism Stakeholder Satisfaction Based on Entropy and G1 Theory
Enxu Wang and Chunyou Wu
Design of Management Information System of Training: Based on Network
Feng Bing
Customer Experience Management Models: Perspectives from Environment, Psychology and Strategy
Wenmin Zhang, Zhenquan Sha, Juan Li and Xiaoyu Wang
Construction of Telecom Brand Image Model
Jing Li, Yongsheng Jin and He Bu
The Dynamic Characteristics of the Enterprise Network in Xi'an Software Industry Cluster
Ping Hu, Yanping Lu, Qing Wang and Cong Li
Empirical Study on Evaluation of the Development Level of Services in Hubei's Major Cities
Xinhua Wang
The Relationship between Factors of Golf Facilities and Satisfaction of Inbound Golfers: An Empirical Study on Mainland China
Ke-xiang Wu, Ming-hai Ye and Ting-ting Zeng
Managing Customer Services: Emotional Labor in Service Delivery
Lu Xu
Housing Consumption Pattern of Urban Households with Different Income Levels in Shaanxi Province
Shang Mei
The Central Area Urban Cluster Regional Economies Difference Space and Time Evolution Analysis
Zhiyong Zhu, Jiancang Xie, Jinrong Lu and Yanbu Gao
The Challenges and Opportunities of Service Science
Yingji Jin, Yan Chen and Junxin Cao
Postponement Method in Service Process Re-Engineering: A Catering Case
Daijian Tang and Jue Chen
T The Marketing Moment Theory and Empirical Research Based on Relationship Value
Jingdong Chen and Long Cheng
The Real Estate Market Forecast of Shenyang Based on Gray System Theory
Shen-sheng Zhang, Ming Gao and Xiao-yun Wang
The Theory and Empirical Study on the Sensation Scenario Analysis Based on the Customer Perceived Value
Jingdong Chen and Yilin Hu
A Test of Granger Causality between Internal and External Imbalances: The Case of China, Japan and United States
De-liang Pang and Hong-wei Su
A Meta-Analysis of Value-Driven Service Customer Satisfaction
Tang Yao, Xiucheng Fan, Qiuying Zheng and Lin Mu
Study on Overbooking Management with a Choice Model of Consumer Behavior
Yanming Ge and Chaoxiang Pan
Analysis on the Government Function in Industrial Cluster's Formation and Development
Cuimin Zhen
The Study on the Influence of the Financial Crisis on Software Outsourcing Enterprises: Based on the Survey of Jiangsu Software Outsourcing Enterprises
Xingqiu Hu, Chao Xu and Haiwei Zhou
The Coming Era of Experience Economy and Breakthrough of Service Innovation Dilemma
Jianyu Zhang
Exploration into New Model of Public Cultural Service of the Government---Take "Hangzhou Model" of Extracurricular Education for Adolescent Students as an Example
Yuanzhi Chen
Research on the Road of China's BPO
Nan Zhao
Evaluation Method of Fuzzy Integral for the Complex Development Level of the Society
Meifang Du
Analysis on Food Customer Satisfaction----Survey on the Beijing Customers of High-Grade Restaurants
Mengyang Sun, Jie Gui, Ying Liu and Xiaoyan Zhao
T The Research on Personal Internet Banking Service Quality and Customer Loyalty Based on Complaints Handling
Xiangnan Lu, Yufeng Yang and Hongdan Qin
Research on the Interaction in Service Industry Based on AHP and Gray Relational Analysis
Bin Zheng and Haiying Wei
Evaluation on the Policy Implementation of the Government's Infrastructure Construction in Rural Areas: Based on the Theory of Value Engineering
Ying-chao Geng and Li Jia
The Impact of Corporate Image and Customer Expectation on Customer Satisfaction: An Empirical Study in Power Supply Industry
Yingbao Huo and Li Xu
Research on Influence Factors of Service System Innovation
Xiaojuan Bai and Yue Wu
Revenue Management in the Service Industry: Research Overview and Prospect
Qiwen Jiang, Weijun Zhong and Youyan Hu
T SWOT Analysis on an Emerging and Modern Service Industry: China R&D Industry Analysis
Yanwei Wang, Lucheng Huang and Xiaomei Luo
Analysis on the Scale of Input-Output in Diversified Railway
Lipeng Feng and Guohua Zhou
An Empirical Study of Factors Affecting China's Regional Service Industry Development
Xin Zhu and Xinjian Shen
Research on the Problems and Strategic Choices for the Development of Modern Service Industry in Nanning City
Xin Zhu and Xinjian Shen
Research on the Problem and Countermeasure for the Development of the Service Industry in China
Xinjian Shen and Xin Zhu
Strategic Mode Selections in Developing Productive Service Industry on Historical Industrial Zones: Taking Shenyang as an Example
Ying Liu, Hao Lin and Ping Zhang
The Effect of Service Fairness on Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty
Jianfen Zhao, Mingli Zhang and Qingmin Kong
The Empirical Analysis on the Contribution of Software & Information Service Industry to Economic Growth in Dalian, China
Xiao-nan Fan, Xiao-na Bao and Ming-hua Dai
The Research of the Fire Safety Development Strategies of China under Commercial Crisis
Qiyun Guo, Chunhua Li and Shu Yang
Reflection on the Market Expansion of University Logistics Enterprises
Zhi-ye Zhang, Yan-ping Nie and Jun Yan
Unconventional Monetary Policies Response to the Global Financial Crisis
Bei Lu and Xin Liu
Does Satisfaction Really Influence Loyalty? ----Based on Meta-Analysis
Lin Mu, Tang Yao and Qiuying Zheng
Yangtze River Delta Regional Economic Integration and the Development of the ICT Industry
Li Liu and Xiaonan Hou
T The Evolutionary Game Analysis on the Quality of the Public Service
Xiao-li Li
The Research on the Agent Loyalty of Telecommunication Market
Ana Wang
An Investigation and Analysis of the Satisfaction Degree of Administrative Staff in the Service Industry--On the Basis of Human Resources Research of the Headquarters of New Century Tourism Group
Qi mei Yang and Yan Song
Speculations on Benefits Policy of Unemployment Insurance in Chengdu City
Bing Li and Jin Zhou
International Situation of Service Outsourcing and China's Countermeasures
Hua Xin
Offshore Service Outsourcing: A SWOT Analysis for Shandong Province
Qinghua Zhu
Analysis of the Effect of Modern Service Industry Clustering on Regional Economic Integration
YuDuo Lu and Dan Li
The Effects of Market Orientation on Performance in Property Service Industry
Kai Chen and Xiaofan Wang
Innovation in Industrial Service
JunJie Lv
China Forest Park e-Commerce Differentiation Rule and Actuation Mechanism Research
Cui Ling Bai and An Chen Qin
Managing Service Quality: Call for a Network Mechanism
Kun Yang and Hao Liang
Discussion on Enterprises Implementing the Service Recovery Strategy
Zhicheng Liu and Wenyi Hao
The Conditions and Measures to Construct Service Outsourcing Base in China: Take Tianjin as an Example
Bo Lv
Research on After-Sales Service Standardized Management: Based on Self-Service Terminals in Telecommunication Operators
Fanfan Su, Genxing Dai, Yijun Huang and Gang Wang
Study on Service Quality Management in Social Service Projects
Yong-qing Ma
Implementation Model for Integrated IT Services Suitable for Small Enterprises
Liang Weng and Baozhang Weng
Using Content Management System Joomla! to Build a Website for Research Institute Needs
Xiang Cao and Wenhua Yu
An Empirical Study on Impact of Sales Promotion on Brand Loyalty of Service Enterprise
Li-xin Zhang and Shou-lian Tang
Research on Service Capacity of Production Line Based on Complex Weighted Network
Ting Yang, Dinghua Zhang, Bing Chen and Shan Li
T Gender Matters: College Students Using Internet Interactive Services
Pei Huang and Hai-wei Tong
The Information Technology Spillover Effect and Substitution Effect Analyses on Economics in China
Huixiang Su
Information Needs for Asset Management for Australian Government Property
David Leifer and Trevor Seymour Jones
Classification and Prospects of Chinese International Contractors' Industry Integration
Zhenghang Lin, Maoshan Qiang and Jiayu Chen
Survey and Research on Undergraduates' Information Demand for Information Service in Network Environment in China
Yu Ding
How Service Climate Impacts on Service Performance: Evidence from China Hotel Industry
Wenli Li and Yagang Lu
Does Chinese Distribution Industry Have Development Pattern?: Empirical Analysis Based on the Province Data
Yang Bo
Research on Service-Oriented Manufacturing Mode Based on Grid
Yu-qiang Shi
The Economic and Non-Economic Benefits of the World Game 2009 in Taiwan
Ching Tang Wang, Ching Yi Chen and Chien Mu Yeh
Construction of Public Service System in the Tourism Industry Cluster
Danhong Chen and Zhenwei Fan
Separation of Network from Service Provision
Yonggang Wang, Kaili Kan and Huiying Du
Management Strategy for the Official Statistics of Fixed Asset Investment in China Transportation
Ruoqi Zhang, Xiurong Cai and Chao Chen
Open Library's New Service Tactics in the Era of Web2.0
Haiying Li
T A Study on the Role of Government in China's Tourism
Development Hanyu Zhang
Services Scientific Principles Implementation into Talent Development Models: An Example of Synvision Technology Company
Chin-Cheh Yi, Pei-Wen Liao and Li-Chun Hsu
The Services Pricing Strategy on Software as a Service
Huanhuan Xiong, Peigang Wang and Guobin Zhu
Research of Rumors Spreading Based on Transmission Dynamics of Complex Network
Zhi Zhu and Dongsheng Liao
Study of 3C Streamlined Service Model
Lin-lin Wang
Enhancing Brand Competitiveness of Chinese Bank-Owned Fund Management Company
Li Huang
A Risk Evaluation Model of Dynamic Neural Network Based on TFN-AHP
Huiru Zhao, Chunjie Li and Tao Chen
Tourism Image of Cities in the Southern Yangtze River Perceived by Tourists: A Case Study of the Four Cities in Zhejiang and Jiangsu
Jing Gao and Yonggang Zhang
Innovation and Development on Scientific Management of Water Resources
Xiu-ru Lu, Hong-jie Pang, Xiao-song Jiao and Ying-qi Cao
Trend Analysis of Internal Structure of Service Industry in China
Ling-xiang Jian, You-tong Liu and Ning Wang
The Standardization of Online Public Relations Is Imperative
Hongxin Li, Jing Ma and Weihe Duan
Research of the Psychology and Behavior of Grouping Consumers Facing under Failure Conditions
Ying Sun, Jiangang Du and Xuan Su
Emotional and Satisfactory Research of Grouping Consumers in Service Recovery Process
Ying Sun and Jiangang Du
The Heterogeneity of Effects of Producer Services on China's Industrial Economic Growth--Based on Industrial Classification Study of Factor Intensity
Cheng-bo Zhao
The Direction of Urban Leisure Industrial Promotion: A Shanghai Case
Xiaoyan Zhou, Rongyao Chen and Yue Wang
The Effects of Internal Marketing on Service Branding
Ye Chen and Jing Zhao
Integrating Kano Model into Customer-Oriented Reputation Model in Higher Education
Ching-Chow Yang, Ronald Sukwadi and Pen-Po Mu
Research on Electronic Service Lifecycle Management of City Government
Zhe Zhang and Xiaolin Xu
Correspondence Analysis in Patterns and Resources of International Science and Technology Cooperation between Universities
Li Li, Zhengning Feng and Xuezhu Gao
T Patterns and Regions Selection of International Science and Technology Cooperation of Guangdong Province
Li Li and Bin Yu
The Price Model of Shanghai License Auction Based on Support Vector Machine
Fang Xi and Lu Liang
SERVQUAL-Based Evaluation Study on the Quality of Community-Based Service Provided by University-Affiliated Stadiums
Xin-sheng Yang and Yong-yue Zhu
The Theoretical Research of Spatial Information Service Model
Yingdong Chen, Rongguo Chen, Yongjun Wei, Mingbo Zhang, Jiong Xie, Zhen Chen and Minqiang Fan
Network Governance: A Path Selection of Sustainable Development for Chinese Heritage Resources
Dexia Zang and Haiwei Zhou
The Research Report on Institution Old-Age Insurance Reform
Yunhua Xiang, Jinyuan Duan and Bing Wang
T Maintenance Supply Chain Optimisation within an ITPlatform: Network Service Science and Management
Christian Fabry and Arno Schmitz-Urban
The Drivers Model of Customer Equity Based on the Service Profit Chain
Yanxia Cheng and Wangcheng Peng
Optimal Disposition of Hospital Beds Based on Multiple Objective Programming Model
Wei Wang, Liping Wang, Hualin Xu and Zhengbing Gu
Medical Service Quality Evaluation Based on Lingual Description
Sen Wang
Control, Affect and Cognition Trust in Determining IT Offshoring Outsourcing Service Quality
Chunping Deng and Shouxiang Zhao
Industry Linkage, Market Thickness and the Development of Producer Services in Regional Economy: Case of Heilongjiang, China
Dequan Zheng, Yingjun Feng and Enyan Wang
T How to Carry Out Service Innovation for Business Incubator? An Empirical Study
Hongwei Wang, Qiang Lu, Dechang Lin and Beiqiu Liao
An Initial Study on Mechanism Construction of Visitor Environmental Education in Ecotourism--A Perspective of China Mainland
Wenyi Hong, Xijun Hu and Wenming Li
The Three Dimensionalities and the Management of Two-Oriented Society
Jianfeng Wu and Jianfeng Wu
Research of IPMI Management Based on BMC SOC
Zhilou Yu and Hua Ji
Utilizing Service Science to Construct High-Performance Digital Publishing Industry
Hejie Chen and Yutong Sui
Human Resources Development Globalization under the Idea of Sustainable Development
C. M. Liu
Model and Model Implement of Farmland Circulation in China
Zhanjun Xu, Shaoliang Zhang, Huping Hou and Xi Luo
T A Study on the ECR Method Evaluation of Urban Rail Transit Service Quality
Zhigang Liu and Jing He
A Robust Model for Airline Seat Allocation with Multiple Seat Bookings
Weimin Ma and Bingbing Qiu
On Some Problems Relevant to City Planning and Management in China
Zhibin Zhang and Yu Song
Connotation of Knowledge, Service Innovation and Competition among High-Tech Enterprises
Xiaobin Wang and Jinsi Wang
Automobile Financial Service in China's Mainland
Juan-Juan Du, Zhi-Xin Jia, Run-Jie Xia and Zhi-Qiang Luan
Fractal Study on Urban Systems in the Underdeveloped Regions in West China: A Case Study in the Lanzhou¡ªXining Town Compact Region
Bing Zhu, Xiaolei Zhang, Jun Lei and Zuliang Duan
The Research on Brand Community Based on Community Activities
Jia Chen
T Study on the Audience Attitudes to the MFA
Yong Liu
The Future Direction of China's Auto-Finance Development----From the Prospective of Low-Carbon Economy
Ke Tang, Ting-Ting Zhong, Qing-Qing Zeng and Zhi-Qiang Luan
A Governance Model for Cloud Computing
Zhiyun Guo, Meina Song, Zhiyun Guo and Junde Song
Communication Media Selection in Online and Offline Environment: A Comparison of Three Theories
Rui Gu and Jia Chen
Research on Security System for Government Information Disclosure in China
Shaohui Wang
City Operation CFD Simulation of Planting Effect on District Air Environment
Weijie Zhang, Pengyun Liang, Xuedong Yang and Yiran Wei
Study on the Semi-Strong Form Efficiency of Housing Market: Evidence from Hong Kong
Jiana Xu and Ang Huang
CFD Simulations and Assessment of Life Safety in Underground Emporium
C. Y. Yang, H. M. Wu, Y. Gao and Y. Huo
Study on Economic Development Difference of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Intra-county Economic Regions with Grey Relational Synthetic Evaluation
Peng Zeng, Xian-chun Zhang and Jin-yu Wu
Low-Carbon Urbanization Way in Wuhan City Zone
Sitan Zhu
Research on the Establishment and Application of Synthetic Evaluation Index System for Ecological Park City
Weiyang Yu, Hongyi Wang and Minhua Wu
T Convergence or Divergence? China's Land Rents, Transport Cost and Its Industrial Agglomeration
Limin Liu, Minjie Wang and Minjie Wang
Evaluation of Atmospheric Thermal Environment of Residential District by CFD Simulation
Weijie Zhang, Jing Qi and Xin Li
A Case Study on City Development Strategy of Underdeveloped Region in Hezhou: Aim at Sustainable Development
Yan Yuan and Yankui Li
Critical Infrastructure Failure Interdependencies in the 2008 Chinese Winter Storms
Mei Rong, Chuanfeng Han and Liang Liu
