Ahmadreza Tahsiri
KNT University of Technology, Iran

Dr Tahsiri is currently a senior faculty member of the Systems and Control Engineering Department at the KNT University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. He has so far founded a number of interdisciplinary programs at the University, the latest one being the Management Systems Engineering Department in 2009. He is now working with academic staff with a control engineering background to delineate a new vision of systems engineering for analyzing and designing management systems in dynamic, changeable, and diverse environments. He has held visiting and research appointments at Universities in America and Europe and has been a consultant to and company Managing Director of manufacturing and service industries.

He has proposed a number of novel theories and practices within the current context of manufacturing systems analysis and design, namely: ‘Quantum Manufacturing Systems’ (QMS); the ‘Market- Process- Product Model’ (MPPM) which is a pragmatic model of the 21st century manufacturing platform; and the ‘Dynamic Strategic Design’ (DSD) methodology which is a third generation systems optimization method.

Dr Tahsiri’s research interests comprise of the following areas: systems analysis and design in manufacturing organizations; system dynamics modeling and planning; systems optimization; strategic decision making under changing environments; the future of manufacturing systems, including visionary study upon the attributes of next-generation manufacturing environment and modeling the practices in management systems.

He has supervised various MSc Dissertations and PhD theses.


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