Research on Comprehensive Evaluation of Urban Material Metabolism Based on MFA: A Case Study of Chengyang District in Qingdao
Zhenfeng Zhou
Housing Price Spatial Diffusion within Urban Region: A Case of Wuhan
Jintao Li, Jun Sun and Hongbo Li
T Efficiency Evaluation of City Circular Economy Based on the Super-Efficient Mixed DEA Cluster Model
Yawei Wang and Baosong Liang
The Application of Factor Analysis in County Economic Evaluation
Aimin Zhu and Jiao Yu
The Study on the Relationship between the Tertiary Industry and the Urbanization in Xuzhou
Jingkui Long and Chunxiao Zhao
Research on the Development of Urban Infrastructure in China Based on Cluster Analysis
Ningjie Yu and Rui Chen
Detecting Relationship of Learning City and Urban Competitiveness
Tong Yang and Jingyuan Yao
Study of the Interactive Effect about Urban Organic Update and Real Estate Market in Hangzhou
Rikun Wen
Research on the Evaluation of the Administrative Capacity of City Public Crisis
ShengLi Dai
T Research of Environmental Governance in Beijing's Urban-Rural District
Bao-fu Xie
The Study on the Historical Famous Cities' Sustainable Development Strategy Basing on Their History and Tradition
Huan Shu and Yufan Yan
Research on Disaster Prevention Safeguard Measures for Building Engineering of Villages and Towns
Jinghai Zhou and Hongfei Bao
Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Urban Environmental Infrastructure Investment Benefit
Yan Deng and Mingzhu Wu
Grid-Based Encoding QR-Tree K-NN Query
Guobin Li and Jine Tang
Application of Wavelet Threshold De-Noising in Settlement Monitoring for Subway
Donghui Wu and Linya Tian
Determinants of Personal Well-Being in Urban China
Yu-wen Yang, Hui-ming Li and Qing-guo Zhai
Study on Conservation and Revival of the Historic Site
Wenlong Zhu and Hongying Zhang
The Application of Forecasting Optimization on City Commercial Development Requirements Based on the Grey Theory: A Case Study of Wuhan
Jiang-Ping Wang, Shi Yuan and Chao Yang
Research on the Coordination Degree of Beijing's Economic and Environmental Subsystem
Lei Jin and Yuan-yuan Zhang
Regional Sustainable Construction Planning Information System Exploitation and Application in Civil Engineering Management
Xing-hai Dang, Yu-li Yang, Xue-ping Wang and Run-ting He
Sustainable Development Research on the Relative Carrying Capacity of Resources in Liaoning Province
Shuai Shao, Jingtao Yu and Chunyou Wu
Research on Plight and Countermeasures of Three-Gorges Logistics Center's Building-Up
Xiaoning Wang, Biao Xu and Haohao Zheng
Incremental Evaluation Method- An Integrated Method to Assess Urban Energy System
Zhonghai Zheng, Lin Fu and Hongfa Di
T Urban Traffic Mode Structure Optimization Based on Eco-Transportation
Shun-Ying Zhu, Ju-Xiang Guan, Hong Wang and Bing Liu
The Plan of Elderly Smart Community: Based on the Concept of Internet of Things
Yongjia Hu
Analysis on Feasible Construction Modes of New Rural Residential Area in Tianjin
Jing Chen, Wei Guo and Mengxia Zhang
Normative Analysis on Government Functions in Construction of Suburban Rural Infrastructure
Mengxia Zhang, Wei Guo and Jing Chen
Research on the WebGIS Space Vector Data Based on the J2EE
Feng Zhao
The Enterprise Co-Evolution Model of Industrial Chain in Economics Development Zone
Youfu Hu
Assessment on Environmental Impact of Building Tidal Gate on Yongjiang River
Lihua Feng and Huayou Zhu
Study on Economic Sustainable Development in the Yangtze River Delta Region: Based on Transforming Economic Development Mode
Shaoli Liu and Yuqi Lu
A Systematical Analysis for the Mechanism of Urban Industry Ecological Transformation
Xiumei Sun and Min Zhou
Sustainable Development Strategy of Sub-Center Cities in Hubei under the Energy and Pollution Constraint
Jianhua Zhao, Xiao Yang and Guangfei Zhang
Wuhan City in the Process of Shaping Its Own Brand Problems and Solutions
Guo-fang Liu
Structural Change and Spatial Pattern of Urbanization in Xinjiang
Anwaer Maimaitiming, Xiaolei Zhang, Jun Lei and Huhua Cao
Urban Transition in Western China
Anwaer Maimaitiming and Huhua Cao
On the Harmonious Development of College Sport and Community Sport--- from the Perspective of City Development
Fachang Wang and Zijian Zhao
Dual-Threshold Cooperative Sensing Based on Coherent MAC in Cognitive Radio
Yi Zhang, Lingling Zhang and Chengkai Tang
The Studying on Industry Construction of Yinchuan City after Reformation
Yufan Lin and Li Chen
The Study of the Main Influencing Factors and Relationship Structure of the Leisure Economy System Based on ISM Model
Guoqiang Xiong and Jiantao Hao
Study on Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Grey Correlation Degree between Infrastructures and Oasis City Comprehensive Scale of Xinjiang
Yusufujiang Rusuli and Zhongwu Zhang
Centrographic Analysis of Urban Growth in Xinjiang during the Last Three Decades
Anwaer Maimaitiming, Xiaolei Zhang, Degang Yang and Huhua Cao
T Exploration of the Urban Waterfront Greenway System Based on the 'Interest Gravitation'
Hongyu Zhao, Lei Liu and Sheng Chang
Higher Social Responsibility, Better Environmental Performance
Wang Hong and Wu Yi
Analysis of the Relationship between Architectural Modeling Design and the Surrounding Environment
Yusong Wang
Comprehensive Environmental Management of Historic and Cultural Blocks in Old City: A Case Study of Shichahai Area in Xicheng District, Beijing
Maomao Yan and Chuan Jiang
Status and Improvement Strategy of Chinese Urban Greening Management
Wen-ting Wu, Yi Ren, Heng-yu Zhao and Mi-mi Tian
Chinese Affordable Housing System
Yunhua Xiang, Zhiyong Zhang and Xuerou Wang
A New Model of China's Urban Construction---Exploration of Low Carbon City
Lin Li, Hang Zhou and Dirong Cao
T Resident Participation Mechanism for Sustainable Improvement of Old Urban Communities in China
Fan Yang, Wen Xu and Jian-xun Peng
Analysis on Volatile Organic Compounds of Artocarpus lingnanensis for Urban Environmental Management
Qing-zhi Ma, Feng-juan Wu, Qi-mei Liu, Kai-fu Li and Cheng-ping Xie
Five Approaches to China's Urban Design Towards Rationality
Yaoyu Lin, Jusheng Song, Jian Dai and Xiaofan Luan
Soilmass Deformation Simulator Experiment Investigation under Water-Soil's Long-Term Chemical Interaction and Certain Load in Urban
Nianping Yi, Xingui Zhang and Junqing Qin
Depending on Marketing to an Ecological Vision: A Case Study of Overseas Chinese Town's Developing Management in Shenzhen, China
Haozhe Zhang, Guangjun Jin and Yan Song
A Method of City Informatization Level Evaluation
Xiaoqing Li and Binghui Liu
T Study of Land Use Economic Benefit in Development Zone by Choquet Integrals
Donggang Hu, Qiang Zhu, Guangchao Yan and Chunmei Wu
Water-Saving Agriculture Based on Financial Support
Zhiyuan Li and Yanchun Chen
Discovery of Multi-Level Spatial Association Rules Based on DE-9IM
Tao Feng, Zhiyong Zeng, XuChao Wu, Rui Liu and Lianxiong Gao
Evaluating Dynamic Variations of the Development Level of Resource-Conserving and Environment-Friendly Society
Minghui Dong, Bin Zou and Zhangxin Yin
The Selection Research for Beijing Macroeconomics Advanced Indexes
Haijian Wu and Li Zhou
Supply Chain Management Strategy of Coordination and Differential Price of the Closed-Loop Supply Chain under the Optimal Channel for Recycling
Shi-zhen Bai and Xue-ying Yang
Intelligent Products for Monitoring and Control of Road-Based Logistics
Gerben G. Meyer, Gijs B. Roest and Nick B. Szirbik
Sum-of-Weighted-Square Method for the Research on Accomplishment Appraisal for International Liner Enterprises
Yan Zhang
Study of Facility Location and Allocation Problem Based on Fuzzy Graph Theory
Jinmei Wang and Kejia Zhuang
The Impact of Government Price Subsidy from a Supply Chain Perspective
Shen Shen and Hexin Wang
Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Fenghe Jin and Yaping Fu
T Demand Forecasting in Automotive Aftermarket Based on ARMA Model
Yun Chen, Heng Zhao and Li Yu
Research on a Single-Period and Two-Level Supply Chain Coordination under Uncertain Demand and Delay in Payment
Mingang Zeng and Gaohui Yu
Research on Supplier Selection with Data Envelopment Analysis under Supply Chain Management
Xu Sun and Fulin Wang
Technological Capabilities and Local Firms Upgrading within Global Value Chains
Lei Zou
The Mechanism of Rural Business Logistics Operation in Mainland China: A Research Based on "Home Appliances Going to Countryside"
Xi-Zhou Zhang, Lin Chen and Jun Liu
Discussions on a New Model of Steel Logistics Based on Modern Supply Chain Management Theory
Nan Liu and Jian Dong
T A Note on Optimal Policy for Deteriorating Items with Trapezoidal Type Demand and Partial Backlogging
Mingbao Cheng and Bixi Zhang
Application of Mathematica in Economic Order Quantity Model with Weibull Deterioration Distribution, Time-Varying Demand and Shortages
Li-Qun Ji
Capacity Disruption Management for Complicated Operation System
Xing Bao and Di Xiao
The Evaluation of Business Services Innovation Capability within the Logistics Industry Cluster
Zhenzhu Zhang and Jing Mu
Elements Impact on Retail Chain with Real-Time Logistics Based on ISM
Haifang Cheng, Jinsong Li, Feifei Chen and Fencao Cheng
Pricing Analysis for Remanufacture Products with Government's Incentive
Ying Xia and Xiang-yun Chang
T Research on the Evaluation of Contingency Plan System of Emergency Management in Supply Chain
Shan Lu
Optimal Capacity Expansion Policy with Given Reservation Contracts
Jianbin Li, Minghui Xu and Ruina Yang
Research of Supplier Selection Based on Multi-Objective Programming
Jie Lv, De-cheng Wen and Xin-xin Liu
Design Service Level Agreements in Outsourcing Contracts
Jinmei Huai
Study on Cooperation between Complementary Companies: Based on Evolutionary Game and Reference Effect
Jianyuan Yan, Haiqing Hu and Li Zhang
An Empirical Study for Green Supply Chain Management: Relationship between Collaboration and Extended Supply Chain Performance
Dan Liu, Songzheng Zhao and Weiyang Jiang
T The Impact of Factory Managed Inventory(FMI) on Global Supply Chains
Fumio Tateishi, Nobuo Nakatsuka, Masashi Kurahashi, Shigetoshi Sugawa, Tadashi Nakamura, Akio Nagahira, Tomoya Mizumoto and Shuichi Ishida
A Two-Stage Mechanism in Assembly System with Supplier Coalitions under Asymmetric Information
Yulian Mi and Xingzhou Zhang
Trust and Learning as Moderators in Achieving Supply-Chain Competitiveness: Evidence from the Chinese Auto Component Sectors
Hua Song, Samir Ranjan Chatterjee and Linyan Liu
A Study of Stackelberg Inventory Model with Vendor-Buyer Interaction on Lead Time
Hua-ming Song and Zi-qiang Zhao
Order Promising with Capacity Reserved for Multi-Priority Orders
Lixi Yang, Kejia Chen, Zhibing Lin, Rui Qiang, Xiabao Huang and Rongqing Lin
A Study on the Business Model of Logistics Real Estate
Zhengwei Huang and Wei Zhang
T A Path Analysis of IOS Appropriation's Impact on SC Collaboration and Collaborative Advantage
Qingyu Zhang and Mei Cao
The Implementation and Application of Mobile Television in China
Xin-ren Bao
The Plan of the Selected Location of the Dynamic Alliance Store Centre and the Example Analysis
Zhimei Zhou
Coordinate the Supply Chain with Risk-Averse Agents under CVaR Criteria
Lijun Ma, Jianbin Li and Haifeng Wang
Pricing Strategy of Reverse Supply Chain Based on Multi-Periods Recycling
Hai-xia Zhou, Qiao-lun Gu and Sha Li
Electric Power Industry Supply Chain Assessment and Decision-Making: An Analytic Network Process Approach
Fan Yang and Cunbin Li
An Empirical Examination of Enterprise Nature, Unit Value and Industrial Competitiveness
Hai-yan Ma and Cheng Hong
T Multi-Player Cooperative Game in Supply Chain: The Model and Its Solutions
Huixia Zou, Dengkui Sun and Jiao Song
Food Supply Chain Management under Conditions of Food Safety
Dianhua Wang and Douxuan Huang
An Improved Tabu Search for Open Vehicle Routing Problem
Fuhua Huang and Changshi Liu
Study on Inventory Control Model of Closed Loop Supply Chain for Product Growth Period
Yisheng Wu
Optimal Allocation of Resources in Production Line Based on Flexsim Simulation
Jianliang Peng
An Evolutionary Game Theoretic Perspective on Online Reverse Auctions
Xueguang Zhou and Jian Zhang
The Analysis of a Model about the SME Supply Contract
Pingnan Ruan and Jing Song
T Supply Chain Game: Economic Analysis on Differentiated Competition Huixia
Zou, Jiao Song and Dengkui Sun
Remanufacturing Network Analysis of Third-Party Reverse Logistics for Waste Household Appliances
Xiangru Meng and Xin Mu
Service Supply Chain and the Conceptual Model
Bo Wu, Guangdong Liu and Houming Le
Management System Construction for Enterprise Logistics Outsourcing Based on Risk Aversion
Guohong Shi and Man Zhao
A Principal-Agent Model for Cooperative Production of Motor Vehicle
Ying Yang, Li Juan Fu and Dong Mei Yuan
A Framework for Multi-Agent Based Supply Network Simulation
Feng Li
Simulation Research of the Retailer's Ordering Strategy Based on System Dynamics
Xiao-yan Wang and Jian-hua Zhang
T Transformation and Upgrading of Brand Agents in Global Value Chains: A Case Study
Hai-yan Ma and Ming Shen
Study on Supply Chain Quality Management Model Based on Immune Theory
Panshi Sun and Quanxi Li
Cooperation Negotiation Method of Manufacturing Corporation's Supply Chain Alliance Based on Computer Supported
Guoqiang Xiong and Apin Shi
Research on Knowledge Sharing among Partners in Supply Chain
Yiming Chen
Research on Supplier Performance Evaluation Model Based on Data Mining
Jiabin Wang and Hechun Wang
Loan Indicator Analysis of Down-Risk-Averse Loaner Based on Supply Chain Financial Innovation
Yixue Li
T Strategy for Supply Chain Coordination Based on Fashion Life Cycle
Jian-heng Zhou and Ling Shu
A Performance Evaluation System for Supply Chain Partners Using Fuzzy Clustering
Shouke Chen, Zhuobin Wei and Jindong Zhang
Analysis of Influence Factors of Logistics Development in Henan Province Based on DEMATEL Method
Feng Lv and Xiaoying Yang
Study on the Stackelberg Strategy of Information-Sharing among Supply Chain Enterprises
Yuan-yuan Jiao, Xue-song Li and Xiao-li Guo
Study on the Evaluation of Support Capability of Urgent Logistics Based on AHP
Lijun Zhang and Zhongwei Zhao
Research on the Partners' Valuation System and Optimum Decision in Agile Enterprise Alliance
Xiu-qing Yin
Research on Implementation of Green Supply Chain Management
Xiu-qing Yin
Research on Logistics Center Location in Home Appliances Going to the Countryside: Taking Liaoning Province as an Example
Yuran Jin and Liezhi Shen
Pricing and Ordering Strategies in a Two-Echelon Supply Chain with Asymmetric Demand Information
Xiaojun Zhan and Chunlin Luo
Research on the Supply Chain Reconstruction Strategies under the Financial Crisis
Yuran Jin, Yuping Chu and Hongyu Liu
An Improved Method for Integrated Planning Model of Supply Chain
Bao-lin Zhu, Hai-bin Yu and Xiao-yuan Huang
A Blackboard-Based Negotiation for Collaboration in Construction Supply Chain System
Yahong Feng
Game Analysis of Stability of the Fourth Party Logistics Implementation
Tian-kun Fang, Song-wen Tang and Li Cheng
T The Study on Logistics and Distribution Strategy of China's Rural Supermarkets
Cuiyun Mao and Qiujun Wei
Analysis and Optimization of Coal Enterprise Supply Logistics System Based on SCM
Sun Yubo, Lu Gang and Feng Dan
An Analytic Network Process Model for Engineering Device Procurement Evaluation
Ronghu Chen
Study on Distribution Demand Forecast Based on Grey-Markov Model
Gang Zhao
The Impact of Logistics Mode on Retailer's Logistics Performance Measurement System
Wenjing Li and Chunyu Xia
Analysis of Two Types of Game and Cooperation Stability in Travel Agent Supply Chain System
Bo Shu, Guoquan Xu, Haiyan He and Bo Shu
An Automatic Virtual Organization Structure Modeling Method in Supply Chain Management
Yan Li
T Research on Management Complexity in Supply Chain Problems Based on DEMATEL
Xiao-yan Wang and Jian-hua Zhang
Joint Decision of Pricing and Package Coupon Value
Jun Zheng and Yinping Mu
Mitigating Supply Chain Risks Using Flexibility Theory
Yan Li and Hong Xia Li
Vehicle Routing Problem with Fuzzy Demands and the Particle Swarm Optimization Solution
Yang Peng and Jie Chen
Research on Trust Mechanism of Partners in Supply Chain of Agricultural Products
Shan Lu
Price Subsidy Subject Choice of Different Price-Sensitive Products
Lu Zhou and Hong Chen
Interorganizational Citizenship Behavior, Social Capital and Buyer Performance in Supplier-Buyer Relationships: A Theoretical Model
Yanchun Wan and Chunhua Chen
T VRP Optimization of Intensive Distribution in Enterprise Sales Logistics
Qun Wu
Research on Grain Supply Chain Mode Innovation: A Case Study of China Non-Primary Grain-Yielding Areas
Fei-fan Hu and Zhi-hua Wu
The Determinants of Sourcing by Multinationals in China
Junyan Hu
A Coordination Mechanism in E-Waste Reverse Logistics
Xueqian Li, Qinmin Wu, Jin Li and Daoli Zhu
The Operational Strategy of Mobile Phone OEM Manufacturer in E-Commerce Environment
Rongsheng Lv and Qingling Zhu
Optimal Model and Genetic Algorithm of Two-Echelon Inventory System with Correlated Demands
Hao Xiong and Youwang Sun
Multi-Population Cooperative GA and Multi-Objective Knapsack Problem
Shurong Zou, Jihai Wang and Hongwei Zhang
T A Quantity Flexibility Contract with Price Dependent Demand Quansheng
Lei and DongQing Jiang
Research on Supply-Chain-Style Industrial Cluster's Competitive Advantage under the Perspective of Complex Networks
Binqing Cai, Guohong Chen and Xinhuan Huang
A Model of Supply Chain Construction Based on OGSA
Yu-qiang Shi
Enterprise Group's Logistics Mode Based on Structural Holes
Jun Dong and Songdong Ju
On the Conceptualization of Business Models: A New Approach from Classical Paradigm
Yu Cheng, Jian-guo Sun and Yang-yi He
Study on Logistic-Distributed Standards Based on AHP for Electrical Household Appliances Chain Enterprises: Taking Zhejiang Xinlianxin Electric Appliances Chain Supermarket as an Example
Gui-sheng Jin and Feng Ge
T The Empirical Study about the Employee Performance of Tourist Hotels Based on Internal Marketing
Lijiao Han, Zhishu Liu and Weidong Dai
An Analysis of the Dynamic Game Model between Government and Enterprises of Green Supply Chain
Fenglan Luo
Research on Operation Model for Inventory Control of Reverse Logistics
Xin Shen
The Study on Reverse Logistics for E-Commerce
Fen Ma
Cost Optimatize Algorithm for Hub-and-Spoke Logistic Network
Youlong Luo, Guihua Nie and Yuanyi Tang
A Hyper-Cycle Theory Based Model of Supply Chain Knowledge Innovation Network
Yi-wei Zhao, Ju-hong Chen and Yi-wei Zhao
Studying on Economic Effect Model of VMI Accessory Inventory System under Indefinite Demand
Huaizhen Yang and Lei Li
T Study on the Collaboration Architecture of Supply Chain Entities in Intelligent Logistics
Hui Hu and Dawei Hu
Reactive Strategies for Supply Disruption Management: Backordering vs. Upgrading
Xiao-Feng Shao
The Game Analysis on the Cooperation of Green Supply Chain
Rui Zhang
A Study on Stability of Closed-Loop Supply Chain Based on Markov Chain
Xiangzhou Yin, Xinwei Tian and Yun Chen
Supplier Selection in Supply Chain Management: An Improved TOPSIS Method
Wei-hua Wang and Jing-pu Song
Formation Mechanism of Quality and Safety Control Abilities of Core Enterprises in High Quality Pork Supply Chain
Shimin Sun, Wencheng Han and Jianru Zhang
Model of Asymmetric Cost Information Game among Multi-Supply Chains under Bertrand Competition Framework
Baixun Li, Yongwu Zhou and Bitao Peng
The Research of Distribution Center Optimization Addressing Based on Energy Saving and Emission Reducing Confine Factors
Jiajuan Chen, Wenling Wu, Yufei Guo and Jingyun Huang
Research on Welfare Distribution of Monopolistic Retail Supply Chain Upstream Based on Shapley-Value
Ran Chen and Shixiang Huang
Research on Integration of Logistics Industry
Xiaojuan Bai and Zhiyong Zhang
Incentive Mode of Information Sharing in Supply Chain
Xiaoli Wang
Coordinating Three-Level Supply Chain with Quantity Discount Policies
Guidong Liu
A Multi-Agent Based Bidding System in VCIM Using Fuzzy AHP
Ning Zhou, Ke Xing, Sev Nagalingam and Grier Lin
Innovate Firm's Value Chain to Integrate Corporate Social Responsibility in Strategy Development for Strengthened Competitive Advantage
Ang Bao
T Service Supply Chain and Its "Bullwhip Effect"
Qianyi Li and Yuanyang Gao
Study on the Selection and Assessment of Channel Strategic Retailers for Cigarette Manufacturers in China
Lingyun Mi
The Key Factors Affecting Supply Chain Risk Towards Emergencies
Hui-hui Hao
The Application of QFD Based on DEA to Improve the TPL Quality of Service
Weifeng Fan and Mingbiao Xu
Interactive Rules on Supply and Demand Actions of Knowledge Supply Chain
Meifang Li and Yongxiang Zhao
Constructing Supply Chain Networks Based on the Adaptation Point of View
Qi Yang, Dexiong Feng and Yingzhao Ming
An Integrated Supply Chain Modeling and Simulation Based on System Dynamics
Jianghong Man
T Status and Characteristics of China's Foreign Trade from the Perspective of Global Supply Chain
Peizhi Wang
Supply Chain Integration through Business Intelligence
Luhao Liu
Select of Supply Chain Postponement Strategy Based on Products
Wang Pu and Li Qian
A Game Analysis on Quality Failure of Supply Chain
Bitao Peng
A Study on Contract Coordination of Supply Chain Based on Demand Disruption
Guojun Ji
Channel Competition Decision after Store Brand Introduction
Xiaojun Fan
The Discussion of Collaboration Management of Tourism Services Supply Chain
Xi-zhou Zhang, Ying Chen and Hui Cao
Study on the Evaluation Index of Mass Customization
Yan Shen, Qing Nie, Qingda Yuan and Xiaoyan Yang
Business Management
Research on Conflicts Resolving for Collaborative Negotiation
Ge Zhang, Guo-rui Jiang, Chuan-long Gu and Ti-yun Huang
Main Bank System Reform in Japan: The Terminal or Coexistence with Other Systems
Bo Li and Tuo Li
The Performance Evaluation of ERP Systems Based on Fuzzy AHP
Jihong Pang, Lu Ma and Xiaojing Liu
How to Assess Patent Values in Patent Infringement Lawsuits?
Hui-Chung Che and Hsiao-Wen Huang
Research on Formation and Effect on Strategic Change of Strategic Momentum Based on Case Study of Chinese Enterprises
Shui Yu and Yanxi Li
Estimation for the Flexibility of Enterprise Management System Based on Extension Mathematics
Bin Hu
T Study on SMEs-Oriented Strategic Decision Support System Based on Competitive Intelligence
Xinping Song, Hongyun Tian and Xiaowei Wu
Influence of Compatibility on Pricing Strategy of Firms with Two-Sided Markets
Fei Tang
Political Connections and Firm Diversification: A Resource Based View
Ai He, Hailin Lan and Weiwen Li
Modelling Business Processes for Limited-Lot Producers with Aixperanto
G. Schuh, W. Boos and K. Kuhlmann
Study on Collaborative Workflow Process Modeling Based on the Extended Stochastic Petri Net
Guoyin Jiang and Bin Hu
The Effect of Demand Strength on the Comparative Advantage Model
Zhigang Wang and Zhigang Wang
Study on Function Mechanism and Strategy of Network Leverage
Cunfu Liu
T Study on Application of Extension in Enterprise Synthetic Benefit Evaluation
Zhongliang Qiao
An Analysis of the Product Positioning and Development Strategy of TV Shopping on the Basis of Value Chain
Wei Hong Xia
Decision of Entrepreneurs' Inner Psychological Qualities Evaluation Based on Multivariate Generalizability Theory
Cuiyun Mao, Yuanhang Han, Qiang Mei and Jianyi Liu
Research on Product Over-Functions Based on Enterprise's Perspective: An Empirical Research on Mobile Phone
Xiaoping Lv and Junxi Yin
Research for Business Administration System Construction Based on Product Competitiveness Advancement
Zhibin Xie and Yuexi Zhou
The Dynamics of Intellectual Capital: Taking Organizational Lifecycle into Consideration
William S. Chang and Jasper Hsieh
The Risk Management of Supply Chain
Jianlin Yuan
Analysis on Principle Observation, Path Selection Mechanism, and Risk Control of Enterprise Strategy Evolution
Wei Li
The Study on Competitive Advantage of Industry by Method of Attraction and Competitive Strength
Lihua Xiong and Yunfeng Wang
Cause-Related Behavior: Comparison of Consumer Goods Corporations and Industrial Goods Corporations
Xiaofeng Long and Zhilong Tian
Trust Building in Network Forms of Organization: An New Institutional Perspective
Yuan Lou and Xiaohui Li
The Transformation of Foreign Brands in China: An Legitimacy Perspective
Lan Tao and Huobao Xie
Emulator Model of Mont Carlo of Supply Chain Management by Form and Exploitation
Yu-zhong Mao and Li Liao
T The Research & Application of Process-Oriented Business
Intelligence in Manufacturing Industry Yuan Cheng and Zhigang Li
A Study on the Development of Non-Market Strategy in China and Its Revelation
Guangyu Ye and Jinjing Qiao
An Improved Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on Trust in E-Commerce Recommendation Systems
Yanhong Guo, Xuefen Cheng, Dahai Dong, Chunyu Luo and Rishuang Wang
Non-Market Strategy and Firm Performance: The Empirical Study of Listed Companies in China
Yan-ying Chen and Li-li Wang
Expatriates Management for MNCs: A Dynamic Objective Optimization Model
Libo Fan and Yongzhi Wu
Research on Factors Affect on Insurance Industry in China Based on Fuzzy-ANP
Tingyong Gao and Chunhui Wang
The Inspiration of Intellectual Property of Foreign Automobile Enterprise
Zhanglin Wang
T Rethinking the Organization Management Strategy in the View of Complex System Evolution
XuHui Yan
A Fundamental Framework of Business Process Reengineering Methodology Based on IT
Jun Du, Ying Wang and Jianxin Jiao
Research on Procedure-Based Technology and Process Cost Assessment
Zi-Qin Ma, Ying Yang and Zhi-Gang Yang
Industry CI: The Service Modes of Information and Intelligence for Improve the Industrial Competitiveness
Xiaoyuan Zhao and Yanning Zheng
A Study on a New Pattern of Enterprise--Intelligent Enterprise
Dexiong Feng and Xiang Wang
Research on Low-Tech Strategy for Technology Innovation of Low-Tech Enterprises in China
Yuqing Liu
Environment Management
Analysis of Energy Conservation and Sales of New Energy Automobiles in China
Jiao Meng and Xiaowen Tang
Biodiversity Evaluation for Ecosystem-Based Management in Daya Bay, South China Sea
Xiaoyan Chen, Huiwang Gao, Xiaohong Yao, Hongda Fang, Zhenhua Chen and Haiyan Wang
Paying for Watershed Services: Mechanisms, Modes and Compensation Methods in the River Basin, China: Case Study of Jinhua River
Haixia Zheng, Dawei Xu and Lubiao Zhang
Trends of Climate Change on Mt. Gongga and Its Impacts on Tourism Development
Jianying Guo
Study on the Industrial Structure and Decision Model of Industrial Scale of the Eco-Industrial Chain in Mining Area
Xu-Dong Xi and Jia-Nan Chu
T Analysis on Ecological Efficiency of Construction Industry in China
Shu-hua Lei, Yuan Chang and Xue Zhang
Ecosystem Service Value Assessment for Protected Wetlands: A Case Study in the Changjiang Estuary
Yan Jin, Che Yue, Yang Kai and Zhao Jun
Research on the Development Strategy of China's Renewable Resource Industry Based on SWOT Analysis
Guang-fu Liu, Xiao-lei Liu and Xiao-wen Yang
Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation of PH3 over CuO-CeO2 Catalysts
Honghong Yi, Lina Yang, Xiaolong Tang, Lili Yu and Hongyan Wang
A Study on Environmental Impact of High Speed Maglev Traffic Engineering
Chao Wang and Kang Wang
The Coupling Mechanism and Systematic Balance of Forest Ecosystem and Forestry Industry: A Case Study of Yichuan Forestry Area
Zhe Ning, Peiwu Dong and Yingli Huang
T Discussion of Energy Consumption and Management in Tianjin
Lei Zhang, Meiting Ju, Qinzhe Liu, Ze Guan and Qi You
Analysis on the Evolutionary Path and Influence Factors of the Northeast Asia Regional Energy Cooperation
Ying Shen and Xiao-li Guo
Comparative Study on Low Temperature Selective Catalytic Oxidation of Ammonia over Transition Metals Supported on TiO2
Kaijiao Duan, Xiaolong Tang, Honghong Yi, Yan Zhang and Ping Ning
Simulation Analysis on the Growth Tendency of Building Energy Consumption in China
Lihong Han
Spatial Distribution and Variation of Heavy Metals and Metalloid in ZhuJi LiPu Copper Mining Area
Hua Sun, Hailang Pan, Jiajia Lin, Xiaojun Mao and Fengxiang Han
Management of Agricultural Pollution in China: Current Status and International Experience
Yong Yang
T Land Use Induced Water Environment Changes in the Heihe River Basin, Arid Northwestern China
Shanzhong Qi
Modifying Recycling for Aged Modified Binder
Tao Ma and Chunlei Li
The Impacts of Energy Prices on Energy Intensity in China
Xiao-li Liu and Wen-tao Qin
Study on Carrying Capacity of Agricultural Water Resources in Fuxin City
Li Cheng
Analysis of Coordination Degree of Land Utilization in Coal-Mining Area
He Yang, Jin-ping Liu and Tao Wang
A Review of Material Flow Analysis
Zhimi Bao, Shushen Zhang, Yu Chen, Suling Liu, Yun Zhang and Huanlei Wang
Monitoring Methods Study on the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch
Huang Yin and Chang Cheng
Strengthening Public Participation in China's Mine Environmental Protection
Wenqin Chen and Lei Lei
A Comparison of Analysis Methods of Pipe Failure Characteristics Based on Maintenance Records of Water Distribution System
Yi Wang and Yimei Tian
Media Selection of Artificial Soil Filtration System for Stormwater Runoff Treatment in Beijing
Ping Xu and Yajun Zhang
Influence of Petroleum Price Fluctuation to Main Petroleum-Consumed Industries in USA
Jianying Niu
Alternative Energy, Security Constraints and the Development of Bio-Energy
Zhuoya You and Miaomiao Dong
Study on Lake Pollution Damage Based on Accounting Perspective
Rong Rong and Juqin Shen
Discussion for the Legislation Issue of China's Wetland Ecosystem Protection
Wenxing Shen and Hanzi Ren
The Corporate Brand and Corporate Social Responsibility
Xiao Wang
T The Development Research of Ecotourism
Xiao Wang
Matter-Human-Affair 3 Principles' Harmony: An Empirical Study of the Water-Soil Conservation in Loess Plateau
Lixin Yu
Optimal Deployment of Regional Multi-Objective Water Resources Based on Mixed Genetic Algorithm
Lei Shao, Xiaode Zhou and Fangting Yang
Advances in Research and Industrial Production of Biological Pesticide of Anti-Microbe around the World
Wei Wang, RuiFeng Xiao and HuiJing Ma
Valuing the Environmental Damage or Improvement: Based on the Happiness Method
Yuanping Lu and Kezhong Zhang
Study on the Environmental Technology Application Strategy of the Housing Industry
Wei Chen and Yu Chun Gai
Comparison of the Sino-Japanese Environmental Greening
Ping Yan
Effect of Preparation Conditions on Catalytic Hydrolysis of COS
Hong-yan Wang, Hong-hong Yi, Xiao-long Tang, Li-li Yu, Dan He and Shun-zheng Zhao
Virtual Cultivated Land Trade: A New Thinking for Cultivated Land Resources Security
Li Cheng, Tian-kun Fang and Bo Zhang
Soil Organic Carbon Loss through Water Erosion in Loess Hilly Region of Northwestern China
Song-wei Jia
Food Packaging and Design in View of Environmental Protection
Chao Sun and Dianhua Wang
New Advanced Technology to Improve Urban Environment
Nan Xu, Xiumin Yu and Yun Zhang
Some Suggestions for Community-Based Ecotourism Management
Xiaoli Zhuang and Huiyan Liu
Chinese Consumer's Decision-Making in Purchasing Green Cars
Ying Wang and Ying Li
The Evaluation of Recycling Economy Development in Flow Manufacturing Enterprise: An Case Study of Electrolytic Aluminum Enterprise in China
Zhifang Zhou and Ling Zheng
Effects of Tillage Erosion on Soil Redistribution in a Purple Soil with Steep Sloping Terraces
Z. A. Su and J. H. Zhang
Realistic Way of Solving Forest Resources Crisis: Effective Utilization of Forest Resource---- A Case Study of Forestry Industry Region in Heilongjiang Province
Yufang Wang and Jian Wang
Discussion on the Environmental Accounting Information Disclosure Throwing Daylight on Relating Problems in Quoted Companies
Jing Huang
Study on Characteristics of Three-Dimensional Flow Fields in V-Type Heat Exchanger
Jianying Gong, Tieyu Gao and Xiuling Yuan
Low-Carbon-Type Government: The Rational Choice for the Development of Low-Carbon Economy
Yongqing Li and Wei Li
T Multifractal Spectrum Analysis of Crude Oil Futures Prices Volatility in NYMEX
Hongtao Chen and Dequn Zhou
Application and Outlook of Environment-Friendly Reactive Dyes in Wood Dyeing Industry
Hong Deng
The Applying Discrimination of the Common Slope Bioengineering Protection in China
Zhen-yao Xia, Xiao-le Huang and Wen-nian Xu
Empirical Study on the Relationship between Environmental Pollution and Energy Consumption
Xiufang Du and Xiaofei Yan
Measuring Investment Efficiency of Sewage Treatment Plants
Nai-Yi Ma and Shun-Bo Yao
Research on Environmental Pollution Cost in Highway Construction
Li Shen and Qingnhua Zhu
Evaluation Model on Increase Coefficient of Degree of Risk about Debris Flow Ditches after the Wenchuan Earthquake
Jinshan Zhang and Xingju Shen
T Watershed-Based Management of Lake Dianshan for Source Water Protection
Mingwei Wang, Qixin Xu, Yue Che and Kai Yang
Application of Environmental Management on Energy Saving and Green House Gas Reduction in Beijing
Fei Liu
County Sustainable Development and Management in Gansu Loess Plateau Based on Emergy Analysis: Taking Zhengning County in Gansu Province as an Example
Wenting Jiao, Xingpeng Chen, Zilong Zhang, Chengpeng Lu, Xiaojia Guo and Bo Zhao
Synergistic Analysis of Material Flow of Economy-Environment System in the District: A Case Study of Minhang District, Shanghai
Jing Chen, Kai Yang and Fengchun Lin
Study on Urban Low-Carbon Competitiveness of China Based on Co Integration Analysis
Jing Chen and Dajian Zhu
Research on Gridding Management of Circular Economy of Caofeidian Industrial District
Yanshuang Li, Liyan Gao, Kai Kang and Shujiang Yu
Public Participation, Civil Society and Environment Protection in China: A Comparative Study of Environmental Cases
Bingqiang Ren
The Study on Coordinated Development between Urbanization and Eco-Environment: Take Shandong Province for Example
Baozhen Wu and Xiaoli Lu
Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide on Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
Fenrong Li, Honghong Yi, Xiaolong Tang, Ping Ning and Qiongfen Yu
The Possibility of the Application of Product-Service System in Chinese Urban Families
Yue Qiu
Based on Ecosystem Management Study Coastal Cities Development
Yan Liu and Huilin An
Study the Transaction of Maritime Use Right Based on Market Mechanism
Yan Liu and Ganggang Wang
T Study on the Land Management Based on Theory of Land Potential Energy
Shilong Hao and Jun Ke
Studies on Negotiation System of Ecological Compensation of Water Source
Yanxiang Ge, Feifei Wu, Beibei Wang and Lijuan Liang
Assessment of Sustainable Management Level for International River under Non-Traditional Threats
Fan Xia and Cai-Wen Shu
Implementing Circular Consumption by Means of Second-Hand Goods Market
Hong-yan Xue and Dong-hong Yang
On Analysis of Suggestions on the Development of China's Renewable Energy Industry Based on "Low-Carbon Economy"
Mingzhen Zhan and Yanlin Yang
The Influence of Transitional Metal Oxides on the Smoke Suppression of Epoxy Resin/Intumescent Flame Retardant/Silane Couple Agent System
Zhiping Wu, Meiqin Chen and Yunchu Hu
T Analysis on the Harmony between Manufacturing Structure and Environment in Changzhou
Zhihua Wang and Haixia Jiao
Research on the Relationship between Economic Growth and Environment Quality in West: Based on the Method of Environmental Kuznet
Wei Li, Dong Yang and Guohao Zhao
SWOT Analysis and Strategic Choice of Eco-City Construction in Dalian
Yulin Yang, Yu Chen, Shushen Zhang, Hongbo Zheng, Suling Liu and Yun Zhang
System Dynamics Method Study of Seawater Intrusion
Nan Xia, Yu Chen, Shushen Zhang, Suling Liu, Hongbo Zheng and Yun Zhang
Total-Factor Cultivated Land Efficiency in China
Leah Wu and Wen Xiu Zhang
Changes of Carbon Emission Intensity from Industrial Energy Use in China
Xiao-li Liu and Wen-tao Qin
Public Policy Innovation in Efficient Allocation of Environmental Resources in China
Dan Lv and Xiaodan Liu
Problems and Control of Drinking Groundwater Quality in the ChangBai Mountainous Region of China
Fu-quan Ni, Li-ping Xu, Cheng-wei Fu and Shu-long Guo
Grey Correlation Analysis between Liver Cancer and Drinking Water Quality in Southeastern Coastal Areas of China
Fu-quan Ni, Li-ping Xu, Cheng-wei Fu and Shu-long Guo
The Indefinite Model Evaluation for Groundwater Quality
Cheng-wei Fu, Fu-quan Ni, Li-ping Xu, Lei Yao, Zhong Huang and Lin-feng Li
Does Porter Hypothesis Exist? - Take Major-Surveyed Industries in Jiangxi Province as an Example
Jianxiang Wan
Effect of Environmental Management Measures on International Trade and Innovation
Yujing Wang
Water Resources Proof Decision Support System for Construction Projects
Li-ping Xu, Fu-quan Ni, Hua-zhun Ren, Cheng-wei Fu, Lu Xiang and Xi Jing
China Should Cope with a New Tariff Correctly: Carbon Tariff
Chunhui Zhu, Fengwen Huang and Aiping Jiang
Management Strategy to Ensure Gas Source Stable in the Vehicle CNG Filling Station-- Planning to Build Environment-Friendly Energy Fund
Jinyu An and Zegen Wang
Effect of Soil and Water Loss on Water Eutrophication in Xiaojiang River Basin in Three Gorges Reservoir Region
Yun Chen, Binghui He and Binghui He
Fuzzy Assessment of Estuarine Wetland Health
Zhiyi Lei and Yixin Yan
Evaluation Indices System of Freeway Alignment Design and Natural Environment Protection
Yingxue Zhang and Renjie Qin
Research on the Circular Management Mode of Municipal Domestic Solid Waste
Yan Zhang and Xiaohong You
Green Public Procurement in China: Current Practices, Barriers and Opportunities
Fengquan Tian
Importance of Environmental Education for Raising Environmental Consciousness in Japan
Ping Yan
T Application of Environment-Friendly Pigment Printing Technology in the Wood Color Control
Hong Deng and Qi Liao
Strategy for Investment Project Induced Resettlement in Ecologically Vulnerable Areas: Long-Acting Compensation Policy and Its Application to the HA Hydroelectric Station
Shaojun Chen and Haomiao Yu
Research on Institutional Innovations in Control of Soil Pollution by Heavy Metal in Zhejiang
Xiaohong Liu and Xijun Yu
Tourist Environment Protection Mode of the Kanas Natural Heritage, Xinjiang, China
Feng Di, Zhaoping Yang and Zhongguo Ma
Study on Characteristics and Countermeasures of Heavy Metal Pollution in Yangtze River Delta
Xiaohong Liu and Xijun Yu
Spatio-Temporal Analysis of as Element Pollution of Soil in Tongling Area
Xiaohui Li, Feng Yuan, Xiaoyu Bai, Xiuyu Li, Xin Zhang and Taofa Zhou
T Research on Current Status and Problems in the Chinese Carbon Market
Zhang Bo and Jikun Shan
Study on the Promotional Factors of Extended Producer Responsibility
Yi Wu and Hong Wang
Jiuzhaigou Tourist Perceptions of Wenchuan Earthquake
Fengmei Yang, Naiang Wang and Liangang Xiao
Research on Environmental Management Framework of Road Upgrading Project
Wen Xu and Fan Yang
Compare and Contrast Analysis to the Development Pattern of Energy Producing Provinces with the Aim of Carbon Emission Reducing
Liang Zhao, Xiang Gao and Yan Zhang
Research on the Resources Tax System in China Based on Scarcity Rent Theory and National Reference
Jun Wan
Resource Rent and Convenience Yield of Mineral Energy Resources
Yao-ji Ju, Fu-lei Wei and Yong-heng Lu
T Efficiency Evaluation of Energy-Saving and Emission Reduction of Straw Bale Building
Hong Hua, Fujiang Chen and Wenjun Peng
Study on Development of Water Resources in Tianjin Based on the Notion of Ecological Civilization
Yijun Ji, Ying He and Xuhong Sun
Comparative Study on Carbon Dioxide Emissions between China and USA
Muhan Li, Lianzhong Zhang and Jianguo Chen
Enhanced Coagulation/Electro-Flotation Process for Algae Removal
Jun Shi, Li-ke Xu and Hui-ping Deng
Application of Green Roof Techniques in Beijing, China
Yajun Zhang, Ping Xu, Huizhen Wang, Cuimin Feng and Haiyan Yang
Study of Carbon Emissions Trading Based on Options Theory
Feng Du and Qingchun Geng
Analysis on Control Measures of the Water Bloom in Urban Independent Lake
Cui-min Feng, Cui-min Feng, Xiao-yan Chen, Ya-jun Zhang and Su-juan Li
T Heterotrophic Bacteria in Industrial Recycling Cooling Water System
Ping Xu, Yuanhu Long, Yajun Zhang, Huizhen Wang, Zhengxiu Liu and Rihong Liao
Study on Biomedical Application Prospect of Benzene/Alcohol Extractives from Magnolia heptapeta Based on Environment Protection
Zhong-feng Zhang, Feng-juan Wu, Wan-xi Peng, Kai-fu Li and Cheng-ping Xie
Looking for the Green Future of Sustainable City: A Broad Perspective on Ecology Urban Design
Yaoyu Lin, Fang Qian, Jiaming Wu and Jusheng Song
Conceptual Model Used to Construct an Indicator System for Evaluating a City's Water Conservation Level
Ping Xu, Yanyan Tang, Yajun Zhang and Ruoyao Wang
Delayed Response and Quantified Lake Health Indexes
Tao You, Baosheng Wu and Zheng Xiao
On Tourism Environment Protection for World Cultural Heritage Sites in China
Xianglin Fang and Xiaoyan Zhang
An Analysis on the Connotation of Electric Power Network and Influence Factors
Jian-jiang Liu, Xi-Zhen Yang and Qing Yang
Financial Management
China's Labor Market Distortion and Excess Liquidity
Wanghui Liu
Continuous-Time Dynamic Portfolio Selection Based on Exponential Utility Maximization in an Incomplete Market
Hao Chang and Xi-min Rong
A Comparative Study on the Performance of the Value-at-Risk Using Realized Volatility and GARCH Model
Zhengde Xiong and Jie Zhang
A Design for Standard Activity-Based Cost Management Model
KeXin Sun and GuoLi Yang
Empirical Study on the Performance of Equity Incentives of Chinese Listed Companies
Huizhen Xu and Jingjing Xu
The Analysis of Market Concentration Rate and Transformation of Business Model in Investment Banking Business
Fan Wang, Junping Chen and Hong Sun
T Market Reaction to the Withdrawal of Private Investments in Public Equity
Lihong Cao, Xinping Xia and Yixia Wang
The Research of Four-Dimensional Value Quality Evaluating Model of the Listed Companies
Hong Yao and Fan Kong
The Impact of Financial Crisis on Chinese Exports: Analysis Based on the Method of Impulse-Response Function
Zhi-hua Wan and Li-feng Gao
Research on China's Fiscal Policy Based on the Control of Administrative Expenses
Zhiyu Wang, Jinxin Tian, Fenghua Pang and Jiyang Dong
How Do Companies Adjust Their Independent Directors after a Mishap?: Evidence from Independent Directors' Background
Xinyi Zhang and Fan Zhou
Research on IPO Underpricing, Trading Volume and Investor Interest
Yucan Liu and Jing Xue
Variance Reduction Techniques for Basket Option
Haijun Yang and Sa An
T Analysis of China Stock Market: Volatility and Influencing Factors
Xiao-mei Song and Huan-xue Pan
Dynamic Associated Analysis of Japan's Stock Market and Exchange Rates: DCC and EGARCH Model
Wann-Jyi Horng, Liu-Hsiang Hsu and Hui-Hsin Hsu
An Influence of U.S. and U.K. Stock Market Returns for Two Stock Markets: An Evidence Case by Singapore and Japan's Stock Markets
Wann-Jyi Horng, Liu-Hsiang Hsu and Hui-Hsin Hsu
The Researches on the Evaluation System of Investment Value of Listed Companies on the GEM Based on VaR
Bao-sen Wang and Juan Li
The Value-Relevance of R&D Expenditure: Experience from China
Xuan Zhang, Miaomiao Gao and Mi Zhou
Financial Distress Prediction of Chinese Listed Companies Based on Panel Logit Model
Yong-yan Lu and Wei-guo Wang
T Study on Distribution of Oil Price Return Based on NIG Distribution
Qing-zhong Zou, Wen-yang Dou and Jin-lin Li
Product Quality and Trade Credit: Empirical Investigation into the Trade Credit from Quality Assurance Motivate in China
Ziqiang Zhao and Jing Sun
Influence on Taxpayer's Financial Statements Of VAT Reform in China
Qingmei Tan and Jie Fang
The Comparative Analysis of Economic Growth of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta
Ying Ji and Zhimin Yao
An Empirical Study on the Correlation between Business Cycle and M&A
Junrong Liu and Zhongfa Wen
Why Do Listed Companies Choose Private Equity Placements? - Empirical Evidence from Chinese Stock Market
Yufang Zhao, Xinping Xia and Yixia Wang
T Insider Trading Regulation and the Distribution of Securities Market Profit
Huadong Jiang
An Empirical Study of State-Owned Capital Security Management: From the Perspective of Internal Control
Fenglin Yuan and Yusheng Kong
Over-Investment of Free Cash Flow: An Empirical Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies
Chunyan Chen and Yuehu Lin
The Research on Interest Expropriation of the Cash Dividends Policy in China's Listed Companies
Zhenxing Yuan, Jianrong Li and Xinjian Qie
The Research on Distress Warning for Chinese Listed Commercial Banks: An Option-Based Approach
Xiufeng Sun, Boyang Sun and Guotai Chi
Empirical Research on Forecasting Power of Chinese Bonds' Interest Rate Term Structure
Wei Chen, Ming Su and Dejian Chang
A Monetary Model for Analyzing Time Preference and Economic Stability
Hao Zheng and Yingfeng Fang
T Management of SBCs in Transition Economies: China's Banking Decentralization in the Twentieth Century
Jingbo Ren and Jun Du
A Research of Investor Protection Based on the Reputation Mechanism
Dixin Zhang, Zhonghai Li and Jie Mei
Noise Dressing of ECM and Investment Portfolio Selection Based on RMT in China Financial Market
Li-chun Tang and Ya-nan Chen
Analysis of Risk Control Rights Allocation in Financial Holding Company
Bin Deng and Dixin Zhang
The Effect of Higher Moments of Risky Asset Return on Portfolio Choice
Chao-lin He
A Study on the Leading Fact of Stock Index Future and Spot Stock Index
Xianming Fang
The Effects of Suboptimal Investment Rules on Value
George Y. Wang
T Outward Direct Investment and Productivity Changes within China: An Empirical Test
Ting Zhao
Application of the Power-Law on the Stock Price and Profit Fluctuations of Chinese Listed Banks
Yuanxin Liu, Yan Zhuang and Xing Zhao
The Role of Fair Value Accounting for Investment in Securities: Evidences from the Chinese Banking Industry
Jing Li and Sang-Kyu Park
Research on Company's Financial Performance Evaluation Basing on Fuzzy Mathematics
Wei Sun
An Empirical Study on Financial Distress Early-Warning of Real Estate Listed Companies in China
Ling Zhang and Lin Xu
Executive's Alteration and Earnings Management under Corporate Governance Structure
Wenban Huang and Yanxi Li
An Empirical Research on Manager Overconfidence and Acquisition Decision in China
Hui Lei and Chan Wu
T A Stochastic Control Model for Pricing the Guaranteed Equity-Linked Insurance
Zhijun Xu, Qi Wang and Huodi Chen
An Empirical Research on Ownership Structure, Board Governance and Corporate Growth
Zhanlei Li and Si Wu
How Financing Match Entrepreneurial Growth Cycle?: Evidence from Chinese Technological SMEs
Weiming Li and Yunqi Zhao
Does Chinese Stock Indices Agree with Benford's Law?
Shengmin Zhao and Wenchao Wu
Efficiency and Equity under Public Investment Policy
Lei Tian and Hai Huang
Different Effects of Monetary Policy among Enterprises with Different Ownerships in China
Hongqing Li
The Calculation of Volatility in Real Option Investment Decision-Making Model Using System Dynamics Models
Ruohong Peng, Nan Zheng and Hui Chen
T Relationship between Wage and Cost Management of Going to College in China
Liping Lin and Zeting Liu
A Case Study on the Financial Early-Warning of State-Owned Commercial Banks with Efficacy Coefficient Method
Han Peng
Study on Operational System of Project Financing Based on Method of Objective Oriented Project Planning
Song-jiang Wang
Investment Planning Factors and Risk Management in Personal Financial Planning
Zhang Yun and Xiuzhen Li
Dynamic Evaluation Based on Timing Sequence Multi-Index for Technological Innovation Cost
Xingguo Gong, Xiaozhong Song and WeiWei Zhang
Comparative Analysis of Stock Repurchasing Effect of Chinese Companies Listed in Mainland, Hong Kong and NASDAQ Stock Market
Hong Huang, Xiaowen Jie and Shuting Huang
Research on Real Estate Stock Market Efficiency in China
Li Zhang and Yong-hui Wang
T Model Analysis the United States' Direct Investment in China
Bo Zhang, Shuying Jin and Li Cheng
Competitive Analysis on Financial Leasing Problem
Weimin Ma and Shujun Wan
Empirical Study on the M&A Performance of Listed Coal Companies Based on DEA
Xiao-ying Peng and Qing-hua Zhang
Corporate Ownership, Control Contestability and Performance of Listed Company in China
Zunhuan Shen and Jiancheng Long
Financial Crisis and the Capital Structure of Listed Company: Empirical Research on Chinese Real Estate Industry
Yanwen Liu and Xianling Ji
Information, Trust and Investment Return: The Evidence from China
XiaoDong Li
The Study on Application Value of Cash Flow Information Connotation in Financial Early-Warning
Tao Li and Wen Wang
Rebuilding Shanghai Rural Credit Cooperative Finance by Learning from the Practice of Rural Credit Cooperative in Taiwan District
Jia Ma and Ying Ma
Dynamic Portfolio Management of Strategic Investment in Chinese Banking Sector
Jie Yang
Study on Impact of Small and Medium Board Listed Companies Performance before and after Non-Tradable Share Reform------ An Empirical Study of Chinese Listed Companies
Zhen Yi Wang, Li Su, Dandan Guo and Xiaohong Fang
Study on the Innovation Integration-Model of Vertical RJVs under the Industry Value Chain
Guangdong Liu, Bo Wu and Houming Le
Research on Fundamental Mechanism and Developing Mechanism of Financial Control Based on the Bureaucratic Structure of the Parent-Subsidiary Enterprise
Jianmin Liu
T Research on Enactment of Regulatory Policy, Investor Protection and Market Reaction
Xianghong Du
Why the Speed of the Tax Revenue Is Faster Than the Economy's in China?
Fengyu Huang
The Relationship between Agency Cost and Capital Structure: A Study with the Restriction of Free Cash Flow
Junhong Chu
Currency Effects on the Performance of Chinese Foreign Investments: 1994-2008
Liguang Wu
Study on Performance Evaluation of Chinese Mutual Funds: Empirical Analysis of Chinese Mutual Funds after Reform of Non-Tradable Shares in 2005
Ju Yang and Wilfred V. Huang
The Influential Factors of China's Foreign Exchange Reserves
Wei He
Research on Financing Strategy and Financial Support Pattern for Small and Medium Size Enterprise Innovation
Wei Cao
Research on the Internal Auditing of Commercial Banks Based on Corporate Governance
Fenghua Wang and Xing Liang
Empirical Study on the Book-to-Market Effect in China Stock Markets
Weili Xia, Xiaguo Zhong, Xiaoming Gao and Jijiao Jiang
Choice of Joint Venture versus Wholly-Owned Overseas Subsidiary: The Role of External Environment and Firm Capabilities
Mingqian Liu
Empirical Analysis and Granger Causality Test on Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in the Eastern Region
Lianting Gao
Empirical Study on the Relationship between Money Supply and the Property Market
Jie Liu and Shihong Wang
T Portfolio Optimization Analysis of REITs Based on CAPM and CREIs
Dongmei Han, Mei Yang and Jingxin Ma
Research on Supervisory Effectiveness of Management Level Based on GRA: A Case Study of Chinese Listed Companies
Yuzhi Li and Bingsheng Zhao
Financial Distress Costs and Ownership Structure in Listed Companies
Peili Zhang and Shengdao Gan
An Empirical Research on the Momentum Effect in China Stock Market during the Financial Crisis
Tongtong Sun, Jijiao Jiang and Xiaguo Zhong
Functional Coefficients Regression Model for Security Pricing with Heterogeneous Beliefs: Application in Chinese Stock Market
Li Lin and Ruo-En Ren
Empirical Study on Influence Factors of the Investment Cash-flow: Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies
Qingchun Lu and Xiaoguang Lu
Comparative Analysis of Investment Costs and Cash Expenses: Based on Survey of 13 Henan Sewage Treatment Plants in China
Nai-Yi Ma and Shun-Bo Yao
The Theory and Path on Tax Promoting Energy-Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Innovation
Xiuli Liu
Analyze Efficient Frontier of the Asset Portfolio Briefly: Based on MATLAB
Yan Chen and Yingji Jin
Is Real Investment-Sentiment Sensibility Symmetrical? - Evidence from China
Min Pan and Dixing Zhu
The Type of Private Listed Firms, Political Connections and Market Valuation
Hao Xiao and Xinping Xia
China's Real Estate Price Inflation and the Expansion of Bank Credit
Lijun Zhang and Qiancheng Zhao
T The Financial Products, Accounting Information Disclosure and Financial Regulatory
Jing Wang
Management of Corporate Governance Risk: An Integrated Perspective
Deqiang Deng
Do Domestic and Foreign Institutional Investors Have Similar Portfolio Preferences?
Tao Zhu
Empirical Research on Momentum Effect in Stocks from Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index
Pingping Wang
Continuous-Time Mean-Variance Model with Uncertain Exit Time
Hai-xiang Yao and Qing-hua Ma
Forecasting Exchange Rate with EMD-Based Support Vector Regression
Chuanrui Fu
What Is the Motivation of Closing an Open-End Fund: Investor Protection or Spill-Over Effect?
Zhaozao Zeng, Liqiang Xiao and Yugang Chen
T Asymmetric Information, Noise Traders and Chinese IPO Initial Returns
Long Wu
Research on Cost Control Strategy under Asymmetric Information
Lijun Li, Yanfang Gao and Yuqing Yao
An Analysis of Effectiveness of Marketing Investment Based on Customer Equity Management
Zhi-guo Fan, Zhenshi Liu and Bo Fu
Research of Executives' Performance Evaluation System of Chinese Listed Corporations
GuoLi Yang and Kexin Sun
On the Risk Assessment of China's Commercial Banks
Tao Liu, Zhen Hua Zhang and Xin Song
Research on Control of False E-Accounting of Listed Companies Based on Forensic Accounting
Ren-zhou Dong
Revolution and Challenges in Financial Mixed Operation in China
Rui Luo and Ming Luo
T Analysis of Influencing Factor on Household Financial Assets: The Case of Beijing
Hui Zhang, Yanjie Chen and Peng He
An Analysis of Football Player Transfer Problems Based on Real Options
Qi Wang, Zhijun Xu and Zhiqiang Wu
Empirical Analysis on the Futures Price Bubble -Take the Wheat Market in China as a Sample
Jing Wang, Dan An, XueXi Huo, Jing Wang and Zongfang Zhou
Discussion on the Chinese Model of Management Asset Securitization
Zhang Rao
Study of Relationship between Debt, Investment and Output Market Competition Based on Bankruptcy Costs
Ziqiang Zhao and Xuedong Wang
The Dynamic Demand Model of China's Foreign Exchange Reserves
Wei He
Business Advertising Strategy in Experiential Marketing
Anping Li and Di Yang
T A Study on the Management of Interest Rate Risk Housing Mortgage
Miaomiao Jiang and Zhenya Wang
Do Venture Capital Networks Really Work in China?
Zhiyang Liu and Linlin Zhan
The Pricing Model in the Foreign Mergers and Acquisitions of State-Owned Shares Based on Residual Income Valuation Model and Real Option Pricing Method
Yanping Liu and Sha Liu
Research on Loans Efficiency of Commercial Bank Based on DEA
Guixia Dai
Strategy Research of International Trade Financing of Small and Medium Foreign Trade Enterprises in Heilongjiang Province
Ying Sun, Xu Wang and Hong Qian
Financial Services and Economic Development in Rural China
Bin Jiang and Bin Jiang
Effectiveness of Law Enforcement and Stock Market Development--Based on Actual Analysis of International Comparison
Xianghong Du
Co-integration between Capital Allocation and Financial Development Based on Jiangsu Province
Xiangdong Liu, Hongli Jiang, Jianmin He and Yaming Zhuang
Evaluation on High-Tech Industrial Technical Innovation Efficiency
Yanjie Che
A Study on Vulnerability of Credit Chain and Risk Control of SME Cluster Financing
Fangchun Peng
Fair Valuation of Participating Life Insurance Contracts
Jinjin Hu
Study on the Effects of FDI in Chinese Forestry on Foreign Trade of Forest Products
Xin Zhang
The Research on the Correlation between the Asset Structure and Operating Performance of Listed Electric Power Companies in China
Zhongfu Yu
Research on the Adverse Selection of Chinese Enterprises IPO
Zhenyu Wang and Chao Wang
Research on the Effect of Capital Structure on Corporate Performance: A Validating Study Base on Data-Mining Technique
Lin Lin
The Research on Influencing Factors of Dividend Policy Based on Data-Mining Technique: A Validating Study Based on Listed Companies in China
Bingsheng Zhao
Order Selection of Financial Liberalization for Transition Economies
Jingbo Ren and Jun Du
A Portfolio Optimization Model on Condition That Short Selling Is Not Permitted
Shiwei Li
T IPO Underwriting Mechanisms: A Comparison of Stand-By Underwriting and Other Methods
Fang-liang Huang and Zuoling Nie
Research on the Innovation of Rural Policy Finance in China
Aimin Hao
Ultra-High-Frequency Transaction Data Modeling and Application
Jianming Sun
An Analysis on the Management Mode of Government Venture Capital Leading Funds
Zhao-hui Li and Fan-hua Meng
Business Performance Analysis of Listed Companies under the Stock Dividends Behavior: An Empirical Approach Based on Factor Analysis Model
Ru Bai, Xinsheng Lu and Bo Tang
Empirical Analysis on the Interest Rate Transmission Mechanism in China: 1998-2008
Qiong-hua Long, Hai-hua Wu and Chen-hong Zhang
Overseas M&A by Chinese Enterprises: Analysis of Restriction Factor
Dechun Huang and Aiping Shi
T Portfolio Diversification and Risk Reduction- Evidence from Taiwan Stock Mutual Funds
George Yungchih Wang
Study on Financial Risks and Supervision under the Pattern of Mixed Operation in China
Ning Han
Study on Influence Factors of Non-Interest Income in China's Listed Banks
Dechun Huang and Huiyan Ma
Assessment of Financial Feasibility of Vietnam Hydro Power Plant
Kai Li and Robert L. K. Tiong
Can Covariance Matrix Refinements Alleviate the Contradiction of Mean-Variance Efficiency and Diversification of Portfolio Selection?
Yue Qi, Zeshi Wang and Pengyue Shen
An Analysis of Defects in the Golden Tax Project System
Fanghong Cai
Stock Price Informativeness, Free Cash Flow and Overinvestment: A Chinese Study
Jiwei Yang and Yong He
T Application and Innovation of Open Market Operation in China's Gold Market
Yanming Zhao and Zhihong Wang
Stock Repurchase Motivation and Effect of Signaling: A Comparative Analysis between U.S. and China
Hong Huang
Analysis of the Causes and Effects of the Global Financial Crisis and Lessons Learned
Yanjia Chen, Chao Chen and Xidi Yao
The Importance of Integration in Cross-Border Acquisition by the Chinese Enterprises
Wei Wang
Transnational Capitals and Industrial Chain Upgrading
Hongyan Zhao and Yuming Zhai
The Application of Spreadsheet-Based Modeling in the Teaching of Accounting Courses
Junying Yang
Cluster Analysis on Level of Performance of County Government Financial Resource Integration
Shixiao Ma, Tong Wang, Wenhe Yue, Shiguang Qian and Jie Pei
T Financial Performance Evaluation of Post-Acquisition Based on SOM and Hopfield Neural Network
Hongjiu Liu, Yanrong Hu, Hongjiu Liu and Weimin Ma
Efficiency Measure and Analysis of Year Rural Infrastructure Investment Based on Malmquist-DEA: 1990-2007
Shuhong Xu
Measurement on Economic Contribution of Rural Infrastructure Investment
Yonghua Wang and Shuhong Xu
Banking System vs. Stock Market in China
Fan Yang and Jian-Zhou Teng
The Chinese Insurance System Relative Efficiency Research Based on DEA
Zhigang Li
Theoretical and Empirical Study on the Relationship between Household Health Investment and Government's Public Health Investment
Hui Zhang, Yanting Guo and Xue Wu
Building the Financing Platform for the Small and Medium Enterprises in China's High-Tech Zones under the Financial Crisis
Yu-Chun Sun and Ji-Xiang Xu
Cross Listing and Price Volatility Based on Time Series Filter in Chinese Stock Market
Zhiwei Lei and Haisheng Li
The Mechanism Analysis of the Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions Activity on Labor Demand in China
Hui Lei and Hailong Zhao
Effective Coordination and Response Measures of Public Economic Policy under the Financial Crisis in China
Yingying Meng and Dasong Deng
Research on Real Contagion Mechanism of Financial Crisis
Yanli Xu, Jing Liu, Zhibo Zhang and Chenguang Zhao
Risk Analysis on Dynamic and Optimal Portfolio in Real Estate under VaR Constraint
Ruojing Yang
From "Pay-as-you-go" to Partial Accumulation Pension System That Combines Individual's Accounts and Society's Planning--The Path Selection of Chinese Endowment Insurance System Reform
DaSong Deng and Xu Ning
Investing Activities of Venture Capital in Japan
Peng Liang and Yu Huang
Effect of BOT Financing Model on Port Construction in China
Hao Chen and Tao You
Study on Risk Management of Investment on Food and Drug Safety of Fiddlehead
Qing-zhi Ma, Feng-juan Wu, Dang-quan Zhang, Ming-long Zhang and Qi-mei Liu
Financial Development and Economic Growth in China: Analysis Based on Panel Data Model
Wei Wang and Shaofu Zhou
A Study on RMB as an International Currency
Haijun Yang and Mengmeng Lou
Agent-Based Simulation on Real Stock Market
Haijun Yang and Xin Li
Automobile Financial Service Management----Major Problems and Suggestions for Car Rental Industry in China's Mainland
Yang Cao, Jing-Ran Xiao, Xuan Wang and Zhi-Qiang Luan
Risk Management
Research of Credit Sale Risk Evaluation Based on BP Neural Network
Yuping Wu
The Construction of Evaluation System of Internal Control Based on the Objective and Empirical Test
Wangfeng Zhang
The Optimal Copula Choice of Index-Related under the Financial Crisis
Yanju Zhou and Zongrun Wang
A Multi-Stage Stochastic Electricity Portfolio Model with Forwards Contracts
Rosella Giacometti, Maria Teresa Vespucci and Marida Bertocchi
Foreign Exchange Risk Measurement and Management of Chinese Listed Companies: Take Firms in Copper Industry as an Example
Li Ju and Feixiang Chen
Managing the Risks of Financial Innovations in Banking
Baiquan Shao and Kebao Wu
T Risk Management of the International Energy Cooperation: A Research Review
Qianqian Guo and Xiaoli Guo
Fraud Detection: From Basic Techniques to a Multi-Agent Approach
Alessandro Buoni
Partners' Risk Level Considered CDDM Model for Risk Management of Virtual Enterprise
Fu-Qiang Lu, Huang Min and Xing-Wei Wang
The Coalmine Manager's Safety Work Behavior in Optimal Incentive Model
Qingren Cao and Xiaobing Yang
The Credit Risk Transfer and Negative Impact on the Stability of Financial System
Qiang Zou and Jinfeng She
Study of a Practical Method for Real Estate Investment Risk Decision Making
Jianying Yu and Haili Xuan
Research on Risk Allocation in International Construction Projects
Tian Zhao and Jinlin Li
The Research on the Assessment of China Wind Power Enterprise Financial Risk Based on a Principal-Component Model
Chongming Liu and Lin Wang
Risk Management for Climate Change in the World and China
Fei Liu and Jisong Wu
A Basic Perspective for Analyzing Production Safety Management in SMEs: Evaluation of the Value of Life
Qiang Mei, Yumei Lu and Suxia Liu
Research on Fuzzy Evaluation System for the Risk in State-Owned Enterprises
Xiao-Hong Li and Tian-Yong Zhou
A Method for Risk Assessment in IT Project with Incomplete Information
Wenxing Lu, Changyong Liang and Yong Ding
Index System of Culture Risk in Chinese Cross-Board M & A Enterprises
Lijuan Du and Zunfeng Liu
T Numerical Simulation of Laneway Ventilation Reliability Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD)
Chao Zhou and Mingzhe Wang
Research on Coal Face Ventilation Reliability with Data Fusion Approach
Chao Zhou and Mingzhe Wang
Innovative Measures of the Internationalizing Development of Chinese Futures Market
Da-Li Gan
A Novel Analysis Model for Project Risk Management
Cheng Hu, Guangyi Chen and Mingwu Wang
Modeling Market Volatility with Mixed Exponential Power Asymmetric Conditional Heteroskedasticity: An Application to Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index Daily Returns
Jian-zhou Teng, Li-zhen Liu, Shi Kai and Wang Kun
Risk Factor Analysis of Safety and Security of Large-Scale Sport Events: Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory Approach
Yaqin Yang and Li Wang
T An Empirical Study on Influencing Factors of Trade Credit Risk Management Performance in China
Bin Dai and En-hua Liu
The Research on Problem of Flood Insurance Pricing Based on the DFA in P. R. China
Lin Zhang and Qiang Zhuo
The Study of Human Capital Accounting of Venture Capital Project Based on EVA
Likun Zhao and Shuqi Zhang
Analysis in Credit Risk of Listed Company Based on KMV Model
Hong Li, Jun Chen and Qin Yang
Study on Risks and Precautions of Enterprises' R&D Outsourcing
Jingdong Yan, Yinping Shi and Liping Lv
Study on Contract Conditions of Natural Disasters Based on FIDIC Criterion
Zhanglin Guo and Yuli Sun
Improving KM Investment Decision-Making: An Options Approach
Hsiu-Yuan Wang
T Hedging Optimization Model Based on the Risk Control of WCVaR
Hongyan Zhi and Zhongyuan Yang
Risk Management and Its Impacts on Accounting Performance and Firm Value in China
Weiying Jia and Jian Zhang
Analysis of Factors Affecting Safety Management in Construction Projects
De-chun Ning, Jian-ping Wang and Guo-dong Ni
Identification and Research of Risk in the Industry-University Cooperation Based on Factor Analysis
Jie-yi Pan and Jian-ting Wang
Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process Application in Safety Risk Management of Aviation Maintenance Process
Yanqing Wang and Xueyan Liu
Analysis of Chinese Enterprise Financial Crisis Prewarning Based on BP Neural Network
Xiangguang Shen and Xiaozhong Song
Logit Model for Pre-Warning Financial Distress of Listed Real-Estate Companies in China
Hong Shen and Yu Jiang
T Research on the Adjustment of Engineering Insurance Rate Based on AHP under the Condition of Unit Price Contract
Weike Chen, Baolan Yang and Zhenshi Zhang
Probability of Default Estimation Model for Listed Bank Based on Minimum Error
Yong Cao, Guotai Chi and Junzhang Dang
Analysis of Moral Hazard in Virtual Enterprise Based on Random Constraints
Guike Chen, Min Huang and Wai-Ki Ching
Risk Analysis of Capital Market for China Aviation Industry
Xiaoming Gao, Weili Xia and Xiaguo Zhong
Risk Management for Infrastructure of Urban Gas Fuel Network System
Fei Liu
Research on Cultural Risk Model of Resource-Based Enterprises Internationalization
Li Gao, Fangzheng Chen and Yunzhong Liu
The Risk Evaluation of the Construction Project Design Based on the Gray Relational Grade
Jun Fang and Ding Yuan
T The Overseas Investment VAR about Mineral Resources Based on GARCH Models
Dong-bin Hu and Zhan-ying Zhang
On the Risk Control in Enterprise Technology Innovation Process
Shaozhen Tong and Jingdong Yan
The Mechanism Design for Credit Sales Risk Management of the Enterprise
Xue Tan and Hongmin Zhang
Weighting of Risk Factors of Bank Roadbed Security along Three Gorges Based on the Rough Set
Yanliang Niu and Rubao Huang
Risk Evaluate the Construction Project Based on BP Neural Network
Li-ying Xing and Xin-zheng Wang
Study on the Price Discovery Function of China Steel Futures
Leming Tang and Qun Zhang
The Application of SHEL Model on Ship Safety Management
Xiangming Zeng and Yonglin Gao
Does Bancassurance Add Profitability and Risk to Banks and Insurance Companies?-Evidence from China Based on Simulated Merger Methodology
Xia Yang
An Empirical Analyze on the Credit Risk Management Efficiency of Chinese Commercial Banks
Zongcheng Yin, Fei Xie and Yuanchang Xu
The Bank Assets Allocation under Equilibrium Liquidity Management Strategy
Yan Liang and Xiaoyu Yang
Analysis on Concept, Indentification and Key Management Elements of Bank Reputation
Peng Li
Study on the Risk Management Strategy of China's Commercial Banks
Zhao Yun, Yan Zou and Zhi Gao
Risks in the Appraisal of Mortgaged Real Estate
Yan Xiao and Hong-ping Liu
Improvements to the Legal Environment and a Proposed Regulation for the Promotion of the Construction Project Insurance in Hangzhou
Chunlai Chen
Information, Credit Reputation and the Motivation of Producing Green Agricultural Products
Jing Wang, Zongfang Zhou, Jing Wang, XueXi Huo, Jia Dan and Lili Kou
Based on Independent Component Analysis Method to Analyze the Influence Factors of Close-End Funds Fluctuation by Shanghai Stock Market
Jing Wang, Jing Dong, Jing Wang and Zongfang Zhou
An Exploration of Risk Factors Selecting for Hospital Information Security through NGT Method
Chi-Chang Chang, Kuo-Hsiung Liao and Ya-Hsin Li
Risk Management in Alliance: The Effects of Contractual-Based Versus Relation-Based Governance
Jianying Liang and Yujie Huang
Reputation Risk Management: A Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Perspective
Li-yuan Meng and Rui Zhao
Study on Cost Control Approaches in Medical Insurance Market: Analysis on the Basis of a Principal-Agent Relationship of Three Participants
Baihui Liu
Analysis of Constructing the Public Emergency Rescue Force System Based on Fire Forces
Qiyun Guo, Chunhua Li and Can Luo
The Evaluation of Compensation Mechanism of Agricultural Natural Disasters Based on Entropy Theory
Lin Li
Optimal-Decision Research on Ordering Financing Based on Supply Chain Finance
Li Juan and Xu Yu
Assessment of Agent System Project Risk Based on Entropy Method
Shao-nan Sun and Xiang-tian Nie
Study on Mobile Publishing and Its Copyright Issues in China
Jing Su and Yipeng Liu
T Evaluation of Brownfield Redevelopment on the Former Huishan Pesticide Factory in Wuxi City
Hua Sun, Jiajia Lin, Juan Li, Yan Fang and Fengxiang Han
Research on the Local Government Communication Mechanism from the Governance Perspective: A Case Study of the "11.17" Mass Incident in Longnan, Gansu Province
Ningning Wei
Independent Director System and Risk Management Mechanism of State-Owned Conglomerates: Evidence from China Petrochemical Corporation Scandal
Chunmei Zheng
Application Study of Investment Risk Analysis of Coastal Transportation Business of Liquid Chemical Products
Zhenqiang Wang and Hongwei Luo
The Risk Management in the Linear Combination of Two IT System
Zhe Yin
Post-Accident Human Reliability Analysis and Improvement of Operator Performance in a Chinese Nuclear Power Plant
Licao Dai and Li Zhang
T Security of Short Piles for High-Rise Building in Nanning
Nianping Yi, Xingui Zhang and Xiaopeng Li
The Remain Life Research of Ventilator System Based on Failure Data Analysis
Mingzhe Wang and Chao Zhou
An Empirical Study on Diagnosing and Overcoming Business Gene's Vulnerability
Ming Yan and Zhan Zhou
Research on the Incentives to Top Management Base on Data Mining Technology
Bingsheng Zhao and Yuzhi Li
Optimal Sampling Frequency for Volatility Forecast Models in China Stock Markets
Yulin Ma, Qingbo Tian and Jing Zhao
A Novel Risk Management Method Based on Active-Matrix Theory for Project Management
Rong Liu
Finite Time Ruin Probability with Constant Interest Rate and Extended Regular Variation
Tao Jiang and Bin Lai
Extension of Some Asymptotic Results on Finite Time Ruin in Compound Poisson Model with Constant Interest Force and Diffusion
Tao Jiang and Congyan Tong
On the Moments of the Severity of Ruin in the Delayed Renewal Risk Model under Heavy-Tailed Claims
Tao Jiang and Congyan Tong
Research on Emergency Management System of City Disasters in Tianjin
Zhen-xing Ma
Risk Analysis of Accidents in Coal Mines--The Case of Kenbo Mining Flooding Accident
Hui-xia Luo and Bo Liu
Analysis on Risk Management Based on the Method of FMEA of EPC General Contractor Projects
Qi Guo, Qi Guo, Zhi-chao Tian and Lu Zeng
Emergency Risk Evaluation on City Bidding for Large-Scale Sports Event
Li Wang and Yaqin Yang
T Emergency Communications Specifications under Large-Scale Disaster
Deqiang Fu and Yingying Feng
Value Safeguard Mechanism in Asymmetric Interorganizational Relationships
Zhan Ye
Study on Risk Assessment and Monitoring of Process-Oriented Large-Scale Mining Shaft Construction Project
Wenshun Wang, Jun Hao and Wenchuang Zhao
Safety-Oriented Optimization of the Community Organization
Hanqing Zhang and Xiaofan Luan
Study on Biomedical Risk Management of Benzene-Alcohol Extractives of Bamboo Leaves
Zhong-feng Zhang, Xian-yan Zhou, Wan-Xi Peng, Xu Zhang and Feng-juan Wu
Determinants of Urban Environment Cost: Some Modification on the EKC
Qingmei Tao
Study on Investment Risk Management of Highway Project in China
Yajing Wang and Zhengfeng Li
T Research in Infrastructure Financial with Government Guarantees of Prestige Model
Xiaoliang Xu and Fengping Wu
The Risk Assessment of Enterprise Application Software Based on Gray Relational Analysis and FMEA
Lvqing Yang and Zhenyu Liu
Research on Strategic Risk Based on Resource-Based View: From the Perspective of Competitiveness
Chunren Zhang, Ruijing Yang, Min Cheng and Chan Pan
Construction of Risk Management Construction-Agent Model Based on Factor Analysis-BP Neural Network
Xuntao Sun and Deyi Chen
Research on BP Neural Network Evaluation Model of Credit Risk of Bank Clients
Chunsheng Zhu, Yuanrui Zhan and Shijun Jia
E-Commerce and E-Government
Research on BSC-Based Quality Evaluation of Enterprise Business Websites
Feng Ying and Qiu Ru Chun
A New Secure E-Impeachment Scheme with No Trusted Center
Biao He and Yu Wei
E-Government System Investment and Subsidy: Differential Game Analysis
Lihua Wang
An Security-Enhanced Authentication System Based on OTP System in E-Commerce
Liang Wang and Runtong Zhang
Effectiveness of Sponsorships in Niche Communities Online: A Preliminary Study
Daniela Andreini and Fabio Cassia
Customer's Adoption Decision Analysis of Mobile Banking Service
Ying Li and Can Zhang
T Business Process Automation for Universities: Enabling Effective and Efficient University Management
Norbert Jesse
Profit Maximization Model of Telecom Operators Based on Full Load Theory
Na Yang, Ning Wang and Mei Li
C2C E-Business Seller Credit Evaluation Model Based on Dynamic Weighting
Haitao Su and Haiqing Guo
On the Determinants of Internet-Based Disclosure of Government Financial Information
He Yu
A Modeling Framework for Virtual Exhibition
Hong Ling and DongSheng Dai
Age/Gender/Occupation and Mobile Phone Technology Adoption: A Cross-Cultural Study in China (Beijing) And the UK (Portsmouth)
Qi-Ying Su and Xi-Wen Li
How Multilingual Digital Information Is Used: A Study in Chinese Academic Libraries
Dan Wu, Bo Luo and Daqing He
T Consumer Attitude Towards Computer Mediated Communication-A Cross-Cultural Study
Jianyao Li and Fang Liu
Empirical Study on Government Website Utilization
Haitao Li and Wanchao Sun
Empirical Study on Gender Differences in Merchandise Picture Information Influencing Online Shopping Impulse
Lingyu Ren and Ying Zhang
Study of Establishment and Method of Seller Credit Evaluation Index System for C2C E-Commerce
Tian-hui You, Lu Li and Zhu-chao Yu
Optimization of "One-Stop" E-Government Process Based on E-Government Platform
Gui-sheng Chen and Dong-hao Zhang
How Adoption Is G2B Model E-Government? Evidence from Xi'an
Xinyu Dong, Li Xiong and Songtao Han
The Community of Practice's Strategy for Chinese Government
Yuehua Chen and Peng Li
Case Studies Analysis of the Difference in Characteristics in Web 2.0 Social Techno Graphics Ladder Theory
Chien Yu, Chin-Cheh Yu, Pei-Wen Liao and Chin-Feng Huang
Internet Marketing and Innovative Strategies: A Study of China's Travel Agencies
Congxi Cheng, Lan Xiang and Pengfei Geng
Research on the Optimal Strategies between Information Gatekeepers and Price-Competing Firms
Xudong Lin
Personalized Intelligent Hotel Recommendation System for Online Reservation--A Perspective of Product and User Characteristics
Yu-ning Xiong and Li-xiao Geng
An Operational Mode of Virtual Enterprise Based on Self-Organization
Fei Lv and Zhi-xue Liu
Advantages, Disadvantages of E-Business & Major E-Business Market Mechanisms
Xie Jie
T Improving Tax Collection and Management System for Network Transactions
Juyun Yu
An Empirical Investigation to Examine User Acceptance of Mobile Hotel Reservation
Hsiu-Yuan Wang
The Influence of Information Presentation and Online Trust in the C2C Web Store Context
Yichen Liao and Yi Liu
Preliminary Insights into M-Commerce Supply Chain in China: Illustrated by the Case of China Mobile
Ying Huo
Empirical Research on the Influencing Factors of Online Customer Trust
Bao-ling Hu and Le-xing Yun
Research on the Influence Mechanism of Online In-Game Advertising Psychological Effect
Yaping Chang, Jin Luo and Xing Yan
Cyber 'Lemons' Problem and Market Segments by E-Commerce
Yong Pan
Evaluating the Credible Degree of E-Commerce
Yong Pan
M-GBCP: Model of Providing Public Service Based on Mobile Communications Technology
Yufeng Mo, Qingxia Lin and Yisong Xu
The Application of Unascertained Measurement Model in Customer Satisfaction of Electronic Business
Guo-miao Bu, Bo-wen Zhang and Rui Cao
The Design Framework of E-Commerce Platform of Chinese Forest Products
Lirong Chen and Yukun Cao
Management Optimization of Tangible Goods for E-Commerce Logistics Process in Internet of Things Era
Zhongchao Hao and Min Zhang
The Myths of E-Government in Developing Countries
Li Wei
Study on the Improved RBAC Model in E-Government
Peng Zhang and Yanzhang Wang
The Value Chain of Context Awareness Service Based on User Perceived Value
Jianxiang Li, Fenglin Shi, Yinan Lv and Hongliang Shi
The Effect of On-Line Buyer Psychological Contract Violation on Trust: Taking Satisfaction as Moderator
Yufang Jin and Hong Li
Research into Corporate Internal Control under the Circumstance of E-Commerce
Changye Yin and Daibao Zhang
The Empirical Analysis of Factors Effecting Online Shopping Customer Satisfaction Index in E-Commerce Model
Shaobing Yan, Wenxia Liu and Ting Lv
An Empirical Research on E-Commerce Customer Website Loyalty
Da-hai Dong, Sheng-nan Liu, Yu-fang Jin and Hui Qi
Research on Post-Adoption Behavior of B2B E-Marketplace in China
Chunjuan Zhai
Study on Influence Factors Model of Technology Acceptance in Digital Library Based on User Cognition and TAM
Yingnan Xu, Liren Gan and Duanwu Yan
T Analysis on the Opportunities Brought by E-Commerce for International Tax Planning
Rong Liu
Research of Semantic Information Retrieval Based on Grid
Dan Zeng
Research on Technical Risk Management of SMS Mobile Bank
Ji Zhang
Information Technology in English Teaching
Yanhui Li
E-Government: Definition, Goals, Benefits and Risks
Yanqing Guo
A Trust Based Solution for E-Business
Ran Li and Shoulian Tang
Study on the Effect of On-line Word of Mouth on Tourists' Decision-Making
Zheng-lin Xu, Li-jun Zou and Tian Cheng
Personal Credit Evaluation Model for C2C E-Commerce Website: Taking Taobao Website as an Example
Qingxian Guo and Jingsi Leng
T Forecasting the Price of Online Auction Items Based on a Hybrid Approach of ANN and GRA
Wei Liu
A Study on G2C ODR in E-Government
Baoqing Han
Political Functions of E-Democracy
Dizhong Sun
The Teaching Excellence Mechanism and Effect of Vocational and Technological Education Teachers to Adjust Teaching Excellence Award Plan
Chun-Mei Chou, Chien-Hua Shen, His-Chi Hsiao, Su-Chang Chen, Yun-Hung Chiu and Ming-Kuo Chung
The Issue of Internet Virtual Currency Should Be Uniformly Issued by the Monetary Authorities--The Topic Raised and Finished by Levying Tax on Internet Virtual Transaction
Jun Cui
Integrative GIS of Public Service Information Platform for Low Carbon City
Junling Xu and Xiaoping Zhu
T Digital Commerce Assessment in West Africa: An ECOWAS Countries Data Analysis
Alexis Abodohoui, Guihua Nie and Pingfeng Liu
Longitudinal Study of Chinese Online Shopping Diffusion Process Based on Actor Net-Work Theory
Dahai Dong, Rishuang Wang and Yanhong Guo
The Application of the Post-Relational Database in Digital Library
QingChao Pan
Improving E-Government Performance through Innovation
Jin Li
Study on the Main Influencing Factors on the Online Shopping Behavior of the Undergraduate
Fengqiang Li and Zhenling Liu
The Difficulties and Path Selection of China's E-Government Performance Evaluation
Hong kai Liu and Jing Hao
Quality Analysis of SME Websites Based on Third-Party Platform
DeMin Dong
Research on the Network Information Market
Huanwei Wu
A Study on E-Government Development and Governance Mode Innovation
Ying Wang and Fangfang Wu
Research on Internet-Based E-Government on Construction Industry
Hui Zhang and Li Wang
Thinking in the Innovation of E-Business Models
Yanjing Jiang
An Analysis of Four Types of Automated Negotiation System Model
Hai-wen Han
Model Derivation for Implicit Debt of the Social Endowment Insurance
Ke-Qiang Liu
The Analysis on the Problems of Third-Party Payment
Yan Wu
The Diffusion and Context of e-Commerce and e-Procurement: Some Corporate Findings
Bj?rn Rosengren and B. Anders Eriksson
T Effect of Electronic Commerce on Taxation and Countermeasure
Danhao Zhong
Ethical Restraint Mechanism of E-Commerce
Zhang He
Achieving Market Responsiveness: The Enabling Role of IT and E-Commerce Adoption in SMEs
Wang Yi
Issues and Strategies of the Network Political Communication: On the Social-Oriented Construction of E-Government
Meng Gao and Cuilian Fu
Discussion of Promoting the Healthy Development of Citizens' Political Participation via Internet
Bai-qi Li
The External and Internal Barriers to E-Government Implementation
Heng Wang and Jinchang Hou
Research on Trust in C2C E-Marketplace
Hanyang Luo, Hanyang Luo, Xudong Lin and Sai Wang
T An Analysis on Corporations Exerting Network Marketing Strategies
Wei-zhong Zhou
Service-Based Virtual Enterprise Information System Integrated Model
Qiushi Cong, Jin-Cheng Zhang, Qiaoling Liu and Zuoming Huang
E-Government and Governance in China
Yueqian Xu
Study on Effect of eWOM: A Literature Review and Suggestions for Future Research
Xiufang Cheng and Meihua Zhou
A Model of Monopoly E-Marketplaces with Inter- and Intra-Group Externalities in Two-Sided Markets
Lixiang Li and Yueting Chai
A Study Based on the Internal and External Factors of Chinese E-Commerce in the International Trade
Bin Yu and Hejie Zhang
Influencing Factors Analysis and Spreading Suggestions of Online Bank in China
Yufang Jin and Yuan Luo
T Research of B2C E-Commerce Return Strategies Based on Return Price
Haoxiong Yang, Jingyuan Wang, Mingke He and Bin Kuang
HBUTiGrid: A Knowledge Management Model of Digital Library Based on Semantic Grid
Jidong Zhang and Yanzi Xiong
New Technologies
Study on Experts Scheduling Strategy of Collective Consultation in Long-Distance Medical System
Liu-bai Li
Formal Description of Workflow Patterns Based on Pi-Calculus
Yue Jiang, Kui Yu, Zhongwei Wu and Gang He
Dynamic Evaluation Model for the Prototype Information System Development Process
Mei Luo, Songzheng Zhao and Jianhong Jiang
Multi-Level Fuzzy-Gray Comprehensive Evaluation of Information Security Risk
Shuang Wu, Tong Zhang, Yuan Wang and Jian-mei Zhao
Mining Perfectly Sporadic Rules with Two Thresholds
Cu Thu Thuy and Do Van Thanh
An Empirical Research on Telecommunication Traffic Forecasting Based on Chaos Theory
Feng Li, Zhan Hong Xin, Mu Li and Zhi Wei Shen
T Executable Workflow of Composition Architecture on Semantic Web Service
Hui-tong Jia and Yan-qing Guo
A Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based on Characters of the Remote-Sensing Imagery
Qing Chen, Pei-pei Xie, Wen-jun Ma, Wei-yin Wei and Li-hua Ai
Activity Theoretical Framework for Wiki-Based Collaborative Content Creation
Weiwei Zhang and Xiaodong Zhu
Management Information System for Liaohe River Estuary Wetland Based on Open Source WebGIS
Lianbo Wang, Lianbo Wang, Guangrong Ji and Haiyong Zheng
Building Semantic Web Services Automatically Based on PART
Lan Wang and Hong-sheng Xu
The Effects of Consumer's Psychological Characteristics on Domain-Specific Deal-Proneness
Nan Ye and Meihua Zhou
On Digital Archives Management and Service System Based on Web 2.0
JieJing Cheng, Jiali Tian, Jingjing Huang, Jun Zhao and XiaoJun Wang
T An Empirical Study of Customer Churn in E-Commerce Based on Data Mining
Heng-liang Wu, Wei-wei Zhang and Yuan-yuan Zhang
An Equivalence Checking Method for Circuits with Black Boxes Based on Logic Cone and SAT
Yuan Yue, Jinzhao Wu and Anping He
An Improved Algorithm for Image Mosaic Based on Speeded-Up Robust Features
Xuan-min Lu, Jun-ben Wang and Zhao He
A Ciphertext Retrieval Model for Encrypted XML Database with Bucket Management Algorithm
Xuan-min Lu, Jun You and Ya-jian Zhou
A New P2P Traffic Identification Model Based on Node Status
Xuan-min Lu, Jiang Pei and Ya-jian Zhou
Application of Data Mining in Customer Relationship Management
Kun Wu and Feng-ying Liu
Digital Library System Integration Model Construction Based on Semantic Web Service
Junping Qiu, Yanhui Song and Feng Ma
Optimal Holding Time in Telemarketing
Dan Bu, Yufan Liu, Jinzhong Guo, Qinghua Chen and Tao Zheng
Efficiency Assessment of Chinese Commercial Banks Based on Interval DEA-DA
Hang Su, Hui Li and Chunhui Zhao
Needs and Present Condition of Online Scholarly Communication Service in China
Maosheng Lai, Kang Zhao and Shenglong Han
Session Identification Algorithm for Web Log Mining
Zhu Peng and Ming-sheng Zhao
Visualization of New Institutional Economics: Subject Coverage and Core Theories
Chunting Lu and Haiyan Hou
The Financial Early-Warning Model of Listed Companies
Qing Tian
Detecting Cartoons: Automatic Video Genre Classification
Fen Chen, Maosheng Lai and Zhining Ye
The Impact of Financial Crisis on Chinese SMEs: Based on Dynamic Cluster Analysis of the Growth Indexes of SMEs in China Market
Dechun Huang and Kang Ju
The Spatial-Temporal Pattern of People's Daily Activities and Transportation Demand Analysis: A Case Study of Guangzhou, China
Suhong Zhou, Lijun Yang and Lifang Deng
A Bayesian Network Structure Learning Method Based on Ant Colony Algorithm
Fengshan Wang and Wanhong Zhu
Web Services System Optimization Based on Modular Classification and Multi-Threading
Guo Li, Jin Zhang, Ang Peng, Rulong Wang and Jin Zhang
The Problem and Sustainable Development Measures on the Manuscripts Source of the University Journals
Haohui Li and Yuantao Huo
ID-Based Threshold Proxy Signature Scheme Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems
Dianjun Lu, Bingru Zhang and Yun Wang
Automatic Annotation for the Generation of Extraction Rules
Yufei Shi and Rong Chen
Database System for Performance Evaluation of Training Talents by Government S&T Programs
Mingyue Fan
T A Ranking Method for Information Security Risk Management Based on AHP and PROMETHEE
Jun-Jie Lv and Yuan-Zhuo Wang
BEST: An Assembler Structural Representation Tool Based on Flow Analysis
Wei Wang
Research on Event Analysis Approach for the Identification of Aircraft Large Vertical Load
Yu Zhao, Rui Chen, Si-ming Huang and Bao-guang Xu
Application of Bayesian Network in Improving Customer Credit Precision
Gang Ma, Bin Li and Fangfang Yang
Red-Black Tree Used for Arranging Virtual Memory Area of Linux
Haiyang Zhang and Qiaoyu Liang
General Inverse Maximum Flow Problem under Sum-Type Weighted Hamming Distance
Liwei Dong, Weijing Yin and Hong Wang
Construction of High-Availability Teaching Website
Handa Ma and Hui Zhao
T The Study on Evaluation and Selection of Coal Client for Port Based on Rough Sets Theory
Wenyuan Liu, Fei Su and Xinling Zhang
Consumer Demand Oriented Study on Mobile Phones' Form Perception Design Method
Fu Guo and Tian Tian
The Design and Implement of Marine Remote Sensing Multidimensional Dynamic Visualization System Based on COM
Zhe Li, Debao Tan, Yuanlai Cui and Qiming Qin
The Access Control Model Based on Role and Function Body
Zhen-wu Wang
Design of Advanced Remote Sensing Data Processing Grid Service
Jianwei Wu
Three Dimension Model of China Defense Industrial Organization
Guang Xu, Li-yan Han and Miao You
Based on Grid Anti-Spam System Research
Liu Jiang, Yan Xia and Hai Hua Lv
T An Application of a Task-Based CSCW System in Enterprise Informatization
Linxia Yan
Application of BHO-Based PDF Documents Copyright Protection
Guo-xiang Zhou and Lin Yang
A K-GA for Routing Optimizing Problem with Fuzzy Duration Time in 4PL
M. Huang, Y. Cui and X. W. Wang
A Research on Statistical Analysis Methods of Factors Influencing Cementing Quality in Daqing Oilfield
Tingting Wang, Wanchun Zhao, Weijun Jia and Yue Qi
Evaluating the Impact of LIS Open Access Journals
Shun-bo Yuan and Wen-yuan Dong
A Control Table-Based Universal Solution of Urban Geological Data Management
Hao-xian Zhang, Xin-cai Wu, Xiu-guo Liu and Wei-hua Hua
An Analysis of Game Attendance in the Chinese Professional Baseball League
Chen-Yueh Chen and Yi-Hsiu Lin
T The Design of Remote Update System Based on GPRS Technology
Ming Yang and Feilong Zhu
Research on Web-Based Test Item Bank System
Mengde Deng and Rui Liu
Spatio-temporal Analysis in Land Use Change and Its Application in Lijiang Region
Zhe Li, Debao Tan, Yuanlai Cui and Qiming Qin
An Algorithm for SWS Matching Based on Subsumption Relation Defined in Domain Ontology
Yun Zhao, Huayou Si, Hengnian Qi and Yulin Ni
Design and Implementation of Communication Based on Multi-Carrier Modulation in Mine
Wen-xing Wang and Jin-hua Zhang
Based on Tree Structure Group Key Management for Ad Hoc Networks
Shan-shan Tu, Chun-bo Ma, Fa-liang Ao and Shan-shan Tu
Knowledge Transfer between Users and Technicians in Phase of IS Usage: Promote Users to Internalize Knowledge Embedded in IS
Duanwu Yan, Guoxiao Liu and Yingnan Xu
T Implementing Constructivism Experimental Web-Based Learning Model on <<Business Negotiation>> Class
Dong Wei
Establishing Teaching Model of College Financial Majors' "Multimedia Plus Internet" Interactive Online Course
Na Wei and Bo Zhang
Towards Web-Based Information Retrieval in Grid Environment
Qing Chen
Setting up of Management Information Subsystem of Searching, Analysis and Utilization: A Case Study
Guanjun Tian, Li Zou and Jia Shen
Design and Implementation on Authentication Servers in DRM System
Hong-jiang Wang, Qing-li Wang, Wen-qiang Zhang and Na Ren
Dynamic Clustering Analysis of Expert Instances with XML Structural Based on the Particle Swarm Algorithm
Jun Zeng
A New Approach of Image Similarity Calculation
Chin-Jung Huang
T The Ecological Imbalance of the Virtual Learning Environment and Its Solutions
Wenshan Wei and Haihua Li
Visualization Analysis of Dynamic Evolution in the Field of National Innovation Studies
Fengchao Liu, Qian Xu and Xinchun Xia
Experiment Management System for Industrial Engineering Based on a Virtual Integrated Experimentation Platform
Yong-jian Sun, Ren-wang Li and Chang-jiang Wan
Development and Application of GIS-Based Mine Management Information System
Sigen Ma, Mingqin He and Zhenhua Wang
Efficient Compressed Domain Video Copy Detection
Zhijian Li and Jing Chen
Crisis Communication Issue Discussion with the Prospect of Online Public Opinion
Liyong Zong, Baoyan Gu and Liangfu Jiang
The Research of Chinese Mess Code Based on JSP in Web Application Development
Changjiang Li, Yufen Wang and Haiyan Zhang
T E-mail System Based on Dynamic Password and Fingerprint Recognition
Cuilin Liu, Yongjun Shen, Guidong Zhang and Fang Wen
Implementation of EAP Service Management System on Intranet
Rong Li
Computation of Intent Reduction Based on Incremental Construction of Concept Lattices
Ge bin and Xiang-rui Meng
Real-Time SMS Filtering System Based on BM Algorithm
Jun Liu, Haifeng Ke and Gaoyan Zhang
Six-Stage Hospital Beds Arrangement Management System
Guan-Dao Yang, Lu Sun and Xiao Liu
On Multi-Media Technology in College Teaching
Hui An
Attribute-Based Access Control Model for Web Services in Multi-Domain Environment
Lanjing Wang and Baoyi Wang
Design of Meteorological Information Display System Based on Data Warehouse
Nan Ma, Yun Zhai, YouWen Bao and He Zhou
T Research on Enterprise Crisis Public Relations Strategies under Web2.0 Environment
Sidong Gao and Xiumei Sun
User Study: Introduce Manual Behavior into Video Classification
Fen Chen, Maosheng Lai and Zhining Ye
Research and Implement for Dynamic Web Services Architecture Based on Multi Agents
Hualiang Hu, Baoyang Li and Xiyong Zhu
Operator's Mobile Internet Strategy in the Process of Converged Network
Juan Song and Shoulian Tang
Analysis of Credit Risk and Avoidance in Security Vulnerabilities Market
Dong-min Yang and Li-na Cheng
Analyses on Development Directions and Digitizing Tendency of Management Science
Jie Sun and Dapeng Wei
Applying the Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm to Campus Network Security Assessment Based on the Characteristics of Weighted Complex Networks
Zhi-qin Shou, Jian-ping Tao and Jian Zhou
Integration Environment of Test Bed for C2 Organization
Jun Qiang, Zhong Liu, Dong-Sheng Yang and Wei-ming Zhang
Evaluation about the Old Asphalt Pavement Performance of Chang-Tai Freeway
Renjie Qin, Zhaohui Liu and Xiang Li
The Analysis and Design of a Reusable Web Indicator Evaluation System
Jianhong Jiang, Songzheng Zhao and Mei Luo
The Research and Construction of Rural Information Platform Based on CMMB
Ji-chun Zhao, Zhu-jun Yang, Feng Yu, Jing Gong , Su-fen Sun and Jian-xin Guo
Cost Prediction and Visualization Control System for Enterprises
Lizhi Kong
The Study of Economics of Information
Zhengjie Yin
T 3G Based Mobile Internet in China: A Service Marketing Research
Xin-ren Bao
A New Recommender Model of Collaborative Filtering Based on User
Liang-hao Ji and Lin-hao Li
E-educational Technology in College English Education
Yanli Liang, Xiaoling Li and Jiachen Zhang
On the Employment of CNT in College PE Class
Yuzhong Le
The Application Research of Visualization-ACA Technology in the Study of Scientific Structure
Ying He and YouCun Liu
An Information Flow Based Approach to Schema Transformations for Information Systems Integration
Kaibo Xu and Junkang Feng
Dynamically Updating the Knowledge Regular Library for BBS Public Opinion Analysis System with Apriori Algorithm
Zhuo-ling Li, Xiao-xia Ren and Zhen-liu Zhou
T R&D of Comprehensive Evaluation System of Ecological Environment in Tarim River Basin
An-Ming Bao, Hai-Long Liu, Yun-hao Chen and Xi Chen
Establishment of Cultivated Land Quality Evaluation Information System Based on GIS
Ling Wang, Xin Lv and Hailong Liu
Design and Implementation of the Internet Real-Name Authentication System Based on Public Key Infrastructure
Weixiong Hu and Jieju Chang
The Capacity Balance Research on ERP System Based on "Out- Cooperating Model"
Yong Liu, Guodong Chen and Yun Xiao
Web Information System Construction Technology Based on User Experience
Handa Ma and Anrong Xue
Theories of Selective Attention and Presentation of Teaching Information in Multimedia-Based English Class
Yanli Liang, Jiachen Zhang and Xiaoling Li
The Design of Jiangxi Waterway Toll Levy System
Ke Li, Nian Fan and Junjie Wu
T Design and Implementation of Opening Geographic Data Model
Yongjun Wei, Guojie Ji, Yingdong Chen and Suyuan Hou
Design of Bipolar Odd-Even Method for Immediately Correction of Information Errors
Fang-Ming Yu, Ko-Wen Jwo, Tsai-Cheng Li, Yao-Jhong Jhang and Chih-Kai Chuang
Monotonicity of Quantum Relative Entropy
Xianhua Dai
A Web-Based Examination and Evaluation System for Computer Programming
Ge Yu, Libin Hong and Lei Sheng
A Study of Factors Influencing Customers' Online Shopping Behavior Based on ANP
Ping Sun and Chunhui Wang
Efficient Auction for Risk Averse Buyers
Xianhua Dai
Safety Assessment for Offshore Platforms Information System Based on ArcGIS
Junfeng Xin, Xingxian Bao and Jinlu Sheng
T High Adaptive Multiple-Encryption of Hidden Information Technology
Tsai-Cheng Li, Chih-Kai Chuang, Fang-Ming Yu and Jia-Rong Sun
Application of Visualized Managements at Labor-Intensive Enterprises in China
Changqing Peng and Dapeng Wei
Discussion on Informationized Teaching Mode of Design of Mechanisms and Machines Courses
H. X. Yang and F. M. Chen
Research of International Webometrics in Frontier Domains in Visualized Information
Rongying Zhao and Jing Wang
Empirical Study on Credibility of Electronic Word of Mouth
Xiufang Cheng and Meihua Zhou
The Ideas and Countermeasures on the Promotion of Traditional Industrial Structure by Informationization
Yu Gui
Popular Science Research Literature Summary
Wei Zhang, Yanqin Shi and Qiong Wu
Other Topics on Management
Taxonomy of Manufacturing Strategies: A Worldwide Perspective
Yezhuang Tian, Yong Jia and Shahab Alam Malik
A Servo System of Tracking Automatically for Solar Cell Based on Fuzzy Controller
Weiping Luo and Yurong Wu
A Study on the Growth Ability of the Small-Medium Enterprises Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation
Ping Zhang and Debin Tian
Effects of Budgetary Goal Characteristics on Managerial Attitudes and Performance
Wu Li, Xia Nan and Zhou Mo
An Empirical Study of Innovation in Urban Environmental Management System in China-Case of Shenzhen City
Yuancheng Kuang
Seats Allotment Optimization for China Railway Operation Management
Chunyan Li, Xiaofang Song and Xiaojun Li
T The Analysis of Job-Hopping by Evolutionary Game Theory
Pei-ai Zhang and Meng-meng Shi
Study on the Urban Traffic Pollution Management Strategy in China: Taking the Typical Private Car City of Suzhou for Example
Wenjue Wang and Chaoyang Li
Traffic Flow Simulation of Container Terminal Yard
Tianbao Qin
The Hybrid Differential Evolution Algorithm for Optimal Power Flow Based on Simulated Annealing and Tabu Search
Chunjie Li, Huiru Zhao and Tao Chen
Statistical Analysis of Some Urban Subway Networks
Yimin Ding and Hao Fang
On the Constructing of Emergency Logistics System of Wuhan City Cluster
Jing Xia and Xu-song Xu
Integration Stages & Patterns of Port Service Supply Chains
Jie Gao
T Study on the Moral Hazard of Developing Tourism Resources in China
Chunfan Guo
Factors Influencing the Students' Decision-Making to Study Abroad in Selecting Host Universities: A State Sponsored Program
Yang Yan
Countermeasures to Control Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution in Headwaters of Taihu Lake Basin
Jianfeng Zhang, Jingmin Jiang, Qihua Shan, Guangcai Chen, Ying Wang, Yonghui Xu, Harry Wu and Aljoy Abarquez
Macroscopic Forecasting on Chinese Civil Aviation Transportation Market
Fenglin Zhang and Yuntao Yi
Structural Predicament in the Construction of the Team of Student Advisors in Universities and the Solution
Ya-wei Bao, Zhi-hua Chen and Hui-xing Liang
Partial-OBB Collision Detection Based on Fisher Discrimination
Jing Zhao and Zhongke Li
T Research on Ports Cooperation in China Tianjin and Hebei Area Based on Factor Analysis
Ying Sun, Weida He and Meizi Cui
An Empirical Study on the Crisis Management about Food Enterprises Based on Corporate Social Responsibility
Qijun Jiang and Cong Zhang
Probabilistic Methods for Airspace Sector Congestion Prediction
Chao Wang and Le Yang
Research and Improvement Based on Chord Protocol
Xiaojun Ma, Yujian Wang, Lili Fan, Chen Liu and Zhanmin Wang
Study on the Evaluation of Enterprise Self-Technological Innovation Capability
Qinghua Mao and Weixia Cheng
The Bibliometrics-Based Analysis on TAM with English Literature
Chuanlei Wang and Chen Chen
China State-Owned Overseas Corporation's Optimal Corporate Governance Based on Double Principal-Agency Theory
Guanghui Song and Xiaohui Wang
T A Web-Based Joint-Distribution Platform to Reduce LTL Shipping of Urban Logistics
Zhigang Chen, Tao Yang and Hehua Li
An Approach to LCC Simplification in Design Alternatives Evaluation of Navy Vessel during Early Stages
Peng Yu, Jian-wei Lv, Zhong-hua Liu and Jian-jun Yang
Key Element Identification of Workplace Emergency Management in China
Liping Shi and Ying Wang
The Design and Implementation of Electric Power Data Integration System Based on the Extraction-Transformation-Loading Technology
Jian-hua Luo, Yong-ming Chen and Qing-ling Zeng
Performance Evaluation on Emergency Management of the Conflict Groups Social Events of Enterprises
Chunmei Cheng, Zhihong Wang and Ming Li
Mechanical Characteristics of Anchorage Interface Based on Fractal Theory
Yubao Zhan, Haitao Zhao and Chunan You
T A New Set of Social Benefit Evaluation Parameters for Underground Road Project
Weiping Wang, Yucong Hu and Qin Liu
The Fire Development Analysis of China at the Post Commercial Crisis
Shu Yang, Qiyun Guo and Chunhua Li
Analysis on Value Chain Model of the Media Business Based on Digital Asset Management
Peiyi Song and Xiaoping Wang
Research on Regional Innovation Capacity of Equipment Manufacturing Industry
Xilin Hou and Zhidan Tang
"Co-Production and Co-Marketing" Management System for Rural Residential Energy-Saving Industry
Guohui Fan and Xiaoning Liu
Traffic Control Site Selection for Freeway Management in Mountainous Areas under Foggy Conditions
Jianping Gao, Boming Tang, Lingqi Li, Qi Dai, Haiying Li and Dong Shao
Secondary Development on Android Intelligence Mobile Phone Platform
Jia Yu and Min Liu
T The Study of Geographic Information Service by Emergency-Oriented
Xiao-dong Liu, Yi Zhu, Li-jian Sun and Chen Liu
Study on the Environmental Protection Strategy of Urban Transportation in Shanghai
Yuanyuan Lu and Chaoyang Li
Research on the Grading Model of Financial Risk Alarm Condition Based on Extension Discrimination
Yuan Chen and Yi Yang
Study on Service Characteristics and Competition of Community Bus
Ying Hui and Xiu Zhong
Development and Research of Virtual Design Platform of Steel Wheel Series Products
Bing Li, Qiwei He, Weijian Huang and Shangping Li
A Queuing Network Stochastic Programming for Berth Planning
Yan Chen, Ning Meng and Beibei Cao
Penrose's Enterprise Growth Theory on China's Enterprise Development
Zhi Jian Huang
T Intelligent Collaborative Urban Emergency Warning and Processing System Based on SOA
Xi Yu, Xue Han and Tingbin Chen
Earthquake Emergency Management System in Middle-Sized City of China
Zhouyi Chen, Ying Lei, Shaoquan Li and Xiuying Chen
The Mechanical Analysis of a New Multi-Channel High-Pressure Vessel
Xuefei Qiao, Bin Wang, Wen Liu and Junfeng Yang
The Practice and Management on the Construction of Typhoon Emergency Shelter in Coastal Rural Areas
Anping Pan
Influence Factors Research of Traffic Flow Caused by Constructing New Container Logistics Park in Port
Shouwen Ji, Gang Liu, Zhaosheng Li and Yang Liu
Computer Software Vocational Education for Undergraduate Major in Upholstery Design
Qiwen Xu
Research on the Logistics Distribution System
Hong Xiao and Hu Long
T Research on the Logistics Service Management
Hong Xiao, Hu Long, Yun Zhang and Xingli Tang
Major Problems in China's Road Traffic Safety Management and Countermeasures for Them
Zhihua Ding
The Application of AHP and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation for Appraising the Dry Port's Development Potential Level
Ying Wang and Jian Wang
Empirical Analysis of Bilateral Trade Complementarity between China and the U.S.A.
Jie Lv and Longbin Xiang
Thematic Chains: The Effectively Coherent Device in the Constructing Skill of the Text
Yonggang Yang
Empirical Research on Chinese Industrial Diversity and Economic Performance*
Fen Yang and Gang Liu
A Method to Calculate the Collision Risk on Air-Route
Yuling Qu and Songchen Han
T Research of Principle-Agent Model Based on Fairness Preference in Venture Capital
Junjun Zheng, Hongbo Zhong and Jiefei Wu
Heat Transfer Study of the Temperature Environment of Air Source Heat Pump Using Air in Underground Tunnel as Cold and Heat Sources
Yi Li, Maocheng Tian and Yongan Li
Research on Data Envelopment Analysis of Scientific and Technological Activity
Dongli Zhang and Lina Yuan
A Trust Model of Public Information Platform of Logistics
Jie Han and Taoyong Su

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